Capcom Updates
Monster Hunter X 'One-Handed Sword' and 'Dual Blades' trailers
Published 2 hours ago. 1 comment.
Monster Hunter X e-Capcom Store limited edition announced, 'Great Sword' and 'Long Sword' trailers
Published 1 day ago. 10 comments.
Resident Evil 2 remake pitched at Capcom today
Published 2 days ago. 72 comments.
Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den trademarked in Japan
Published 2 days ago. 16 comments.
Monster Hunter X-themed New 3DS XL announced for Japan
Published 3 days ago. 17 comments.
Street Fighter V beta postponed until a later date
Published 5 days ago. 61 comments.
Dragon's Dogma Online outline trailer
Published 6 days ago. 39 comments.
Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita release date set
Published 1 week ago. 23 comments.
Monster Hunter X Japanese release date set
Published 2 weeks ago. 9 comments.
Street Fighter V reveals new character Necalli
Published 2 weeks ago. 106 comments.
Street Fighter V: 16-character launch, all post-launch characters will be earnable for free
Published 2 weeks ago. 128 comments.
Monster Hunter X screenshots introduce Dinovaldo, Ancient Forest
Published 2 weeks ago. 13 comments.
Street Fighter V adds redesigned Ken
Published 3 weeks ago. 279 comments.
Street Fighter V 'Brazil' stage unveiled
Published 4 weeks ago. 53 comments.
Street Fighter V beta outlined
Published 4 weeks ago. 15 comments.
Dragon's Dogma Online opening movie, orc battle and pawn introduction trailers
Published 4 weeks ago. 31 comments.