Sword Art Online: The Beginning first battle footage
posted on 03.18.16 at 09:30 AM EDT by (@salromano)
26 seconds of battle.

A 26-second clip showcasing what a battle looks like in IBM Japan’s virtual reality game Sword Art Online: The Beginning has surfaced online.

Sword Art Online: The Beginning is currently in alpha testing in Tokyo by 208 participants. Read more about the game here. Find a set of screenshots here.

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  • CrimsonChaos

    Needs some work but looks very cool nonetheless.

  • Zam

    These graphics remind me of Oblivion… which launched 10 years ago…
    I’m not sure I want to buy a VR headset for that.

    It’s just an alpha so there is still hope, but yet.

  • ElementaB

    Needs work

    Needs to be cool

    Needs to be .Hack/ :P

    • Elle

      True he needs to be holding twin daggers and the twilight (?) bracelet.

      • ElementaB

        Imagine going against Skeith in VR

        • Yuki

          or use Skeith for Data Drain

          • ElementaB


  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/Fruitfish Fruitfish

    I read the title and was surprised that they’re already showing battle footage and then I watched it…

  • Cavern

    I think the success of this project heavily depends on freedom of movement. If this is way too restrictive or awkward, it will probably fail.

  • Anime10121

    Lol this almost looks like a Kinect game XD

    Watching that.. It’ll definitely be a hard sell to advertise vr games as I’m assume it’ll look/feel far more natural in action with VR actually equipped…

    • mrgrgr!

      funny enough IIRC they are using a kinect for the system

  • Elle

    Looks like oblivion Kinect.

  • LazyObelisk

    VR was a mistake.

    • Keith

      What are you talking about?

      Do you know what the first cell phone looked like? What about the first pc?

      VR was a mistake, why because it isnt 100% awesome right out of the box?

      You have to start somewhere, and then keep improving on the process.

      I swear people are retarded.

      • kool

        It is 100% awesome out of the box.

        • jujubee88

          These vr will be more awesome than anything that has ever happened before.

          It’s not that hard to get.

          • The Fabulous Wombat

            I don’t get the VR hype…….

      • Jinathin

        all he does is make retarded comments, just look at his past comments lol

  • Pastmaster

    Meh, gameplay mechanics looks stiff. The technology is not there yet for RPG.

  • refrain

    This made my lol so hard

  • mrgrgr!

    is this for laughs?

    • The Fabulous Wombat

      Baby steps, they call it……..I think.

    • Ryu

      Yep, this whole thing is a setup and people fell for it.

  • quodvadis


  • kudostoyou

    never knew M$ still making games for kinect

  • Mirikku

    I think it’s going to be hard to tell what this experience will actually be like unless you playing the game yourself with the VR equipment. That’s why I think I’m not very impressed with this clip. At least it is a start.

    • quodvadis

      There are far more impressive VR experiences made by one man team on their free time out there. Not like this one.

      • Mirikku

        And I don’t necessarily disagree with that.

  • Dystopiq

    Where am I!? Who glued this sword to my hand!?

    • http://t.co/hs9uhabkCx nekogenesis

      lol thats basically what that vid was

  • Deady on a pool

    I know that this is an alpha but I would say that for now it’s just an updated Arx Fatalis, there is a lot of improvement to do to get this to a decent state.
    Still curious to see where this will end.

  • Uncle Stoopnixie

    Yes this is in alpha but it really look stupid/funny, the weird jerking is very kinect-like.

    VR is the future. ahah.

  • The Fabulous Wombat

    God dang it, RIP headphone users, didn’t expect that annoying ass voice straight out…..My ears are bleeding|! Other than that…..It ain’t gonna judge from this footage, but to say that i am very sceptical would be an understatement.

  • The Fabulous Wombat

    You know what, though……SAO would make for a very boring game, though, if you ever translated it in to a real MMO you actually play…..Barebones as fuck.

    • Ryu

      Yeah, apparently IBM Japan thinks SAO would make for an great MMO game because the anime was a success…

      I’m gonna enjoy watching this train wreck.

      • The Fabulous Wombat

        It’s a blatant cash in that’s gonna make a quick buck on the hype and pipe dreams of fanboys…….That’s all there is to this, methinks.

    • Chestnut Bowl

      A fully realized SAO would play similar to Guild Wars 2 with no magic system, along with the housing system of FFXIV.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    what the…hell….
    oh okay it’s just a testing

    • Kenny

      They need Bandai Namco supports to make a better VR MMO demo lol

  • Budgiecat
    • Toru

      LOL, i am laughing hard when reading there is someone actually fell for this and maybe he dont even think logically, the movie is just fiction even in 2022 it will not come. as SAO fans, i am just glad they even want to make the demo, this will open a opportunity for other developer to make the games.

  • Goth2191

    Well… Why in heavens they didn’t use a motion control like the oculus touch or the ones that come with the Vive?! The hand tracking of the Leap Motion they are using is so, so, so, soooo imprecise for a project like this and don’t give any kind feedback to the user.

  • Cael

    I couldn’t help but notice that it doesn’t have anime visuals.

    Into the trash it goes.

  • Ryu

    I’m going to be honest…this video is embarrassing.

  • Marik78

    More like Sword Art Online : The End.

  • Touma Kazusa

    It’s not a game, it’s a just tech demo/publicity stunt

  • An Tran

    Still way too much of a work in progress. They need like, another year or two before they have something actually really viewable.

  • Kenny

    I hope those 208 participants alive after testing this lol

    • RyuRage

      They are probably traumatize for life and never be able to recover from the shock.

  • XrosBlader821

    Don’t worry guys they still have 6 years to improve

  • The_Kingdom51

    Looks awful.

  • Yuki

    So far, i havent seen a good thing with SAO name on it

  • AceZero

    The question is it friendly for us lefties ?

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    the sao games are not that bad they are fun but this is trash man

  • articuzwolf

    I know it’s alpha and all that but that’s ugly as F

  • http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1896506 Noctis Fatehart

    Gonna wait for the offical Sony VR supported full on .Hack//The World MMO instead.

    • Mukar

      I’d hope it comes out on the PC too :o

      If not I’d totally buy a PS4 for it.

  • Sinissia Birmingham

    2016 and this is the best they can do? This looks like a 2008 turok.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    Why is it that every SAO story is overflowing with comments from people bitching about how they hate the anime, or bitching that the product isn’t .hack?

    • Mukar

      Because .hack came first and quite frankly our technology as it stands now is more capable of .hack than it is of SAO.

  • Geandre Garcia

    Remember SAO was created on november 6 2022 and we are on 2016 so shut up

    • Satoshi Ookami

      Wait, they will be beta testing for 6 years? Wow, that’s almost real SAO =D

  • Nerroth