Gravity Rush 2 free DLC ‘The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice’ launches March 21
posted on 02.23.17 at 10:08 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A side story starring Raven.

Gravity Rush 2

The free “The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice” story downloadable content for Gravity Rush 2 will launch worldwide on March 21, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced (2, 3).

The content features a brand new story that focuses on Kat’s partner, Raven. Alone, Raven must battle to save the Lost Children who were left trapped inside the Ark at the end of the first Gravity Rush.

The additional story features rival characters “Lumino, Guardian of Light” and “Tenebria, Guardian of Darkness” designed by guest character designer Tatsuya Yoshikawa, and the key to the story in the form of the “Garbage Collector, Guardians of Time and Space” designed by Sawaki Takeyasu.

Outside of the additional story, the downloadable content will also add additional elements to the main game. The highest level of the “Devool Trench Mine” will increase from 30 to 50, and the rarity of “Talismans” you can obtain will also increase.

If you missed it, catch a trailer here.

Gravity Rush 2 is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4.

View artwork of the new characters at the gallery.

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