Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Party set for July 22
posted on 03.19.16 at 05:24 PM EDT by (@salromano)
"An exclusive first look at the future of Sonic."

Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary

Sega will host the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary July 22, 2016 at the House of Blues in San Diego from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., Sega announced during the Sonic the Hedgehog SXSW panel.

The event will provide “an exclusive first look at the future of Sonic,” according to its official outline.

Sega’s Aaron Webber teased at SXSW, “If you’re looking forward to a game announcement—I’m not saying that there’s going to be a game announcement at this party, but you should probably come to this party.”

Here is the event’s official outline:

Celebrate 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog at our official party at the House of Blues, during San Diego Comic-con! Special guests, musical performances by Crush 40 and Hyper Potions, exclusive 25th Anniversary merchandise and more await!

Food is provided by the venue, and your ticket price also covers limited edition merchandise we’ll be giving away at the show.

Join us as we celebrate the past, and give you the exclusive first look at the future of Sonic!

Tickets are on sale now at

Save $3 with the coupon code "GEMATSU"
  • marineal

    I just bought my ticket. See ya there guys. Will sport my Sonic Boom 2012 shirt.

    • Sal Romano

      Hope you have fun! I wouldn’t mind going, but alas, it’s on the other side of the country for me.

  • DesmaX

    They even teased the return of Chao Garden on the stream.

    I’m definitely interested

    • Sal Romano

      To provide context, it was more like:

      Aaron Webber: ‘How many people want the Chao Garden to come back?’

      Audience: “Wooooo!”

      Webber: ‘I should clarify there are no plans at the moment, but that helps me.’

      • DesmaX

        Hey, it’s something

      • Pekola

        Aww that sucks. Chao Gardens were a great addition. Specially to the Gba games.

      • Elle


    • Reset Tears

      New Sonic game: Hm okay


    • Unretributed

      I’m even willing to accept Chao Garden as a mobile game.

      I would even buy a main Sonic game for the first time in 5 years if they made it so they all had Chao Garden and you could transfer stuff back and forth between the mobile app and the main games like on GBA/GameCube

    • RentALine

      They have to be making adventure 3 can’t be anything else.

      • Clark DeVitis

        That’s what I think. With Jun Senoue and Crush 40 back at work, it really seems plausible. I would be going crazy.

  • Budgiecat
    • BigHurt360

      So we should expect Sonic and Oscar The Grouch at the Olympic Games next? 😆

    • Zatekuyo

      Go home black furball.

      • Budgiecat

        go sit on a hedgehog

        • Zenos71


        • Zatekuyo

          Go sit on a uncleaned litter box to cover yourself you furry clown.

    • Elle


    • TreizeX

      It makes me sad. They were coming back with Unleashed Day, Colors and Generations. And then they screw up again with Lost World and Boom.

      • Daniel Rossevelt

        Depends on where ya stand man, from my view everything post Heroes was trash. It’s been nothing but down hill since like 2004. Colors and Generations just further showed that to me.

        • AfroWarrior27

          The Adventure games has A LOT mire issues than either Colors and Generations.

          At least there’s no bloody terrible fishing or treasure hunting.

        • OverlordZetta

          I thought most of the 2000s were okay, myself.

      • Budgiecat

        there’s a good YT video that explains their issues with this

      • Thank You Based Nippon

        Am I the only one who liked Lost World?

    • Anontastic

      Budgie, you never disappoint, man~

  • Zenos71

    As long as its nothing related to sonic boom, im good. Just me us a good game already.

    • Zatekuyo

      It had nothing to do with the mainstream, and as Sega would say, it won’t replace the mainstream so keep that as a western version, you don’t have to get it.

      And do you have any ideas here.

      • Zenos71

        It’s no secret that sonic has his fair share of terrible games. Sonic boom is one of them. Please , enlighten me on any redeeming quailty that turd had and how it put the series on the right track.

