Final Fantasy XIII Updates
Cloud-powered Final Fantasy XIII hits iOS, Android in Japan
Published 5 months ago. 111 comments.
First look at Final Fantasy XIII running on tablet
Published 12 months ago. 43 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII trilogy coming to PC
Published 12 months ago. 330 comments.
Square Enix announces Dive In: stream Final Fantasy XIII and more to mobile devices
Published 12 months ago. 73 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 get 16-bit retrospective
Published 2 years ago. 40 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Dual Pack leaked
Published 3 years ago. 20 comments.
Square Enix may end large-scale internal development after Final Fantasy XIII-2
Published 3 years ago. 41 comments.
Square aiming for shorter development time on Final Fantasy titles
Published 4 years ago. 32 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII shifted over 6 million copies
Published 4 years ago. 15 comments.
Discussionist: 1st Production expectations
Published 5 years ago. 34 comments.
Square Enix registers Final Fantasy XIII-2 domain
Published 5 years ago. 26 comments.
Our favorite games of 2010
Published 5 years ago. 17 comments.
Nomura: 'Don't forget Lightning'
Published 5 years ago. 17 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII PS3 is under $20 on Amazon today
Published 5 years ago. 1 comment.
Discussionist: Did Final Fantasy XIII succeed or fail?
Published 5 years ago. 20 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII - team talks cancelled DLC, possible sequel
Published 5 years ago. 9 comments.