Industry Updates
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PC playable at SDCC
Published 3 weeks ago. 107 comments.
Comcept Kickstarting Mega Man Legends spiritual successor Red Ash game and anime
Published 3 weeks ago. 138 comments.
Dragon Quest XI will be offline, for home console
Published 4 weeks ago. 181 comments.
Skullgirls dev announces action RPG Indivisible
Published 4 weeks ago. 73 comments.
Comcept and Studio 4°C tease Red Ash, reveal coming July 4
Published 4 weeks ago. 52 comments.
Dragon Quest VIII 3DS has a new dungeon and boss; "big title" reveal next week
Published 4 weeks ago. 49 comments.
NIS teases new title: 'imagine an RPG after the last boss is defeated'
Published 4 weeks ago. 43 comments.
Nordic Games teases 'Elex' announcement coming tomorrow
Published 4 weeks ago. 8 comments.
Tekken teases "major announcement" on July 7
Published 4 weeks ago. 80 comments.
Dungeon Travelers 2-2 delayed to 2016
Published 1 month ago. 18 comments.
New Final Fantasy Adventure in production
Published 1 month ago. 72 comments.
People Can Fly returns, goes independent
Published 1 month ago. 17 comments.
NIS launches new title teaser site
Published 1 month ago. 33 comments.
E3 2015: all the announcements in one place
Published 1 month ago. 213 comments.
E3 2015: all the gameplay videos in one place
Published 1 month ago. 22 comments.
New Square Enix studio Tokyo RPG Factory creating 2016-due console game Project Setsuna
Published 1 month ago. 60 comments.