One hour of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 PS4 gameplay
posted on 03.20.16 at 07:30 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Beach vacation game due out this Thursday.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 doesn’t launch in Japan until this Thursday, March 24, but someone managed to obtain the game a week in advance and stream an hour of footage online.

The footage is from the PlayStation 4 version, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune, and showcases various different activities, including picture-taking, volleyball, beach flag, and butt battles.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on March 24 in Japan. An English version is also due out in Asia.

Watch the footage below.

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  • RyuRage

    I better take off my clothes, don’t want to get them dirty…

    • Learii

      lol or u just want to take off so you can get hard? jk

    • TheBlackRabbit

      dats nasty

    • Kenny

    • Elle
      • Budgiecat

        Is……is that Sony’s Kaz Harai in the top left of the screen?? :p

        • ayanami-chan

          HORI SHET

    • Esura

      That’s what tissue is for silly.

  • NotCarolKaye

    I used the “Gematsu” coupon code for this. Thanks Sal. :)

    • King Shesh

      Kinda really wanna buy this…..
      But I don’t live alone and do NOT wanna explain it lol

      • NotCarolKaye

        Here’s what you say;
        “I dig them bouncy titties. Questions?”

        That should clear everything up. ;)

        Seriously though, maybe you can at least fly the free version under your housemates’ radar.

  • zane20x

    Isnt marie just the best

    • Budgiecat

      if you’re a fellow 13 yr old sure

      • MrKappa

        But the game told me she was 18.

        • Budgiecat
          • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

            I was just thinking about JoJO too :P

          • Lordos Boros

            FBI.TRACKER //kappa

        • RoyalR R.M

          And? LOL
          That gross. She’s like 16
          It say 18 to throw people off and buy into it. Cmon, be real.
          People keep on buying into what they’ve been told.

          • AcedXXII

            I like how people pretend girls suddenly become attractive when they turn 18. As if a 16 yr old transforms significantly in 2 years…

            If you’re grossed out by a 16 year old, you’d be grossed out by the 18 year old version too.

      • SoloKazama

        when I was 18 I had 13.5 y old girl so..

        • Budgiecat

          oh…..might wanna keep that to yerself….:p

    • Manny Being Manny

      It took them long enough to add someone who wasn’t just the same body with a new face

    • oOVanHalenOo

      Ew no, Nyotengu FTW m8!

    • Glittering Crux

      I’m glad she is the new face of Dead or Alive.

    • ayanami-chan


      • SoloKazama

        isnt she 15 or something (“18” in game)

    • sepulnation86

      probably because she is the most realistic character :) no monster boobs hehe

    • Bianca Ann Saracino

      Yes she is ^_^

  • chroma816

    Honestly, model wise and environment wise, the game looks really great.

    There just doesn’t seem to be much to do outside of minigames, and that’s my only problem with it.

    • greenreaper

      It’s pretty much the same formula, just “updated” to match with the current generation of DOA, like how X2 was with DOA4.

      Also with your enhanced physics and touch activities, it’s the power of Next Gen ™!

  • PuppetMaster

    Why he picked Marie Rose?! :(

    Choose Ayane, Kasumi, Kokoro, Momiji, or Nyotengu goddammit! :(

    • SoloKazama

      he picked them later on maybe You finished too quickly ; – )

    • AcedXXII

      “…Choose Ayane, Ayane with a different face, Ayane with a different face, Ayane with a different face, or Ayane with a different face and wings goddammit! :(“

      • PuppetMaster

        You need to check your eyes dude. All of them looks different from face, hair, voices, and even their tits have different size and shape :3

  • King Shesh

    An hour!?
    I’m trying my damn hardest NOT to buy this game…

  • JudasNero

    so i have a coupon to redeem on this game…

    • SoloKazama

      im calling the police!

  • Limbless

    Hah, he lost that rope game hard. Get wrekt.

  • Blesmi


    • Lordos Boros

      Brain bio chip.png

      • ayanami-chan

        I love the hell out of both of you.

    • ayanami-chan

      I loved Alita!

  • RoyalR R.M

    LOL… Listen to his words play. It’s spot on.

