PS Vita Updates
10,000 Japanese users surveyed in list of most popular PlayStation games
Published 12 months ago. 126 comments.
Sega was less a rival, more a "war buddy" during the PSone era, SCE WWS boss says
Published 12 months ago. 57 comments.
Famitsu EIC teases surprises for PlayStation Awards 2014
Published 12 months ago. 39 comments.
Yuna Yuki is a Hero: Memory of the Forest TV spot shows first gameplay
Published 12 months ago. 15 comments.
PlayStation China press conference set for December 11
Published 12 months ago. 14 comments.
Metropolis Defenders announced for PS Vita
Published 12 months ago. 19 comments.
The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order footage introduces multiplayer modes
Published 1 year ago. 7 comments.
Saki: The Nationals PS Vita game announced
Published 1 year ago. 25 comments.
Dengeki and Famitsu holding a PlayStation 20th anniversary livesteam
Published 1 year ago. 11 comments.
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth details and screenshots: Rie Kishibe, Crusadermon, and Digivolution
Published 1 year ago. 209 comments.
Secret Ponchos, Final Horizon, more free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in December
Published 1 year ago. 22 comments.
Media Create Sales: 11/17/14 – 11/23/14
Published 1 year ago. 83 comments.
First look at Philia and Klein in Sword Art Online: Lost Song
Published 1 year ago. 36 comments.
Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II patch to add transformation item and more
Published 1 year ago. 20 comments.
Criminal Girls: Invite Only dated for February
Published 1 year ago. 76 comments.
Photo Kano Kiss getting low price version in February
Published 1 year ago. 20 comments.