Hyrule Warriors: Legends ‘DLC Pack 2’ adds Marin
posted on 03.26.16 at 11:54 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Link's Awakening character confirmed at WonderCon 2016.

Hyrule Warriors: Legends

Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will be added to Hyrule Warriors: Legends for 3DS and Hyrule Warriors for Wii U as part of the “DLC Pack 2,” announced at WonderCon 2016.

As previously announced, the 3DS version of DLC Pack 2 will also included 16 new “My Fairy” costume pieces, a new map for Adventure Mode with two new challenge scenarios, and a new weapon for Linkle. The Wii U version will include Linkle’s new weapon.

Read more about the upcoming downloadable content packs here.

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  • David Bond


  • Jong Hyun

    She’s so cute, I hope this is one of her alternate outfits. I wonder what weapon they’re going to give her since her voice/singing can’t be a weapon you pick up lol.

    • CrimsonChaos


    • Justin Graham

      She might fight using one of the Wind Fish instruments. It makes the most sense for her.

      • C4

        I hope she plays like a mage, with using a harp as weapon and singing for some skills.

        • J_Joestar

          isn’t there already a harp user though?

      • Zeriam

        She is. Her weapon is the Sea Lily’s Bell.

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  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    And this surprised no one.

    • s07195

      Wouldve thought wind fish, actually.

  • OlimacFTW

    I hope Vaati will be next.

  • Zeria

    YES! <3

  • Peacenutman


  • Y4ss4n

    Waifu Warrior :D

  • louiebacani

    Female-dominated Zelda game and I’m not complaining. :D

  • KiddyCorky

    >tfw groose never

    • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)



    Eh I’ll believe it after April fools has passed.

    • JeySigma

      dude. 6 days too early

      • STOPAC

        Game sites like to prepare. Usually a week ahead.

        • JeySigma

          prepare for what exactly? it’s pointless if they post fake news 6-7 days in advance. ppl will believe the news, then if it’s fake it’s going to hurt the site’s reputation like HELL.

          cause the cant say “april fools!” when it’s clearly posted the freakin 27th. How are they gonna get away with it

          • STOPAC

            Yeah ok chill. Imma wait anyways.

  • Geebun

    Before Skyward Sword came out and gave us an interesting Zelda, she always was my favorite Zelda girl so this might be enough to make me get the 3ds version or hyrule warriors.

  • Superior Amygdala

    -Day-1 DLC
    -On-Disc locked content
    -Absurd season pass and DLC prices for what they offer
    -DLC not even on the newest port/version
    -Paid-for Content locked behind Amiibos

    The greed within this unholy, god-awful game is ridiculous.

    • Budgiecat

      When DQ Heroes 1 & 2 were announced, it made this game irrelevant anyway :p

      • Superior Amygdala

        Yup. DQH1 sold like, 4x as much as both versions of Hyrule Warriors did put together in Japan.

      • Asma Asma

        lol, for you maybe. For Zelda fans like me this game is heaven, being able to play as all these characters is something never done before.

        As for dragon quest heroes, I couldn’t care less. DQ11 looks cool, I’m interested in that game.

        • JeySigma

          heh.. did you even play DQ heroes man? bet you havent.

          Not only it was a VERY solid, balanced game, had rpg elements and actual tower defense. It had it all. Hyrule warriors is shallow in comparison

          • Asma Asma

            “I couldn’t care less” means I haven’t. And if you say the game is good then I believe you, but as I said Hyrule Warriors is Zelda heaven.

            • JeySigma

              Fair enough. i Understand. To each his own, even though i do like Zelda as well, just saying DQH was solid

        • Budgiecat

          you must know by now they are REAAAAAALLY stretching things when they throw in these npcs are playable characters lol

          at least the extra characters in DQ Heroes series actually fought in their previous games that you as the player could control ; both by the player and within the storylines :p

          And on a mechanics sense, DQ Heroes (especially #2) is 10 times the game this is. :p

    • Alantor28

      How is it greedy?

    • Malon

      – Nope. No DLC was released on day-1. First DLC batch is due in 2 months.

      – The content isn’t even developed yet, how can it be “on-disc locked”?

      – Also, 15€ for a year-worth of DLC is more than fair, plus the game is really cheap (bought it for 30€ on day one whereas every other games published by Nintendo are 40~45€) so it’s just like you were paying a full-price game.

      – What do you mean? Are you talking about the Ganon fury mode not being included? It could be that the 3DS hardware couldn’t handle it, we’ll never know but that’s the most logical explanation.