  • Peacenutman

    Play Asia just sent me a notice that my credit card has been charged… $453.79 CAD well spent!……

    • TreizeX

      damn yo that’s a lot

    • RyuRage

      Does that comes with toys or just the game? XD

      • Peacenutman

        Everything! Vita, PS4, and goodies!

    • greenreaper

      You madman.

    • Lordos Boros

      I pre ordered 5 copies (did a giveaway), my card got charged $472.98 US, cheers mate! Btw, screw you SJWs.

      • Peacenutman

        I assume you preordered just the games?

        • Lordos Boros


    • sunK1D

      Joke’s on the Canadian dollar

    • Uncle Stoopnixie

      That’s like 50$US right?

      Canadian dollar really sucks it’s why i can’t import anything right now.

      • Peacenutman

        I preordered the super edition that comes with both Vita and PS4 and all the goodies.

  • Dystopiq


  • ayanami-chan

    A game dedicated to jiggle physics and they pick the one with the least jiggle.

    I just don’t understand this audience.

    • SoloKazama

      there is Honoka later on, so U know;)

    • Ero-Sennin


  • Geese Howard

    One hour of pure perverse and ‘hard’ mode…. ^_^ Good training for the mind and soul!

    • SoloKazama

      “hard mode” ;-)

  • ◎הÎsu

    i refuse to watch that video above… i will wait till my copy gets here.

  • Infasis

    Is there a good way to catch up on the story and learn about the characters and everything? I thought this series would have an anime by now, but for some odd reason it doesn’t and the live action movie looks pretty stupid.

    (I was gonna wait to buy this but then I remembered all the people whining and threatening playasia over a fricking twitter comment and now I purchased a game in a series that I know next to nothing about.)

    • awvnx

      pssssshhhhhhh “story”?

      • Infasis

        Call me old fashioned, but I like to get to know a girl before I start rubbing her breasts through my touchscreen.

        • GoldenDarkness

          the beach volleyball doesnt have story its pure fan service m8

          • Infasis

            There’s poker and all types of stuff though. How am I supposed to know if they’re bluffing if I don’t even know their personalities or backstories?
            Fear not though! I found a game called Dimensions for 3DS that apparently covers everything that’s happened up until the 5th game. Now I only need to beat two games before this arrives, immersing myself in the deep lore and sufficiently gain enough knowledge about each girl to decide who truly deserves to be on my volleyball team.

  • Haru Hiro

    i dont see any reason y they ban this on western cmon its just bikini and shit not nudity.. ill b getting this when i have the chance

    • David Curry

      It’s just a different world. Any male caught playing game this is considered racist or something. 6 years ago, nobody would care about this game coming to the West.

    • steve72

      surely you have heard about ‘feminist’. or to be exact ‘feminazi’

      • RyuRage

        They love to rain on people’s parade… >.>

    • SoloKazama

      because JusticeWarriors would show violence,klling and stuff to young dudes but not bikinis.

    • Gojira Twit

      It’s not banned, they just don’t want to deal with the growing population of tightwads.

  • Chronon

    Heh, last time I checked this series was a volleyball game.

    • DavidCage

      Its still have “volleyball” in various size xD

  • Bob Obb

    Same thing as DOAX2. Not as hot anymore, the nude mods for DOA5 are much better

    • steve72

      judging by the other comments, you’re the one who feels that way. bruh

  • Pastmaster

    Microtransactions incoming:

    – Scuba diving
    – Wave race

    You have to make up for those dev cost of Nioh and a few other PS4 exclusives they said they have in development (whether it’s from Ichigaya dev group 1 or 2).

    • Treece Gatlin

      Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Wave Race Surfing and riding on the water wheel will be awesome :D The girls will love more fun in the water.

  • genkivision

    Is Jetski gone?

    • DoktorCoktor

      Yes, the developers excluded it from the game. Don not worry though, they will probably add it in as dlc along with the other girls aswell.

  • Blaz


  • Prince of Chips


  • DoktorCoktor

    I was waiting for him to pick Momiji(best girl) but he disappointed me in the end. Welp, atleast I got to see her handle some balls at the end.