City Shrouded in Shadow adds Godzilla, teases Evangelion
posted on 03.22.16 at 08:21 AM EDT by (@salromano)
New information on Granzella's upcoming survival game.

City Shrouded in Shadow

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals and teases new monster characters set to appear in Bandai Namco and Granzella’s upcoming City Shrouded in Shadow.

In City Shrouded in Shadow, the protagonist’s goal is to, together with the heroine, escape the threat of giant shadows attacking the city. Players can choose their starting clothes and hairdo, and the player can even make friend and love interest decisions.

In addition to the previously introduced Ultraman, the giant shadows will also take on the form of the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla.

Additionally, another screenshot in the magazine (lower right of the scan) teases what appears to be a silhouette of an Evangelion.

City Shrouded in Shadow is in development for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Thanks, Famitsu and Hachima Kikou.

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  • ElementaB

    If there is a fight between an Evangelion and Godzilla, this game just became WORTH IT

  • Anime10121

    This game just caught my interest O_O

  • renji00

    Wtf is this game? But a Godzilla vs EVA would be awesome.

  • Traingham

    Having to escape from a berserk Unit 01 sounds like a horrifying ordeal.

  • Kaibun

    This game just keeps getting better and better. Will we finally get to see the fight of the century?

  • Kenny

    Looking forward to this amazing crossover open world survival game, Kujo is super creative on his games like always :)

  • Takane Shijou

    I still can’t believe this wasn’t a thing before now.

  • Vfanatic

    So, Kamen Rider J and Sentai Mecha when?

  • Barmont

    Then Power Rangers’ Megazord is possible? *-*

    • Keke094

      maybe next one is mazinger or gurren laggenn

  • Pastmaster

    An RPG based on Evangelion with open world. Let’s do it Bamco!

  • Zancrow

    Holy shit!

  • quodvadis

    Oh god imagine if they made this game VR compatible

  • Noctis Caelum

    Wow an Evangelion game for PS4???
    I’m in!!

  • Chuster M. Merino

    Can’t wait to play as a weak Japanese waifu and escape from Godzuki.

  • bloodiOS

    This keeps getting better and better~

  • XiaomuArisu


    • Martin

      Lol, now I really wanna see Shinji piloting a Godzilla style Eva.

      • Asura

        We kinda got that with Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla, though.

        • Martin

          Eh? Where and when?

          • Asura

            The Evangelion units are cyborg mecha cloned from the corpse of a giant monster to fight other giant monsters, possess a soul, and have a tendency to go berserk.

            Kiryu is a cyborg mecha created from the corpse of a giant monster to fight other giant monsters, possesses a soul, and has a tendency to go berserk.

            It’s not 100% exact, which is why I said “kinda”, but the similarities are there.

          • Budgiecat

            In Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla, Kiryu (MechaGodzilla) was copiloted by a human even though it had a sentient ‘soul’ of its own from a dead Godzilla, much like Eva having the ‘soul’ of Shinji’s dead mom…

  • ayanami-chan

    Evangelion you say?

  • Retro Reloaded

    Wait, have they announced if any Gundams will be in this? If so I’m in.

    • Asura

      Currently only Ultraman and Godzilla have been 100% confirmed.

    • ChieIsLifeButNaotoisBestWaifu

      That would be awesome

  • Budgiecat

    just need Gamera
    just need Gamera…

  • Raiden

    But will it get a US release, or will I have to import it? The ESRB is horrible biased against Japanese games.

    • Keldroc

      The ESRB has nothing to do with what games get released here.

    • Cliff Foster

      The ESRB doesn’t decide what games make it Stateside. Publishers decide what games they want to try to bring over…and as things currently stand with the state of Japanese gaming, most of what is produced over there simply isn’t worth the hassle.

      The fact that most of their games won’t make a dime is why we don’t see more Japanese games over here anymore, not the ESRB. They just rate the games.

  • HeczTehFinezt

    So wait, just by reading the protagonist’s goal, the only objective here is escaping the city along w/ the heroine, you’ll be able to change your style and maybe create a love between the 2 while watching these giants duke it out, no control of them whatsoever…. That’s kinda disappointing but seeing Godzilla, Ultraman and now Evangelion in this game, sign me up :D Will they add any Gundams? I hope so.

  • dark-kyon

    Gematsu missed the other teasing, look like a certain cat.

    • DavidCage

      Damn,budgie is everywhere…