      – Nope. Nope nope nope. Everything you can unlock with Amiibos can also be unlocked in game without too much effort. Amiibo often give you 1 rupee anyway, it’s random.

      Please stop talking without knowing. It’s painful.

      • Superior Amygdala


        • Malon

          thanks for your consideration

      • XiaomuArisu

        To be fair you need Link amiibo for the beyblade weapon

        • Malon

          oh well

    • Fox

      You don’t seem to realize that Koei-Tecmo invented DLC-whoring long before DLC was even a thing. They are the Old Masters.

      • Superior Amygdala

        Did Koei Temco develop DoA as well? Because that series has some of the most absurd and insane amount of DLC and add-on paid content i’ve ever seen.

    • Tetris

      Get your facts straight before you spout things, please.

      • Superior Amygdala

        My facts are already facts.

        • Alantor28

          But it’s just opinions. Amiibos are Nintendo’s best selling thing and the 3DS is their most successful handheld so the N3DS will probably reach that same success the original 3DS has.

    • Hime☆Sama★

      Are you a troll…? Honest questuon because every comment I see from you gives off heavy a-hole vibes….?

      • Superior Amygdala

        Just saying it like it is. It’s really not my fault that my comments give you anal contractions.

        • Alantor28

          Well, some people may be offended by what you said.

          • Superior Amygdala

            But why? I don’t get offended when people point out obvious, factual flaws in companies/video games i love, like Sony greedily locking online in games i paid for behind a paywall.

            • Alantor28

              That’s Sony’s decision and they may make smart business choices. $9.99 and $7.99 in Nintendo’s Indies and VC games sound like a reasonable price. Plus, amiibos are really popular and another of Nintendo’s smart business decisions. Like with the Skylanders figurines and games, Nintendo decided to do just that.

              Plus, if Nintendo releases DLC for a game, then they releases it and people slowly accepted that. (I think.) But it’s just my honest opinion. And your ‘facts’ are opinions, not real facts.

        • Hime☆Sama★

          Yep,definitely a troll! Thanks for your time!

  • Budgiecat

    she doesnt look like she could fight her way out of a kitchen! *limp wrist*

  • JeySigma

    hnnnggg!! i freaking love Marin…(Link’s awakening is my childhood’s zelda)

    goddamit. Just when i thought i finally gave up on this game completely they throw this out. sigh

  • SeriousObelisk

    She looks like she belongs in Barbe world.

  • LordKaiser

    She is Link’s subconscious representation of Zelda. There’s rumors that she is Malon’s prototype but I don’t see any source affirming this. Her face was supposed to resemble Zelda a bit.

    • Ricewarrior

      That rumor makes no sense.

      It’s possible that Marin’s design inspired Malon’s if that’s what they meant.

      • LordKaiser

        Only inspiration, the prototype bit is probably fake. Well rumors of the internet like you being able to use Ramsus on Xenogears etc.

  • Learii

    oh there going to be a marin amiibo lol

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      Where’d you hear that bull?
      Not a single amiibo has been produced for Hyrule Warriors and if there was one for Legends, it’s have been announced by now.

      • Learii

        oh no but there will be because nintendo never left out a char if the game can use amiibo

        • NintendoPSXTheSecond

          wtf are you even talking about?

        • Justin Graham

          That’s utter nonsense.

          Hyrule Warriors is compatible with Zelda character amiibo that were made for Smash Bros. and the Wolf Link amiibo. There has never been any announcement of a Hyrule Warriors-specific line of amiibo.

          • Learii

            how about Midna but who know we have to wait and see

  • Hime☆Sama★

    Sh-She’s beautiful…!

    • Yanii

      Yes, i think she was one of Links many loves or had some sort of chemistry with the character.

  • Trinity

    Seems interesting, but here’s to hope this doesn’t feel like an harem game to me again.
    Link and the Ladies or something. :l

  • XaviIniesta


  • http://singestudio.com M’Buma

    This game should be called Zelda Magical Girls Legends! I didn’t know the Zelda series became a Harem game!

  • Kaibun

    They finally added the best Zelda girl, from the best Zelda game.

    • HyruleSmasher

      you couldn’t have said it better. ^_^

  • Alantor28

    Hmm, Marin. Now I really need to get this on my New 3DS/


    Uhhhhh? can i ask why my comment was removed from this article?


    Uhhhhh? can i ask why my comment was removed from this article? I don’t think i said anything offensive.

    • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

      Looks like they got detected as spam. They have been restored.

      • STOPAC

        It’s cool, i just wanted to know if i went against some guidelines so i could avoid similar behavior in the future. Thanks for the response.

  • Yanii

    Oh the original singer who Malon was based on.