Compile Heart announces Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter for PS Vita
posted on 03.12.16 at 08:50 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A Compile Heart x Dengeki Bunko x Dengeki PlayStation collaboration.

Kangokutou Mary Skelter

Compile Heart announced Kangokutou Mary Skelter for PS Vita during the Dengeki Game Festival today.

The game, a 3D “active dungeon RPG,” is a collaboration between Compile Heart, Dengeki Bunko, and Dengeki PlayStation. The story is written by Yomoji Otono and character design is by Dakei Naname. Dengeki Bunko will publish a novel based on the title, and Dengeki PlayStation will begin serializing a prequel starting April 14.

Mary Skelter is set in Japan. In September 1999, a living prison, Jail, suddenly appeared, and submerged a great city 666 meters underground, and went on developing. As a result of Jail’s birth came the appearance of monsters known as “Marchen,” who began seizing and imprisoning humans. The protagonist and heroine were born several decades after this incident and aim to escape the jail in which they were confined.

The living jail possess three great desires by which it grows: appetite, sexual desire, and the desire for sleep. To escape above ground, you must grow the jail more than 666 meters.

The town is imprisoned in jail, and several girls are born after the humans are imprisoned by the Marchen. For some reason, these girls react to the Marchen’s blood and their physical abilities greatly increase, and they form the “Chishiki Girls Squad” in order to plan a jailbreak. This group consists of Akazuki (Little Red Riding Hood), Oyayubihime (Thumbelina), Shirayukihime (Snow White), Nemurihime (Sleeping Beauty), and so on—all members that don the name of fairy-tale heroines.

Here are the currently revealed characters:

  • Jack – The protagonist. He’s a little timid, but he takes action when the situation calls for it.
  • Alice (voiced by Sumire Uesaka) – A girl imprisoned together with Jack. The two provide each other mutual support.
  • Akazukin (Little Red Riding Hood) – An older sister-type who breaks Jack and Alice out of Prison. She saves them because they both possess a special power.

The pink blood that Marchen bleed in battle are involved with the game’s battles, dungeons, and training. In dungeons, there are puzzle-solving elements that involve using items like bows and arrows, bombs, and such. One particularly panic-inducing part of exploring dungeons is when the Merchen boss, “Nightmare,” appears. Nightmare disregards the general ‘one turn, one move’ rule and chases you in real time.

More information is due out in the March 31 issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

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  • JudasNero

    this screams multiple endings

    • Renaldi Saputra

      you meant the statement “subete no monotagari wa link suru”?

      • JudasNero

        idk wht means sry im just talking bout the overall style of the trailer

  • Shadzard

    Seems more interesting than the oppai game to me.

    Edit: What would be “active dungeon RPG”?

  • Delicious Fried Chocobo

    Huh… dunno about this but I like the art.

  • Joey

    Another dungeon RPG? Yes please! This and Seven Pirates are day one imports for me!

  • DarkMistressSerena

    looks great reminds of persona 3 and kill la kill

  • Joey

    “compile herat” You might wanna fix that.

  • DesmaX

    Isn’t that the guy who did Valvrave the Liberator?

    That’ll be some fun!

    • Renaldi Saputra

      u meant Faprape?

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        Valvrape The Penetrator

  • badmoogle

    I can’t even hold all these Vita Dungeon RPGs!

  • oldgameswerebetter

    “active dungeon RPG,”

    tell me i actualy see my characters and i’ll buy it

    • Ruthsarndt2

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  • DanSmith

    All this pink in her body remember Danganronpa.

  • Lokoline

    The art is pretty nice.

  • John Hayabusa

    Love the edginess of the visuals. Looking forward for more.

  • chroma816

    I love it already. The art and music already have me hooked. Having it on the Vita and it being a DRPG (maybe even a unique one) just makes it even better.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    nice music, and it seems the art is by Tsunako again, by the style I saw.

    I don’t feel the edginess that much, though

    • XiaomuArisu

      Article saya Dakei Naname

      • Renaldi Saputra

        Ah I didn’t see that. Well, his/her artsyle is kinda similar to Tsunako

        • Kevin Tanuwijaya

          Actually it’s Kei Nanameda, the one who design characters for Makai Shin Trillion and Mugen Souls series

          • Renaldi Saputra

            oh ok thx for clarification

  • Yaro

    Edgy art and really good music, hell yeah im interested.

  • Uncle Stoopnixie

    I’ll buy that, assuming it comes to the west physically.

  • OlimacFTW

    Another loli game for Vita, and surely it´ll have a Mary Sue-like character thanks to Dengeki Bunko.

  • vertical09

    A game about cute edgy girls doing cute and edgy things.

    Where do I preorder?

