3DS Updates
Dragon Quest VIII 3DS poster shows new characters
Published 17 hours ago. 131 comments.
PoPoLoCrois Farm Story second trailer
Published 2 days ago. 0 comments.
Eight minutes of Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden gameplay
Published 2 days ago. 31 comments.
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon announced for 3DS
Published 3 days ago. 53 comments.
Super Robot Wars BX debut trailer
Published 3 days ago. 10 comments.
Lord of Magna battle system details, tutorial
Published 4 days ago. 13 comments.
First look at Super Robot Wars BX
Published 4 days ago. 14 comments.
Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 coming west in June
Published 4 days ago. 13 comments.
Media Create Sales: 5/11/15 – 5/17/15
Published 4 days ago. 106 comments.
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX delayed to September
Published 5 days ago. 44 comments.
Fire Emblem If changes up the Weapon Triangle
Published 5 days ago. 82 comments.
Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1381
Published 5 days ago. 13 comments.
Super Robot Wars BX announced for 3DS
Published 5 days ago. 16 comments.
New Super Robot Wars for 3DS to be announced in this week's Famitsu
Published 5 days ago. 10 comments.
Nintendo president won't be at E3 2015
Published 6 days ago. 47 comments.
Lord of Magna trailer introduces characters
Published 6 days ago. 8 comments.