Etrian Odyssey V story outline, first screenshots
posted on 03.02.16 at 08:43 PM EDT by (@salromano)
First look at Atlus' August-due 3DS sequel.

Etrian Odyssey V

The first direct-feed screenshots, Japanese box art, and story outline for Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth, Atlus’ recently detailed 3DS sequel, have hit the internet via the game’s newly listed Amazon Japan product page.

The dungeon RPG is set in a new land called “Arcadia,” where four races exist—the Arslan, Lunaria, Cerian, and Brani. Players can customize their own character and choose from at least 22 different character voices. Read more here.

Here’s the official story outline:


“Arcadia,” a land dominated by swords and magic. A huge tree from ancient times called “Yggdrasil” exists here and is to be the reason that peace visits the world.

There is a legend about that World Tree. If you can manage to reach its untrodden summit, it is said that your dreams will come true.

“The power to dominate the world.” “The most powerful.” “The world’s mysteries.” “Expensive treasures.”

Although there are four races that live in this land, each has a different legend, but no person has been able to confirm them.

From the city “Aeolis” at the bottom of Yggdrasil, the official orders are issued. In pursuit of the legend, the courageous adventurers who will challenge Yggdrasil gather in Aeolis. You’re one of the adventurers in response to the official orders.

Whether it’s for wealth and honor, or to satisfy your sense of adventure, you’ll challenge the labyrinths and aim for the top of the World Tree.

Etrian Odyssey V is due out for 3DS in Japan on August 4. A Niconico broadcast this Friday, March 5 at 21:00 Japan time will feature the first trailer.

View the screenshots at the gallery. You’ll also see the first-print bonus, which is the “Rough Sketch” version of the game’s soundtrack, and the collector’s edition, which includes a copy of the game, special box package, character and world art book, and a downloadable content code set for something that will be useful in the game.

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  • AzureDragonSlayer

    I hope Atlus localize this quickly after the Japanese release.

    • Jason Ryer

      Xmas to january maybe.

    • 6810

      hopefully with lots of really cool censored graphic edits, characterisation changes and anything not dudebro enough for d’murcnz taken out

      • couky

        They do make bad dub but they’re pretty reasonable when it come to censorship compared of what happened to Fire emblem fates :x

  • Terithian

    Ooh, that map picture has some interesting things on it. I see what looks like a fishing rod icon and a vegetable icon in addition to the usual take, cut, and mine icons. New gathering methods, perhaps?

  • Xорошо 不死鳥 Zikk

    Everything looking real good so far! ^_^ I personally have to finish IV and Untold 1&2 though :V

  • RaenUE

    help I’m attracted to a Map UI

    • AkuLord3

      You know you’re a fan if the map screen is getting you hyped.

  • MTK

    Never played one of these, considering the last Nintendo handheld I own was gba bout 10 years ago. I can say heard some battle music from one of the games that I like and listen to here and there.

    • Budgiecat

      whole lotta meh rooted in misplaced nostalgia and moe

      • Heldronus

        Whole lotta bad taste

        • quodvadis

          lol. ironic.

          • Heldronus

            Sorry if you’re too casual to draw a map.

            • quodvadis

              That certainly makes you superior

              No really, I’m actually laughing here hahahaha

              • Heldronus


        • Budgiecat

          I agree. whoever likes these games have bad taste :3

          • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

            I think it’s good for a game still using portraits insteaf of full 3D models, but I don’t really like it that much. I enjoy it for what it is

          • Heldronus

            To reiterate, sorry if you’re too casual to draw a map.

            • Budgiecat

              I use Waze :p

    • Otaku DJK1NG (YouTube)

      Well getting a 3DS will get you caught up on all except III unless you play the DS version.
      Untold 1 – 2 are remake of the first two.
      IV and V.

      • MTK

        I’m good I’ll wait you never know when the next model would come out besides I have to much to play on playstation system.

  • Glittering Crux

    Localization please.

    • AkuLord3

      Knowing Atlus and the series, it will eventually happen, no worries there but hope long do we have to wait? hopefully not too long.

  • The Jokester

    OHHHH!!!! The story sounds very interesting I can’t wait for this to come to the west. I love the Untold series.

    • CrimsonBlaze

      Is Untold 1 and 2 an remaster/remake of the original DS version?

      • natchu96

        Yes, more or less. New content to boot.

      • The Jokester

        It’s like a remake of those games. Because of the story modes animation and graphical updates. Untold series is like completely new games. You can play the story mode which has a set party and plot, or the old style where you make your own party and just do random dungeons.

  • Pastmaster


  • Lansou Everett

    Looks exactly like EOIV, tons of reused assets and graphics are still identical. But that’s Atlus for you

  • Asclepius

    Beautiful thing, I hope atlus delivers (on a good localization also).