        • Zatekuyo

          Again it’s a sub series so it’s not Japanese related mainstream the only sonic game that they took a break like years ago was Sonic Lost World, that or 3DS.

          Maybe you’ll be like other crowd that doesn’t have any ideas but I, cause you know how underestimatible it is, and let’s be honest we can’t tell, nor we didn’t expect cause all I hear genericisms in terms of opinions.

          • Zenos71

            Sub series or not, that game further tarnished what little is left of the brand. They were better off not making it at all.

            • Zatekuyo

              Former members, and it’s about as inexperienced as your clowny comments.

  • MrSushi

    The future is not Mario/Sonic Olympics games ?

    • Zatekuyo

      It’s a crossover game based on olympics and it won’t count as a stand alone mainstream.

  • Zatekuyo

    Can’t say i’m not planning to go, but i don’t have any transportation that i would be able to go for, cause it’s more further away.

  • Dammage

    Woo a game announcement. I’m so excited for another low quality, slow budget title

  • Santashi

    Where in the World is this party?

    • Santashi

      Fine, I’ll say it then… “It’s Carmen to San Diego?”

  • Glittering Crux

    Will CWC be a guest of honor?

  • RentALine

    Give us Adventure 3 for the love that’s all holy.

  • Mohammed Allha

    Sega just give up on this title or work with sony or Microsoft to help this game to go back on track

  • On the Front Page!

    You will get your werehog and you will like it.

    • OverlordZetta

      Damn right

  • yuina

    So… no big anniversary game this year?

    RIP Generations 2.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    Personally, I’m hoping for a new All-Stars Racing. That series is so damn good.

    Maybe they’ll finally announce an Amy game.

    • Budgiecat

      still pissed at Sega for not bringing the PC only DLC characters of the 2nd game to the console/handheld versions, as well as removing original characters from the first game…like wtf…

    • Mirikku

      Lmao, you got to the Amy game comment before I could. All-Stars Racing is pretty good too!

    • Elvick

      Virtual Novel where you stalk Sonic through the entire game as Amy.

      Day 1. GOTG.

      • Reset Tears

        Just make a mod for Yandere Simulator

    • ChieIsLifeButNaotoisBestWaifu

      I hope they add Yu Narukami in the game lol

  • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

    “If you’re looking forward to a game
    announcement—I’m not saying that there’s going to be a game announcement
    at this party, but you should probably come to this party.”

    What the hell can this possibly mean? Is there going to be a game announcement or not? -_-

  • MyBodyIsReady

    No way i’m actually playing Sonic Adventure 2 on PS3 right now.

    A Sonic adventure 3 with the same amount of quality as generations would be sweet

    • JJQuestion

      I really hope it’s sonic adventure 3 or maybe a chaotix game with sonic a part of the team????

  • Reset Tears

    To everyone saying “plz Sonic Adven’cha 3”

    Did you all forget what happened last time they pulled that Nostalgia Card

    And we got Sonic 4

    • Elvick

      Physics ruined Sonic 4, how they could not even get the physics for 2D Sonic right is beyond me.

      • David Curry

        16-bit Sonic is actually crunching a lot of math and calculations in real-time. It was a technical marvel by early 90s standards, and not as brain-dead as it seems just because it ran on a Genesis. Maybe the developers weren’t allowed to use the source code from the Genesis games, or they overlooked how important physics are to the Sonic series.

    • Casey

      To be fair, the last time sega pulled the nostalgia card we got sonic generations.

      But yeah, I’m not very hopeful either. Besides, if you load up sonic unleashed in certain ummmm, programs… it’s identified as sonic adventure world.

      And look how well THAT turned out.

      • Reset Tears

        Good points, good points. I still will never forgive them for Sonic 4 though, lol. If only they had called that Sonic the Mobile-hog instead.

        From what I’ve read Sonic ’06 was in fact originally planned to be called Sonic Adventure 3. Not sure if THAT would have been better or worse than the actual name they went with.