  • SMTGamer

    I wanna buy this for Budgie

  • Anontastic

    Is the illustrator/character designer the same guy from Mugen Souls? I can’t quite tell for sure, but it has that “almost-but-not-quite-Takehito-Harada” thing going on.

  • Silent Nyan

    Compile Herat is on a rampage :) Hehe~

  • James Reilly

    Wonder if it will be more then the standard first person crawler.

  • Member

    Typo on the artist’s name.The artist is Nanamaeda Kei, not Dakei Naname.

    • 6810

      are you sure?

      ナナメダケイ =

      na na me da ke i

      a name which has many listings on amazon… the name which is used in the preview, the name which is affiliated with Dengeki Bunko…

      Nanamaeda Kei on the other hand is… who?

  • HerosLight

    Pretty cool music and art.

  • 123

    They showed a male character and then a bunch of female ones.
    So probably another harem.
    So probably dropped.

  • ChieIsLifeButNaotoisBestWaifu

    All this vita games! But im saving up for a ps4

  • SirRichard

    Really liking the art, given it’s Compile Heart odds are probably good we’ll get it.

  • Shadzard

    Not exactly what I was expecting…

    Dualshockers has some screenshots.

    • ChieIsLifeButNaotoisBestWaifu

      Omg CH all the perv games on mah vita

    • Zero

      Added NSFW to this post.

      • Shadzard

        Sorry for that. I forgot.

        • Zero

          No worries.

    • oldgameswerebetter

      censure in west for sure ok…..

    • Nakua

      Nice art. :)

  • LunarHaven

    That is one epic rock track haha, awesome.

  • moreover

    I kinda hoped for more… Oh well…

  • Ryuzaki57

    Is that Kill la Kill the game? Anyway I adore this design. Best annoucement of the day!

  • Infasis

    This looks really promising. I love the art. It has a nice contrast to what I’m normally used to seeing from CH.

  • natchu96

    “Compile Herat” is one hell of a typo.

    I see we’re doing the pink blood thing here too.

  • Sal Romano

    Updated the post with info.

    Sorry for the wait. Had to go out for a friend’s birthday celebration shortly after Compile Heart’s live stream ended.

    Sleepy time now.

    • Anime10121

      This game sounds pretty awesome :O

      Like the character design too so far! Also seems like its a “darker” CH game. I REALLY want this O_O

  • Haru Onodera

    This looks really awesome…Looks like Persona x Danganronpa RPG.

  • oldgameswerebetter

    ok this seems extremely interesting, i’m only worried about 2 things
    1 actualy see my characters
    2 the obvious censore in the west if it gets here

    • nekogenesis

      lol I’m worried about the first too atm that sounds like how it’s going to work bit its too soon to know right now

    • Zam

      They said they won’t release in the west games that needs to be censored anymore, so IF it needs censor it won’t come at all

      • Nakua

        This. You can hope only in a asia release + eng subs.

  • KiddyCorky

    This might be the first Compile Heart game I would buy. As long as it’s 3D “active dungeon RPG” gameplay is similar to Persona then I’m okay with it. That and the edgyness actually has got me interested.

  • ivanchu77

    Complie hearts in beast mode again lol, hopefully they localize these 3 games they recently announced, and uncensored if possible

    • MakotoYuuki

      Yeah and suddenly the games turn into eroge

    • Renaldi Saputra

      in Asia English, yeah

    • Zam

      At least they said they won’t censor games in anymore in the west

    • Nakua

      Hopefully, or at least an asia + eng sub port, more easy.

  • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

    Escape from the City Compa desu

  • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

    Compa + Dengeki + Persona 3(Tartarus) + JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean=This

    • MrTyrant


      • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

        You put them all together. It’s a brilliant mix, if I do say so myself :p

  • Taiga571

    Even more raunchy than Criminal Girls? Blasphemy!!!

    IFI’d better localize this… because I’ve set my annual “steamy” game quota at 3 titles.

  • Dysisa

    Ehh, 3D dungeons are never really done well so I think I’ll pass.

  • Lusankya

    Considering there is a character named Little Red Riding Hood I wonder if the enemies are actually called “Märchen” (German for fairy tale) instead of “Marchen”.

    • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

      Maybe it relates to the dreams and hopes of everyone to reach the surface, except twisted?

    • Break

      its obviously meant to be Märchen, but only we germans have ä,ö and ü on our keyboards xD

  • Ben Garrett

    So I guess. Jack and the Beanstalk (since climbing the tower
    and Alice is obviously is Alice in wonderland

  • CaRoss

    It would have been really nice if this trailer had given even a little hint of what the gameplay was like, other than the typical CH format of being a RPG, but other than that I’m actually really interested in this one.

    The overall concept of the game that they’ve presented us with sounds really good, and the idea that the dungeons may be far more involved and full of puzzles than usual is also really cool. Add in the fact that the game sounds like it’ll have a male protagonist who is more than just support (putting him alongside FFF’s Fang and the leads of the Agarest War games) is also pretty interesting.

