PlayStation 4 Updates
Yakuza 0 demo launches for Japanese PS Plus subscribers
Published 1 week ago. 18 comments.
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 gameplay clips: Sabo, Ace, and Chopper
Published 1 week ago. 3 comments.
Godzilla game slated for July release
Published 1 week ago. 21 comments.
Resident Evil Revelations 2 'Drama' trailer
Published 1 week ago. 33 comments.
Project Cars delayed to April
Published 1 week ago. 11 comments.
Dragon Quest Heroes screenshots show Maya and Terry’s special abilities
Published 1 week ago. 26 comments.
Bladestorm: Nightmare coming to Steam in May
Published 1 week ago. 7 comments.
Toukiden: Kiwami PS4 weapons gameplay, screenshots
Published 1 week ago. 51 comments.
Media Create Sales: 2/9/15 – 2/15/15
Published 1 week ago. 90 comments.
Dragon Quest Heroes' Hermood villain revealed
Published 1 week ago. 6 comments.
Dragon Quest Heroes and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD featured in new PS4 TV spot
Published 2 weeks ago. 23 comments.
A look at Bloodborne’s weapons
Published 2 weeks ago. 29 comments.
The Evil Within 'The Assignment' DLC due out in March
Published 2 weeks ago. 30 comments.
Deception IV: Another Princess Japanese box art
Published 2 weeks ago. 46 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD 'Final Trailer' with Final Fantasy XV demo trailer released in English
Published 2 weeks ago. 121 comments.
Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1368
Published 2 weeks ago. 29 comments.