Industry Updates
Next Disaster Report will have online elements, Granzella talks Steambot Chronicles [Update]
Published 2 weeks ago. 31 comments.
Sega trademarks Shining Seed in Japan
Published 3 weeks ago. 179 comments.
Level-5 teaming up with Hasbro for western Yo-Kai Watch toy line
Published 3 weeks ago. 38 comments.
Resogun developer working with Defender creator on new project
Published 3 weeks ago. 5 comments.
Rare veterans announce Banjo-Kazooie successor
Published 3 weeks ago. 84 comments.
Bethesda announces first-ever E3 press conference
Published 3 weeks ago. 103 comments.
Contrast developer teases next project
Published 4 weeks ago. 15 comments.
Compile Heart countdown website updated with Nukeninja-senpai
Published 4 weeks ago. 39 comments.
5pb. announces 5pb. Festival 2015
Published 4 weeks ago. 19 comments.
News Flash! Persona Channel 2015 live stream
Published 4 weeks ago. 472 comments.
Compile Heart launches mystery countdown website
Published 4 weeks ago. 35 comments.
Sony Online Entertainment acquired by Columbus Nova
Published 1 month ago. 92 comments.
Square Enix hiring for "new genre" Dragon Quest
Published 1 month ago. 77 comments.
Doko Demo Issyo, Wild Arms developers interested in making new installments
Published 1 month ago. 110 comments.
Boku no Natsuyasumi creator divulges past development of winter break-themed game
Published 1 month ago. 16 comments.
February 4 Persona news live stream schedule announced
Published 1 month ago. 45 comments.