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Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 get 16-bit retrospective
Published 3 months ago. 0 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Dual Pack leaked
Published 2 years ago. 20 comments.
Square Enix may end large-scale internal development after Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Square aiming for shorter development time on Final Fantasy titles
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Final Fantasy XIII shifted over 6 million copies
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Discussionist: 1st Production expectations
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Square Enix registers Final Fantasy XIII-2 domain
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Our favorite games of 2010
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Nomura: 'Don't forget Lightning'
Published 3 years ago. 16 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII PS3 is under $20 on Amazon today
Published 3 years ago. 0 comments.
Discussionist: Did Final Fantasy XIII succeed or fail?
Published 3 years ago. 20 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII - team talks cancelled DLC, possible sequel
Published 4 years ago. 7 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII 360 detailed for Japan
Published 4 years ago. 0 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII going to Xbox 360 in Japan
Published 4 years ago. 2 comments.
Genre, and the Power of Words
Published 4 years ago. 3 comments.
One Man Too Many
Published 4 years ago. 5 comments.