Ace Attorney 6 launches June 9 in Japan
posted on 03.06.16 at 12:27 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Demo now available. Maya Fey returns.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 will launch for 3DS in Japan on June 9, Capcom announced during an AmebaFresh live stream today.

A demo for the game is playable now in your web browser.

A limited quantity of copies will include a set of two additional short scenarios, one set in the Kurain Kingdom with Phoenix Wright and the other set in Japan with Apollo Justice.

Early copies of the game will include a costume set with new outfits for Athena Cykes, Phoenix Wright, and Apollo Justice.

An e-Capcom Store limited edition will include a copy of the game, drama CD, a Kuttari plushie, Bokuto Tsuani’s tote bag, a visual poster card book, and an exclusive original box.

Outside of the release date and bonuses, Capcom also revealed that Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, and Klavier Gavin will appear in the game. A new character named Potdino Niwackus was also revealed.

Watch a new set of videos below.

Trailer #2

Special Introduction Trailer

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  • Hours Left

    “Apollo Ace”?

    I think you meant Apollo Justice.

    • Sal Romano

      My god I make this mistake all the time. My brain!

  • MrTyrant

    Localization incoming!

    • DragonSlayer

      Love that Coca Cola hat.

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      • Juniewgrant4

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  • kokorozashii

    Turnabout Sisters <3

  • DragonSlayer

    MAYA!!! I MISS YOU!! I hope your not going to be a suspect to a murder again.

  • kthanxyousuck

    Edgeworth and Klavier Gavin are also in the game

    • TreizeX

      Thank god no glasses on Edgeworth

      • kthanxyousuck

        He’s still got them in his pocket lol.

      • DragonSlayer

        Edgy’s just saving them for when he needs to investigate. XD

    • kokorozashii

      I think the Fräuleins will be happy to see Gavin’s air guitar performance again.

    • MrTyrant

      WHOA! Awesome.

    • Lusankya

      For now only in mini episodes players can get as pre-order bonus.

  • DragonSlayer

    Day one purchase now no questions ask!!

  • kokorozashii

    Maybe we can expect an appearance from Mia through Maya too.

  • Sal Romano
  • MassGamesinek

    Those costumes are great!

  • TheManWithPants

    Holy crap, Maya’s back?! Okay, NOW I’m gonna start getting a bit hyped for this game.

  • DarkRPGMaster

    FINALLY! Maya, we’ve missed seeing you for 4 games, welcome back! Now all we need is Gumshoe to make an appearance and the whole team will be back in action.

  • Von Himmel

    Ema and Gumshoe where

  • –ZERO–


  • Uncle Stoopnixie

    We better get this, Maya is in it, it’ll sell.

    Pretty much like The Rock, Maya = Money

    • XiaomuArisu

      Nick, Maya isnt cooking soup! Maya is cooking burgers!

  • Jason Gideon

    Seriously, you two (Phoenix and Maya)… just get married already ^^

    • DragonSlayer


      • MrTyrant

        Trucy its like his adoptive daughter, I was thinking Trucy x Apollo but after the ending of the fourth game I know why didnt happened. So far Athena x Apollo seems a closer pairing.

        • DragonSlayer

          Yeah, they do look like they will get along like a house on fire.

          • Jason Gideon

            Juniper Woods: “OBJECTION!”

            • DragonSlayer

              Apollo Justice: “HOLD IT!” with the epic finger point!

    • kthanxyousuck

      No way, even the official ace attorney twitter kind of ships Phoenix and Edgeworth lol.

      • Jason Gideon

        Hahaha true, but Phoenix isn’t young anymore you know ^^ We don’t want to see him forever single. Maya also isn’t a girl anymore, and I couldn’t think anyone better than her in this series to be on Phoenix’s side.

  • Learii

    i hope maya didn’t die in this one

    • Jason Gideon

      Nah XD she would just getting into trouble with the criminal, like the usual LOL

      • Learii

        lol i hope you right

  • minoru

    Which US state is it setting on?

    • Adorabunny

      Obligatory San Fransokyo response

    • Reset Tears

      My inner fanfic bot is telling me it takes place at Big Hero Six City

    • kthanxyousuck

      Kurain Village already exists. It’s two hours from LA as stated in AA2.

  • Pastmaster

    So sad it’s going to be eShop exclusive for the West again. I want a retail copy of this.

    • infasis

      I hate how games like this get digital only releases, but then things like “Monster High:13 Wishes” or “Bratz: Fashion Boutique” will get physical releases. I guess life is hard when you’re not a preteen girl.

    • Esura

      That shows how much their previous statement on future retail releases for Phoenix Wright is full of shit. I think Senran Kagura series and Corpse Party Blood Drive are some of the few Japanese game series to break that digital-only release hell…oddly all localised by the same company. Based XSEED.