  • Kaisen
    • RentALine

      Lmao. Joke aside it’s not known if sonic is as fast light. He’s a bit faster then sound that’s all we know we have no proof if he can move as fast as light. No one yet knows his true speed yet they say he can’t run his full speed or he will destroy everything around him (sonic booms ect)

      • TheManWithPants

        It’s said that his Average running speed is faster than Mach 1. Super Sonic’s top speed, however, is the Speed of Light.

    • Rebecca Ochoa

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    • lanmanna


  • Wolf Star

    The fishing adventure will be fun 10/10 + fishing + cats – not enough water.

  • JJQuestion

    I hope it’s sonic adventure 3 game or maybe a game where they cross over mega man and sonic like what Archie comics did except without the Archie comics sonic the hedge hog characters.

  • Richard Miller

    When is Sonic Boom 2 going to get announced?

    • OverlordZetta

      It was announced months ago and comes out this year.

  • Bonn Bo

    For the love of god, just give us sonic adventure 3

  • JJQuestion

    Probably the next game is sonic heroes? Who knows???????

  • JJQuestion

    Maybe sega will probably make a new console? Anything possible……..

  • Uncle Stoopnixie

    The only cool part in Sonic Adventure was the orca on the bridge.

    I just wish Sega dropped sonic and maybe worked on another franchise, perhaps one involving an alternate world war 2 setting with tactical turn based combat where you have to defend a small nation against an Evil Empire.

    • OverlordZetta

      They’ve been doing that, though.

      We’ve had a fair amount in all the Yakuza, Project Diva, Phantasy Star, Valkyria, and so on projects they’ve delivered since the last proper Sonic, which was like three or so years ago now.

      If anything it’s high time for them to try something good again.

      • Uncle Stoopnixie

        Would be nice if they released them here, sure we just got Yakuza 5 and we are getting Zero but we didn’t get Ishin, Kiwami, VC3 or PSO2.

        At least there’s a pretty good english fan translation for VC3…

        • Zazon Zenzy

          A fair warning if you guys want PSO2 coming to west. It won’t be coming without any censors. Buck-naked shota in the story FTW. On a girl’s bed.

    • Tuan Kacang

      This is like saying Nintendo should have dropped Mario.

      • Uncle Stoopnixie

        Exept every main mario games are really good games even the majority of the spin-offs are really good.

        • lanmanna

          Majority of the spin-offs are good? REALLY good? LOL

          • Uncle Stoopnixie

            Mario Kart – All really good
            Mario Tennis- First few really good
            Mario Party – Most are really good with friends
            Mario Golf – All really good
            Mario Strikers – First one is really good
            Paper Mario – First few are fantastic
            Super Mario RPG – Fantastic
            Dr.Mario – Really good
            Mario Paint – Really good
            Mario & Luigi – Some are fanstastic , some are just good.
            Mario & Sonic olympic games – Really bad.

            I’m not counting the educational stuff because those are not really games.

    • idiot482

      why do that when they can make a spin off with action based mechanics??? :(

  • JJQuestion

    When is the live action film of sonic going to be out?

    • TheManWithPants

      Sometime in 2018.

  • JJQuestion

    Does anyone remember when knuckles was a bit more intelligent than his current incarnation?

    • Esura

      Nope. In Sonic 3 he was a dumbass who fell for Robotnik’s plans.

      • TheManWithPants

        He was gullible and had no knowledge of the outside world back then, so he had an excuse. The games after that just decided to make it one of his character traits, and then Boom takes it to the extreme and turned him into a completely different character that follows the ‘dumb muscle’ trope. Hell, Big the Cat is smarter than Boom Knuckles, and that’s just plain sad.

  • JJQuestion

    I belive that if you take away a frogs sense of direction you’ll end up finding a sink hole in your yard filled with E.T. games and mighty the armidillo trapped for years in the hole only surviving on eating old cartridges of E.T. games

  • Casey

    Hooray for Sonic’s future!

