One Piece: Burning Blood adds Blackbeard, story trailer
posted on 02.22.16 at 06:14 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Relive the Marineford arc from multiple perspectives.

One Piece: Burning Blood

Marshall D. Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard, will be a playable character in One Piece: Burning Blood, Bandai Namco announced.

The company also released a trailer introducing the game’s story. In One Piece: Burning Blood‘ Marineford Arc Story mode, players can relive the Marineford arc from multiple perspectives.

One Piece: Burning Blood is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita on May 31 in North America and June 3 in Europe. A PC version will also be released in June.

Watch the footage below. View screenshots of Blackbeard at the gallery.

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  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Awesome trailer!!! I missed Garp, btw….

  • M’Buma

    Another game covering the Marineford arc… So boring…

    • nekogenesis

      i doubt that’s the only arc they’re covering least it shouldn’t be what with new world charas in the game as well

      • Richard

        Actually, Spike has already confirmed that the games story mode will only cover the Marineford arc.

        • Arnold

          Pretty sure it’s Marineford and Dressrossa. Unless I missed something.

          • Richard

            I’ve seen a interview were Spike themselves state that it’s only Marineford. I believe I read an article about it as well.

            • KidKojack

              Unless you have a link that confirms that, we’ll just chalk that up as baseless speculation.

              • Richard

                My bad, I just tried looking up the video (couldn’t find it) but I did see other videos talking about it. They said Marineford is the only arc confirmed as of right now, so we should hopefully be getting news on other arcs soon. I just hope they aren’t dlc.

        • Zancrow

          That would be retarded. 60 bucks for one story arc? Yeah, no.

          I really doubt it, though.

        • nekogenesis

          seriously? that’s lame when’d that happen?

          • Richard

            Sorry my bad. It’s was actually just Marineford is the only arc confirmed so far, so hopefully we should get more. I’m just praying it’s not a Street Fighter 5 situation and Marineford is the only arc available at launch and we’ll get more arc’s down the line.

            • nekogenesis

              oh lol its ok i hope we do get more arcs then cause it would kind of suck if that was the only arc even if we could see it from 4 different perspectives

  • Gintoki313

    Amazing trailer! I feel like Blackbeard won’t be the last character. Maybe Shanks next? Just to end the Marineford arc with him against Akainu.

    • encogen

      Well, they haven’t formally introduced Buggy or Jesus, both of whom should be in, if I’m not mistaken.

      I know there’s no chance they’ll add Hina, but maybe Tashigi?

      Aw, screw that, just add Ivankov and we’re good.

  • refrain

    They told the entire story mode in that trailer

    • Rhondajdickerson2

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  • uchihalordxX

    Should have introduced shank as a playable character there as well.

  • Dav Dabz

    Coby’s face though XD

  • Kiera

    Great Trailer, I want it so bad :D

    Buut as far as I know thats the Marineford Mode and not the Storymode.

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  • SirDoucheOfTheSunCovenant

    Been wondering when they’ll add him Black bread is a must

    • Dav Dabz

      I don’t think black bread is good for your health.

      • Thomas Kolev

        Why? It’s healthier than white bread.

        • Dav Dabz

          Is Brown bread not healthier than black bread?

          • Thomas Kolev

            Well, everything is healthier than white bread.

            • Dav Dabz

              That is true. Enjoy your black bread amigo

              • Thomas Kolev

                I hate black bread.

  • Learii

    no CP9 too bad

    • Thomas Kolev

      Not yet anyway.

      • Learii

        we see then

  • Lifestreamer

    Trailer got me mad hyped, but there’s a severe lack of Garp.

  • Gojira Twit

    lol that was practically the entire arc condensed into 4 minutes