Industry Updates
Spike Chunsoft x tri-Ace RPG composed by Motoi Sakuraba
Published 1 week ago. 63 comments.
Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro still "working into doing something together"
Published 1 week ago. 82 comments.
Nippon Ichi Software summer greeting card teases new dungeon RPG project Refrain
Published 1 week ago. 25 comments.
Valkyrie Profile writer handling scenario for new Spike Chunsoft x tri-Ace RPG
Published 1 week ago. 34 comments.
"The first main Dragon Quest title in three years" to be announced on July 28
Published 1 week ago. 133 comments.
Spike Chunsoft x tri-Ace RPG countdown site launched
Published 1 week ago. 42 comments.
Project Setsuna's theme is "sadness"
Published 2 weeks ago. 47 comments.
EA announces Gamescom 2015 press conference
Published 2 weeks ago. 29 comments.
Spike Chunsoft to announce new RPG next week
Published 2 weeks ago. 84 comments.
Atlus and VanillaWare tease new project, details coming in September
Published 2 weeks ago. 58 comments.
Sony trademarks Gnomageddon in the U.S.
Published 2 weeks ago. 11 comments.
New Atlus x VanillaWare HD project to be announced on July 20
Published 2 weeks ago. 141 comments.
June 2015 NPD: PS4 and Batman: Arkham Knight lead
Published 2 weeks ago. 73 comments.
Square Enix announces Gamescom 2015 lineup, multiple Final Fantasy XV stage events planned
Published 2 weeks ago. 113 comments.
Compile Heart teases completely original title, surprising collaboration
Published 3 weeks ago. 112 comments.
Kingdom Hearts III news set for D23 Expo in August
Published 3 weeks ago. 117 comments.