  • Crystal Power

    I know most people are already being salty and hostile. But I actually want to wish them goodluck and I hope the next Sonic game and Sonic’s future is made successful again.


    • Casey

      Make no mistake, I would LOVE for there to be another great Sonic game. I’ve been a fan since the genesis.

      I just don’t think Sega is capable of making a good sonic game anymore. Their handling of Sonic lost world and sonic Boom shows that they probably don’t even care anymore. It’s a brand to them, not a game.

      • AfroWarrior27

        Colors and Generations.

        • Casey

          Sonic unleashed, sonic and the black knight, sonic 4 episode 1 and 2, sonic jump, sonic jump fever, sonic dash, and the yet to be released, sonic boom: fire and ice.

          If they cared about sonic more than just being a brand, they wouldn’t be releasing another sonic boom after they admitted the last one was such a monumental failure.

          • AfroWarrior27

            Most of those games aren’t even bad. Especially in regards to Sonic Unleashed.

          • OverlordZetta

            Unleashed was not only good, it set forward what made Colors and Generations. You can’t acknowledge those without Unleashed.

            Sega themselves have clearly given up on Black Knight seeing as they never made another Storybook game (and honestly Mario has games that are worse than that).

            The mobile games don’t really count for anything here, and Sonic Boom is a primarily Western, non-even-Sonic-Team thing. It was always a TV show tie in, and as far as that goes, the TV show does seem liked enough.

            It’s not too late. Hell, it never is, really, but in this case, it definitely isn’t.

            • Casey

              “Unleashed was not only good, it set forward what made Colors and Generations.”
              “Unleashed was not only good,”

              • Uncle Stoopnixie

                Dammnit i forgot that stupid design.

                It’s almost as stupid as Final Fantasy 15 chara design.

              • Barret Strife

                Wut? It had a gameplay style tht was vastly different from the norm but was still solid? Not sure how werehog made it bad. Blah!

              • AfroWarrior27

                The Werehog played fine for me.

              • TheManWithPants

                I actually thought the Werehog stages were pretty okay in the 360/PS3 versions of Unleashed. Just wished there were more battle themes than that one theme that played over and over again.

                At least his design pulls off blue arms better than Boom Sonic, and the ‘buff’ look better than Boom Knuckles.

              • lanmanna

                The day stages were fun.

                • Casey

                  Agreed, but the other half of the game was not good. Actually, more like 60% because of the hub world crap. Also, fuck chip. Literally one of the worst characters ever created.

                  By the way, you might already know this, but if you fancy the unleashed day stages and own generations on pc, someone made a mod that puts all the day stages in sonic generations, minus boss battles.

                  • lanmanna

                    I didn’t understand the point of Chip. He was basically like Sonic’s sidekick in the game, despite Tails already filling that role.

              • Cutie Shut-In

                Tbh…unleash would have be great if it wasn’t for the that dumbass warehog….what were they thinking…who wants to go slow on a sonic game :T sega seems to forget that people wanna play sonic to go fast, if we want a adventure platform game, we’ll play mario.

              • SuperLuigi

                You know…if they changed the “warehog” segments to somehow just be knuckles owning everybody then I think people would be fine with it. And take away that doorbell sound! My dog started barking anytime I did a combo.

                • Casey

                  If they did all the things you said, changed the combat to something faster than a bad god of war ripoff, added, I dunno, at least ONE more battle theme, removed chip, and finally, cut the hub world, that game would almost certainly be a 9.

                  And yeah, that doorbell thing was freaking bizarre.

              • OverlordZetta

                Not only does that not change my opinion any, it doesn’t even matter given te part of my comment you left out.

                • Casey

                  News Flash: I didn’t make that comment to “change your opinion.” I put it there so people could see that you think sonic unleashed was a good game despite having a universally hated gimmick that was clearly put there to appeal to some unknown demographic of mental patient that wanted to play God of War, but also wanted to play sonic?

