Mary Skelter details Thumbelina, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty
posted on 04.13.16 at 02:50 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Official website update with new character descriptions.

Mary Skelter

Compile Heart has updated the Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter official website with details on three new characters joining the PS Vita dungeon RPG.

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Oyayubihime (Thumbelina) (voiced by ???)

Mary Skelter

The eldest of three sisters belonging to the Chishiki Girls Squad. Given that she is the eldest, she is strict with Jack and is often seen scolding him. Even when she wants to compliment Jack when he’s done something praiseworthy, she has a hard time doing so, as she can be quite bashful at times. She left a single cell floor before meeting Jack and company, and assumed she completed her mission successfully, but…

Shirayukihime (Snow White) (voiced by ???)

Mary Skelter

The middle child of the three sisters who is kind and gentle to anyone she comes into contact with. She speaks kindly to Jack, who is wrapped around the fingers of the girls, and tries to lend a hand, but her clumsy nature often has an undesirable result. Whether it’s her lack of self-confidence or a result of cause and effect, there is a side to her that’s afraid to look in the mirror.

Nemurihime (Sleeping Beauty) (voiced by ???)

Mary Skelter

The youngest of the three sisters, she has a mysterious manner of behaving. Due to her aimless manners, there are many scenes where she bewilders Jack, but she also extends a hand (or breast) to Jack when he is troubled. She rarely speaks words, but often conveys her intentions by nodding or shaking her head instead. When she does speak, her voice sounds drowsy.

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As announced in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation, Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter will launch for PS Vita in Japan on October 13.

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