Artwork Updates
Square Enix shares "Final Fantasy Type-Next" artwork
Published 5 months ago. 104 comments.
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 concept artwork
Published 5 months ago. 10 comments.
Final Fantasy XV's modern city artwork showcased during SMU lecture
Published 5 months ago. 45 comments.
Contrast developer teases next project
Published 6 months ago. 15 comments.
First Star Wars Battlefront concept art
Published 6 months ago. 39 comments.
SaGa 2015 first direct-feed character artwork
Published 8 months ago. 14 comments.
New artwork of the next Mass Effect
Published 9 months ago. 30 comments.
Uncharted 4 concept art shows ruins, beaches
Published 10 months ago. 46 comments.
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 concept artwork
Published 11 months ago. 17 comments.
Bloodborne site update details Regain system, characters, and more
Published 12 months ago. 20 comments.
Meet the characters of the Sonic Boom universe
Published 1 year ago. 24 comments.
Mirror's Edge reboot pre-E3 concept art
Published 1 year ago. 54 comments.
Shining Resonance screenshots and artwork unveiled
Published 1 year ago. 41 comments.
Castle Crashers developer working on Xbox One game
Published 1 year ago. 5 comments.
Watch Yoshitaka Amano draw artwork for Child of Light
Published 1 year ago. 13 comments.
"Forza Deep South" artwork surfaces on artist porfolio
Published 1 year ago. 0 comments.