                  Regardless, once I realized you liked unleashed, I knew the rest of your comment would be nothing but fanboy apologist drivel.

                  Do yourself a favor, get yourself out of the sonic cycle, and only come back when or if Sega sees sonic as something other than a brand to throw on t-shirts or shitty mobile games to make kids wet their pants.

                  • OverlordZetta


          • Crystal Power

            “yet to be released, sonic boom: fire and ice.”

            “yet to be released”


            I’m not saying Sonic Boom is good, I’m not denying anyone their right who complain about it. But this is a toxic mentality to have about things. Such as a game that you have never played nor anyone but the makers, because it’s “yet to be released”….

            • Casey

              How many time do you have to be disappointed before you go “hey, maybe this isn’t going to get better.”

              Like I said from the beginning, I’d LOVE to be wrong. I even went through the torturous process of getting ALL of the emblems in SA 2 to unlock the 3d green hill zone. At this point though, believing that sega even remotely cares is naive.

              This picture should tell you everything you need to know about sonic nowadays. Nestled between slim jims, arm and hammer, old navy, black flag, and camelbak is the shattered remains of my once favorite video game character. Now he’s been focus grouped, analyzed, and repackaged in the most cynical and uncaring way possible. Born in a magnificent spark in the 16 bit era, only to fizzle among the likes of the hamburger helper hand and the serta sheep.
              It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.

              Prove me wrong, sega! Make a good goddamn sonic game once more, you fucks!

  • –ZERO–


    • Unknowingreaper

      I love you

  • OverlordZetta

    Here’s hoping!

  • Dallas Williams

    Is there an age limit?

  • Pepsiman

    A dress code should be enforced, prohibiting shirts that feature horrible/disturbing Sonic fan art.

  • Eric Taylor

    I wish ffs that Sega would allocate a fraction of the effort they put into Sonic back to Phantasy Star. Like what the Fuck Sega you’re sitting on gold

    • Pastmaster

      And Phantasy Star is highly anticipating among gamers in the West.

    • Zazon Zenzy

      More specifically Phantasy Star AND Shining, with Puyo Puyo. SEGA US do hate their SEGA JP IP, huh?

      • Budgiecat

        meanwhile where’s:

        Phantasy Star
        Shining series
        Puyo Puyo
        Alex Kidd
        Virtua Fighter
        Virtua Cop
        Virtual On: Cybertroopers
        SambaDe Amigo
        Zombie Revenge
        Panzer Dragoon Saga
        Jet Set Radio
        Space Channel 5
        Skies of Arcadia
        Sakura Wars
        Fighting Vipers
        Last Bronx
        Fighter’s Megamix
        Initial D series
        Altered Beast
        Golden Axe
        Ecco the Dolphin
        Sega Rally Championship
        Sega GT
        ManxTT Super Bike
        D series (D, D2)
        House of the Dead
        Top Skater
        Ferarri F335 Challenge
        Space Harrier
        Hang On
        Daytona USA
        Scud Race
        Comix Zone
        Crazy Taxi
        Billy Hatcher
        Resonance of Fate
        Binary Domain
        Burning Rangers
        Shenmue HD Collection
        Virtua Striker
        Virtua Tennis
        Anarchy Reigns
        Dropping Bayonetta altogether (so Nintendo can grab it)
        localizing Valkyria Chronicles 3
        Localizing Phantasy Star Nova and PSO2
        localizing Yakuza Ishin, Kiwami, Black Panther 1&2, Kenzan!, and 6

        But noooo only Sonic matters (and MIku and Alien and Total War, and maybe now 7th Dragon and Dengeki Bunko)

        • Sven Hil

          They really do have a lot of good games. Shame they only see the sanics.

