Industry Updates
Amazon video game Black Friday deals announced
Published 2 years ago. 13 comments.
EA opens new Gothenburg studio Ghost
Published 2 years ago. 3 comments.
Capcom: 'We haven't seen the last of Mega Man'
Published 2 years ago. 39 comments.
"Completely new Mass Effect" in "early stages"
Published 2 years ago. 23 comments.
Yasumi Matsuno leaves Level-5
Published 2 years ago. 24 comments.
CyberConnect2 developing new Solatorobo
Published 2 years ago. 17 comments.
Square Enix teases "something different" for Agni's Philosophy on "different platforms" in June next year
Published 2 years ago. 132 comments.
CD Projekt RED has new dark fantasy game in development
Published 2 years ago. 3 comments.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to iOS, Android
Published 3 years ago. 9 comments.
Borderlands Legends hits iOS on October 31
Published 3 years ago. 1 comment.
Square Enix signs multi-game Unreal Engine licensing deal
Published 3 years ago. 28 comments.
Borderlands Legends leaked for iOS
Published 3 years ago. 7 comments.
Team Meat announces Mew-Genics
Published 3 years ago. 3 comments.
Level-5 America teasing new announcement?
Published 3 years ago. 42 comments.
Demon Tribe debut trailer
Published 3 years ago. 11 comments.
Laura Fryer to head Epic Games' Seattle studio
Published 3 years ago. 2 comments.