Clips Updates
To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: True Princess teaser trailer
Published 2 weeks ago. 8 comments.
World Trigger: Borderless Mission second trailer
Published 2 weeks ago. 6 comments.
Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul ‘Siegfried vs. Pegasus Seiya’ gameplay
Published 2 weeks ago. 3 comments.
Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus coming to PS4, Wii U this fall
Published 2 weeks ago. 19 comments.
Monster Hunter X Japanese release date set
Published 2 weeks ago. 10 comments.
Atlus and VanillaWare tease new project, details coming in September
Published 2 weeks ago. 58 comments.
Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir announced for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita
Published 2 weeks ago. 179 comments.
Street Fighter V reveals new character Necalli
Published 2 weeks ago. 106 comments.
Tekken 7 getting The Idolmaster costumes
Published 2 weeks ago. 101 comments.
The Idolmaster PS4 video shown at 10th anniversary event, PS Vita Taiko crossover game announced
Published 2 weeks ago. 38 comments.
Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS second trailer
Published 3 weeks ago. 17 comments.
Dungeon Travelers 2 U.S. release date set
Published 3 weeks ago. 84 comments.
Makai Shin Trillion character trailer
Published 3 weeks ago. 18 comments.
Atelier Sophie first full trailer
Published 3 weeks ago. 60 comments.
The Heroic Legend of Arslan Warriors 'Daryun action introduction' gameplay
Published 3 weeks ago. 9 comments.
Pokken Tournament 'Blaziken' trailer
Published 3 weeks ago. 12 comments.