Street Fighter V ‘Ryu,’ ‘Cammy,’ and ‘R. Mika’ character introduction trailers
posted on 02.14.16 at 08:32 AM EDT by (@salromano)
The World Warrior, the Killer Bee, and the pro wrestler.

Street Fighter V

The latest Street Fighter V character trailers introduces Ryu, Cammy, and R. Mika.

If you missed it, previous character trailers introduced Rashid, M. Bison, Laura, Vega, Karin, F.A.N.G., Charlie Nash, Zangief, Necalli, and Ken.

Street Fighter V will have 16 playable characters when it launches on February 16. Six additional characters will be added to the game throughout 2016.

Watch Ryu, Cammy, and R. Mika’s introduction trailers below.



R. Mika

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  • The Silent Hours

    More like aRse. Mika. Check out that caboose.

    • Duo Trio Dio

      Can’t, Capcom censored it.

      • Zatekuyo

        More like camera angled it, i wouldn’t call it an actual censor.

        And i’ve seen this before they did it, and i guess that they camera angled over on when she activates v-skill knowing that they’ve seen enough.

        Then again, i’m quite sure.

  • James Reilly

    Why did they still leave the sound of the slap if they are trying to fool viewers that it didn’t happen? Or even leave the slap animation all together?

    • Infinity

      You think Capcom is going to bother with making an whole different animation for one character scene? They go by the principles of less work the better.

  • –ZERO–

    Oh lawd dat thick goddess R.Mika

    • Phyllis Yetter

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      • –ZERO–

        Don’t you dare reply to me filithy spam

  • Zancrow

    Nadeshi K. O. out of nowhere!

    • gulabjamal

      HAHAHHAHA Best Comment!!!!

  • SuperLuigi
  • Chestnut Bowl

    Love me some R. Mika. Her English voice isn’t bad, but I prefer her Japanese voice. It’s lacking the bombast that Junko Takeuchi put into the role.

    I’m still impressed that this is getting a Linux version. I really hope it does well enough on that platform. Shoot, I want to install Linux just to support more ports.

    • 若いファックボーイ

      Junko Takeuchi isn’t voicing mika this time.

      • Chestnut Bowl

        Oh, you’re right! Sounds a lot like her.

  • DavidCage

    Dat ass…