  • Superior Amygdala

    Don’t trust Sega one bit anymore. Really hope they would just sell all their IPs that they don’t give a shit about anymore

    • Reset Tears

      Give me the Sakura Wars IP, Sega — I’ll kickstart a Steam English release for that shit and make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Invisbin

    I honestly feel like Sega will try with this one. A sequel to a bad game is could have just been to hold off some fans while they developed the big Next Gen Sonic game. I’m hoping itll be a new Sonic Adventure, or a spiritual successor to Sonic Generations.

    • D.3ND

      Generation was more of a celebration to the past games then the game itself, but after that last game (forgot the name not gonna bother to search it :p ) they better have Sonic team doing the next Gen or something.

      • Invisbin

        I personally think we’ve been getting these crappy games because they have the main team working on the big game.

  • Tuan Kacang

    Why the antipathy on sonic’s future? Dunno, really.

    • Yuntu

      Because most people heavily dislike the new Sonic games, hence their expectations are low.

  • Mar Mar
    • ibroid

      OMG!!! WTF LOOOL!!!

    • lanmanna

      The full video is awesome.

    • Lordos Boros

      No. Just no.

  • Vfanatic

    “We are proud to announce PSO2 will come to the west.” Has NOTHING to do with Sonic or Sonic team, but would be such a great announcement we don’t care

    • Zazon Zenzy

      A great coincidence if it got announced at that time, especially since PSO2 got a dash panel now. That panel makes PSO2 a Sonic game :P

      Though, PSO series is related to Sonic Team, so it’s still have something to do with Sonic :v

    • An Tran

      I thought PSO2 was made Sonic Team?

    • Cutie Shut-In

      I honestly don’t even care about PSO2 anymore. If it were to come I wouldn’t even play it, FF14 has stolen my heart in mmo’s.

  • Paladin Joe

    Hey that’s my Birthday :)

  • Zancrow

    Just let him die in dignity!

  • ChieIsLifeButNaotoisBestWaifu

    Make Sonic a Persona

  • B Man

    Well if another Sonic Boom game is on the way and another entry in the rehashed “Olympic” series too then the future isnt looking so bright for our Blue Blur:(

  • Infasis

    The announcement is SonicVR which will be exactly the same as the rollercoaster tech demo, except for you will push a button every once in a while to automatically kill a robotic bumblebee.

  • Pastmaster

    My take:

    SonicVR for OR.
    Sonic game for NX in 2017 (rumored since last year).

    That’s about it.

    Sonic is a joke nowadays and should die.
    Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast was the franchise’s last leg and nobody cares for the blue fellow anymore.

    There are fans in Japan making fun of Sega: “gotta go fast… LOL Sonic Boom ’06”

    • MrAptronym

      I’d say Sonic adventure is pretty bad actually. Generations and Colors were decent games though.

      • David Curry

        One thing Sonic Adv 1 got right was letting you play each character’s campaigns individually towards the true ending, instead of alternating the flow of the game between speed, treasure hunting and platform/shooting (Sonic Adv 2).

        Other than that Sonic Adv 1 is aging like milk left outdoors

    • lanmanna


  • TheManWithPants

    Sonic fans online are reacting to this Panel about as well as I’d expect:

  • Lordos Boros

    As a Sonic fan since 1991, im gonna stay optimistic, we have nothing to lose, Sonic hit rock bottom already. SEGA, build slowly, make another Sonic Rush (with Hideki Naganuma), get the fans feedback on a Generations 2 (check out the mod vids on YT). Next, hire Platinum to co-develop a new JSRF with anyone else you can find from Smilebit, purchase the rights to Grand Royal records from the Beastie Boys, and there you go….. i think lol

    • YamRyu

      Holy shit, I never had the thought of Platinum working on a JSR game. That would be the greatest thing ever now that I think about it.

      • Lordos Boros

        After seeing the video of how they handled TMNT in Manhattan, it was a no brainer.

    • Invisbin

      I rly want platinum to work on a mainline sonic game…omg