    Now to just see how fanservicey this does, or does not, turn out to be. After all, when they really want to, CH can put out some really good games. They’ve got strong gameplay down pretty well at this point.

  • easter

    Oooh that trailer music and plot setup~~~~
    Very interested. VERY INTERESTED.

  • Zeria

    Looks good! Hopefully we’ll see this one by the end of the year or early next year.

  • Nightcore34

    Sounds fun, although that Nightmare monster sounds like its gonna be rage inducing.

  • marineal

    Looks like shit like every other Compile Hear game. It’s no surprise that users with Anime Waifus are hyped for this garbage.

    • jay falcon

      Coming from someone with a fucking mexican cake avatar.

    • Nakua

      Is not your busines what other people play and like, also nobody force you to play this “garbage”.
      Insulting people who like what you don’t like is pathetic and make you a retard. :)

    • Claudio

      nice bait

  • RedSuisei

    I’m interested in the “active” part. Seems like they’re gonna try for a new DRPG formula? Hope it works well, the last few new DRPG formula I know bombed quite hard.

    • Infasis

      Ray Gigant seems to be an incredibly polarizing game from everything I’ve read and although I found Persona Q really disappointing, story wise, I found the battles okay for the most part. What other ones have there even been lately?

      • RedSuisei

        MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu. To be fair, it was released at a time where there were plenty of other games released, and unlike Ray Gigant, the few who actually played it seems to like it.

        RG flopped mostly because it tries to take the middle ground between DRPG and standard JRPG, but instead of appealing to both market, it ended up not appealing to both.

  • The Jokester

    Reads Compel Hearts……….sees sexual desires…….reads 1 boy character the rest all females…….SIGH!!!! Typical Compel Hearts *shakes head* The music sounds nice but totally lost me. Can’t you do at lease one jrpg that isn’t focused on perverted crap all the time? I really would like a deep interesting jrpg with a nice story but I know you won’t deliver when your whole marketing factor is something to do with perverted stuff. It’s cool if that’s there thing not knocking it we all like hot anime babes but at least attempt to do something creative and original every once in awhile it’s like all there games are the same thing!!! :(

    • Infasis

      Most CH games I’ve played have been pretty different in a lot of fundamental ways. I played Record of Agarest War, Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1, and Moero Chronicle. In that order. I’d like to hear how similar you really consider them. Just because there’s anime girls or traces of harem stuff?
      Pretty much every other jrpg that doesn’t have cute girls still always seem to have tropes galore anyway. If it was about some edgy male with amnesia that girls didn’t like as much would it really make it a better game?

      • The Jokester

        Idk as I not played many of there games but for me i’d just like a little more of a serious tone than just cute girls doing perverted things. I mean I like a bit a fan service but idk if I could handle 100+ hour jrpg of it. I’d like to see more of the combat more of the exploration more of the story more of the jrpg mechanics of the game than just a trailer of busty girls because that don’t sell a game for me. I guess it’s really preference ya know?

    • Nakua

      Nobody force you to play CH games if you find them redundant. :)

      • The Jokester

        Yeah I know I just wish they made more than just these types of games ya know do something different every once in awhile is all.

        • Nakua

          Well, CH always make like these so nothign new, but there are tons of different companies that make different games, you have plenty of choices.

    • IvanAzure

      Yeah, I can relate. Once I read they had a game about despair, I thought it could be a step outside their box.
      Not that it appealing to erotic stuff makes it bad by default, obviously not. Just had some hopes they’d try making something different too. (BTW, there’s this other game they announced that’s called Black Rose Valkyrie that looks pretty neat and hasn’t been trying to sell itself through fanservice as far I saw.)
      Anyway, I’m still interested in this game personally, gotta see how everything will play out.

      • The Jokester

        Yeah I mean I am not saying there isn’t anything wrong with a little fanservice I myself enjoy a bit from time to time but I just don’t think I could stand a 50 or 100 hour jrpg full of nothing but that. It wouldn’t be tasteful then or funny it would jut get old and annoying after awhile they should try to appeal to more than just horny 13 year olds lol. Hopefully there is more to it than that but idk will see.

  • Nakua

    This is the other game along with Seven Pirates, fell dark and interesting, not much into rpg dungeon crawlers but if the story is good i can tolerate them.

  • Marks

    Definitely interested… And I love the music in the trailer!

    • Mar Mar

      Sounds similar to Paradox soundtrack (The Guided Fate Paradox).

      Like it.

  • Daniel Guerrero

    Must play if has a western release

  • -Misaki-

    Oh please get over here *with Scorpion’s voice* honestly this seems like it’s gonna be smexy game :D

  • Azai Mikami

    no gameplay hmmmm just what I wanted it