Toukiden 2 first official trailer
posted on 03.28.16 at 09:40 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Open-world sequel launches June 30 in Japan.

Toukiden 2

Koei Tecmo has released the first official trailer for Toukiden 2.

The open-world sequel was dated in Japan this weekend. It will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in the country on June 30, and a PlayStation 4 demo will release on April 11.

Watch the trailer below. View the game’s final box art at the gallery.

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  • TomatoDragon

    Hell yeah. Day 1.

  • Eric Gornicki

    I don’t like this genre and I’m here just for Hidari’s artwork XD

  • Superior Amygdala

    I’ve no idea how an open world hunting game will work, but I sure am excited to find out

    • An Tran

      Give Tera Online a try; it should give you an idea when you’re out hunting BAMs.

    • Budgiecat

      I guess watch the DQ Heroes II stream vids to get an idea…

      • quodvadis

        I see you haven’t actually played either Toukiden nor DQH lol.

    • quodvadis

      Try playing Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. That’s how.

      • Superior Amygdala

        Hate that borefest of a game.

        • quodvadis

          Well, Toukiden 2 is probably more immediate and less long-winded. I dunno, I liked the formula for Toukiden 1 and not sure if they can get it right for this open world hunting thing either.

      • J_Joestar

        does DA improve the original by a lot?
        i remember playing the original DD and from a monster hunting perspective, it felt very lacking in actual difficulty (or more that your character can just get OP too easily).

        You just go to where the monster auto spawns and fight it to the death. At most i recall there was a Griffon that was part of the main storyline that you actually have to track but thats about it.

        it was a fun game though, but didn’t scratch the same itch that MH does. Maybe more of an Easy version of a Souls game..

        • quodvadis

          DA has hard mode.

          • J_Joestar

            I recall the original getting hard mode in an update

  • Lara Croft

    Looks like a good upgrade. I’m guessing most (if not all) the footage is from the PS4.

  • Uncle Stoopnixie

    Excited to play this, Toukiden is like Monster Hunter but with a gameplay that i don’t hate.

    Hope this comes west fast.

  • Mohammed Allha

    Woow this game looks good this what MH can be if they go back to Sony consoles

    • Pastmaster

      You don’t have to worry about that, NX is going to be more powerful than the Vita. Multiplat is writing on the wall for Capcom since development costs increase.

      • Mohammed Allha

        Nah but the nx is not going to have MH game mark my words the new MH game is going to be a ps4/ps vita if capcom is smart and if they want the franchise to live longer

        • Somerandomperson

          They should stick to 3ds, it does make them lot’s of money afterall.

          • Mohammed Allha

            Yeah but they can’t go anywhere with the 3ds hardware

            • Somerandomperson

              They did manage to convince 2-4million 3ds owners to purchase their newest entries, so they are actually going somewhere(becoming rich)

          • vishmarx

            yeah but for how long, theyve got 4 monhun’s just on 3ds and one spinoff too. i dont think its getting any more.if its a mh5, theyll need more than something than something that looks and runs exactly like mh3u on the same system.

            • Somerandomperson

              the fans will still buy it even if it looks crap and that’s all that matters.

  • An Tran

    Looking great!… On PS4….
    Hopefully we can get footage soon for Vita to dispel visual and performance fears.
    People seem to like how the first gen Touki games performed and looked on Vita though I think that’s mostly due to the fact that PSP was lead platform.
    Recently it seems DOAX3 looks and runs decently well on Vita, but I think Team Ninja has a better track record of utilizing the Vita’s hardware than Omega Force despite the latter having made many more games for it (the same applies to Gust; how the heck do these divisions make so many games for a system and never get better at optimizing for it?)

  • ShinSansaki

    This look awesome love the innovation from Toukiden Kiwami.

    Localize this quickly Koei, it’s definitely an DAY ONE purchase.

  • Lambadelta

    looks good enough. spear lady (or w/e her weapon is) is the highlight of it all of course lol

  • David Curry

    Damn, where can I find more of Hidari’s artwork?

  • Jansen

    HYPE!!! LEZGO!!!

  • Elle

    Toukiden finding it’s identity. I love it.

    • vishmarx

      this, it doesn’t look like a mh wannabe anymore

      • quodvadis

        lol, not sure if people who said these things have actually played the game at all.

        • vishmarx

          i have played it, do you honestly think it wasnt trying to be a more japanese like monster hunter? lemme guess , you think god eater is a fresh concept too

          • quodvadis

            lol but you can see from these few seconds that they are already not “MH clone” anymore.

            • vishmarx

              yes i can. theres a lot of gameplay footage from the stream thats not been posted here.

    • ayanami-chan

      yay you changed your avatar!

  • Somerandomperson

    Does anyone have the sales figure for Toukiden Kiwami for the West?

    • David Mayn

      Pretty bad for both platforms though I doubt that they’ll pass on localizing this one.

      • XrosBlader821

        well it’s their own fault really.
        The west isn’t as crazy into Hunting games in Japan. Capcom realized it and they only localize the G Versions of their games. Kiwami’s Sales most likely got hurt by the fact that people already had the regular game.

        • Martin

          I guess Bamco made the right decision in localizing only the updated versions of the God Eater games…

      • quodvadis

        Can I see your source?

  • TreizeX

    This looks fun

  • Sunny11

    Gonna preorder for PS4 when it arrives west day 1

  • badmoogle

    I wish this could sell more than Monster Hunter 4U but i know it ain’t happening.

    But at least they will have my money on day 1 when it comes in the west.

  • Darak

    Freedoukiden Wars 2

  • V-Angelus

    Most hunting games are now going crazy on the grappling hook mechanics now. I dont see anything bad about it. That shits craay.

  • Yaro

    Positively Hyped.

    Though I keep thinking, why can’t they ever make a nice looking boxart for hunting games? Its always a complete clusterfuck, especially when KT has Hidari at their disposal. Gimme some cool artwork instead of this CG hodge podge any day.

    • Reset Tears

      Agreed, this game has such nice artwork, it’s a shame they go with such a dull cover art that looks like every other hunting raid game cover art.

  • Gartender


  • IsaacGravity

    Utterly hyped.

  • Budgiecat

    graphically it doesnt look as impressive as it could be but I guess thats expected from a cross gen game with a Vita version….

    • Reset Tears

      At least it didn’t take a decade to make though

  • The Jokester

    Wow that was a pretty awesome trailer i am pumped sign me up!!! :D

  • Jay

    Looks like it’ll deliver. I hope it hits the West this year.

  • Articuno76

    I like the music at the end. I want the OST more than the game :P