2K Games Updates
Battleborn delayed to May 3
Published 3 weeks ago. 58 comments.
Battleborn introduces villain Lothar Rendain
Published 2 months ago. 9 comments.
South African retailer lists BioShock Collection for PS4, Xbox One
Published 2 months ago. 27 comments.
Evolve adds new Hunter Jack, free Murder Pits map
Published 4 months ago. 6 comments.
Battleborn launches February 9
Published 4 months ago. 8 comments.
Mafia III coming 2016, reveal trailer
Published 4 months ago. 57 comments.
Mafia III reveal coming August 5
Published 4 months ago. 24 comments.
Take-Two registers multiple Mafia III domains
Published 5 months ago. 17 comments.
Battleborn E3 2015 screenshots, previews
Published 6 months ago. 21 comments.
Battleborn modes and features announced, E3 2015 trailer
Published 6 months ago. 14 comments.
XCOM 2 announced for PC
Published 6 months ago. 53 comments.
Evolve adds free Arena Mode
Published 6 months ago. 3 comments.
2K Games launches "Advent" teaser website
Published 6 months ago. 21 comments.
2K Australia closing down
Published 7 months ago. 10 comments.
Evolve adding Observer Mode in free update
Published 9 months ago. 7 comments.
Ken Levine's next game is first-person, sci-fi
Published 10 months ago. 36 comments.