Smartphone Updates
Mobcast and Enhance Games acquire Lumines and Meteos properties
Published 4 days ago. 9 comments.
NightCry Kickstarter campaign launched
Published 6 days ago. 20 comments.
Night Cry to launch Kickstarter for PC version
Published 1 week ago. 11 comments.
Bleach: Brave Souls announced for smartphones
Published 2 weeks ago. 36 comments.
Final Fantasy Legends: Space-Time Crystal new trailer, pre-registration open
Published 2 weeks ago. 40 comments.
Bastion sells three million, Transistor 600,000
Published 3 weeks ago. 39 comments.
Is Tokyo Xanadu a smartphone game?
Published 3 weeks ago. 49 comments.
Clock Tower spiritual successor titled Night Cry
Published 4 weeks ago. 42 comments.
Sonic Runners announced for smartphones
Published 1 month ago. 31 comments.
Mevius Final Fantasy screenshots
Published 1 month ago. 111 comments.
Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle debut trailer
Published 1 month ago. 13 comments.
Danganronpa game announced for iOS
Published 1 month ago. 23 comments.
Mevius Final Fantasy teaser site opened
Published 1 month ago. 93 comments.
Mevius Final Fantasy announced for smartphones [Update]
Published 2 months ago. 79 comments.
Square Enix unveils trio of new Final Fantasy smartphone projects
Published 2 months ago. 36 comments.
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius announced for smartphones
Published 2 months ago. 57 comments.