  • infasis

    Does AA subsequently get better with each game? I bought the trilogy and finished the first one and while it was enjoyable enough, I really don’t understand the popularity. I mean it was okay, but these later just games look great and I really wanna like them.
    Someone please tell me I’ll like it better as I play more.

    • moreover

      Actually, no. I like it less and less with each game but people say that Naruhodo (the previous game with Sherlock in the past) is really good, but ironically enough it’s the untranslated one lol

      • infasis

        Damn, that’s unfortunate. I’ll still give the games a fair chance. I’d be a waste to by the trilogy and only play one game anyway. I hope I like them. They just look so good. I really want on the bandwagon. It seems like some fans love them.
        I heard about that Naruhodo game (had no idea that’s what it was called though). Do you think there’s any chance that we’ll get a fan translation now that CFW is widespread and Citra is making progress?

        • moreover

          I have no idea, tbh, Capcom is weird and it’s not the first time they skip spin-offs.

    • Reset Tears

      I played the first Ace Attorney and liked it all right (the characters are cute), but I have found titles like Zero Escape and Dangan Ronpa a lot more engrossing storywise. Much more plot driven.

      • infasis

        Danganronpa is actually what got me to buy it. There was so many people saying AA was far superior that I had to buy it, but the overall tone and everything was so vastly different that I think they did me disservice comparing the two so greatly. They might both be mystery/detective type games, but for me the comparisons seemed to pretty much end there.

        • Esura

          As someone who likes the AA series, Danganronpa just blows it out of the water completely in every aspect.

          • Infasis

            See that’s the opposite of what people told me, which I think is what led to much of my disappointment. It might have been fanboys saying that or something though. I can never seem to get away from the whole console war thing. Even when it’s in regards to games that don’t have any specific agreement that makes them exclusive to any certain hardware. It’s be nice if everything didn’t always turn into some stupid competition.
            (You can actually get video game systems damn cheap if you play your cards right and have patience too.)

    • Samantha Lienhard

      Many people (including me) consider the third game, Trials & Tribulations, to be the best in the series.

      What made the first game not-so-great for you? The humor? The characters? The overall plot?

      • MrTyrant

        I love Trial & Tribulations, but you know even if like Maya I cannot stand the magic underplot about possesed characters, magic and spirits. I dont like that, since I love investigation stuff I would also love logical conclussions that doesnt need magic to explain things, thats why Miles Investigation will always have a place for me. The “final case” of the second game was great, you were fighting and defending a criminal.

    • Uncle Stoopnixie

      The characters get crazier and crazier as the serie progress, and it’s fantastic.

      Eccentric and crazy characters is what makes Ace Attorney so good.

    • MrTyrant

      No. The original trilogy was better than Dual Destiny and PW4 yet I consider the latter the worst entry, I dont hate it tho because its a good game regardless, Dual Destiny was like the return of the classic formula so I expect this one to be better.

    • DesmaX

      2 is worse than the first (But it does have a fantastic last chapter)
      3 is the best one.

      Series gets worse from there

  • Fooey

    I heard these games usually get digital only releases. This baffles me because while I’ve never played this series, I hear about it all the time so I assumed it was really popular.

    • Samantha Lienhard

      “Usually” is a bit of an exaggeration. The first four main-series games, the first spin-off, and the crossover are all available physically. The fifth game and the Trilogy collection for the 3DS (which contains the first three games, remastered) were released digital-only outside of Japan. (Japan still got physical releases.)

      It IS a niche series, though.

  • Mirikku

    So happy to see Maya! I was doubtful that she would return, but I’m glad I was proven wrong.

  • new_tradition

    Anime airs in April-May, game comes out in June~

    That said…I need an English release date ASAP

    I would like a physical release, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went digital again in the West. And I’m weak since this is one of my fave series, so I’ll still buy it. I hope they have better quality checkers for those grammatical errors though, heh~

    (or CAPCOM can be hella cool and have a double pack with a physical copy of AA5 and AA6 with all the DLC on cart and etc, haha hah aha lemme dream damn it)

    And if it’s DD, hopefully it’ll follow soon after the JPN release like AA5 managed to pull off.

    The costumes coming over wouldn’t surprise me, but we got the ones for AA5 for free for buying early, so it would be nice to see that again. Although only Phoenix’s is the one I want for that hilarious throw back. And if I can get eye-patch Apollo with save data, I would be soooooo happy, lol.

    (oh yeah, CAPCOM better not skip out on those short scenarios :X)

    Anyways, I like Maya, but I never fell into the super fan category for her. However it’s nice to see her again. I can kind of see some age added to her model. Although without that shawl thing she’s looks the same, lol

    Super curious how the game will unfurl. Luckily I’ve never been spoiled before playing any of the AA games, and I wanna keep that up for AA6.

    Random: I would love Mia cameo :V

  • mesul6anme

    AA6 comes out June 9, 69 KappaPride

  • Kobracon