Industry Updates
Mafia II actor teases "exciting news very soon"
Published 3 weeks ago. 11 comments.
Is Tokyo Xanadu a smartphone game?
Published 3 weeks ago. 49 comments.
Dragon Quest creator teases 30th anniversary plans
Published 3 weeks ago. 54 comments.
Sony CES 2015 press conference live stream
Published 3 weeks ago. 88 comments.
RPG-focused studio Big Bad Wolf formed
Published 3 weeks ago. 40 comments.
GungHo Online Entertainment to hold New Games Presentation this Thursday
Published 3 weeks ago. 19 comments.
Platinum Games welcomes 2015
Published 4 weeks ago. 118 comments.
Dragon's Dogma Online trademarked in Japan
Published 4 weeks ago. 104 comments.
Mages officially announces YU-NO remake
Published 1 month ago. 48 comments.
5pb. teases new project at Comiket 87
Published 1 month ago. 13 comments.
Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge announced
Published 1 month ago. 28 comments.
Japanese developer survey: Acquire returning to consoles, details coming on Kingdom Hearts III and Pokken, more
Published 1 month ago. 231 comments.
Masaya Games to announce new game soon
Published 1 month ago. 25 comments.
Granzella officially announces Disaster Report acquisition
Published 1 month ago. 24 comments.
Japanese creators on 2015: Compile Heart coming to Steam, new Danganronpa developments, more
Published 1 month ago. 227 comments.
Falcom president shares more details on Tokyo Xanadu
Published 1 month ago. 40 comments.