Experience Updates
Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy release date set [Update]
Published 1 week ago. 64 comments.
Japanese developer survey: Acquire returning to consoles, details coming on Kingdom Hearts III and Pokken, more
Published 1 month ago. 231 comments.
Operation Babel teaser site opened
Published 1 month ago. 3 comments.
First look at Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy
Published 1 month ago. 20 comments.
Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy coming west in spring 2015
Published 1 month ago. 68 comments.
Tokyo New World Record: Operation Babel announced for PS Vita [Update]
Published 1 month ago. 2 comments.
Experience to reveal Xbox One dungeon RPG tomorrow
Published 4 months ago. 30 comments.
Stranger of Sword City dated for PS Vita in Japan
Published 4 months ago. 13 comments.
Demon Gaze 2 in development at Experience
Published 7 months ago. 23 comments.
Demon Gaze third English trailer, screenshots
Published 10 months ago. 17 comments.
5pb. to release Tokyo New World Record in Japan this July
Published 10 months ago. 7 comments.
Demon Gaze launch day Disgaea DLC screenshots
Published 11 months ago. 14 comments.
Demon Gaze launch day DLC adds Disgaea party members
Published 11 months ago. 34 comments.
Demon Gaze 'battle mechanics' gameplay, screenshots
Published 11 months ago. 11 comments.
Demon Gaze screenshots introduce characters
Published 11 months ago. 17 comments.
Demon Gaze second English trailer
Published 12 months ago. 9 comments.