Disgaea PC launches February 24, limited physical version announced
posted on 02.01.16 at 07:54 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Pre-orders now available on the NIS America Online Store.

Disgaea PC

Disgaea PC will launch via Steam on February 24, NIS America announced.

In addition to the Steam release, limited physical edition will also be available via the NIS America Online Store. It includes a digital copy of the game, collector’s box, original soundtrack (32 tracks), and 44-page art book.

The PC version of Disgaea has an updated user interface and textures, keyboard / mouse and controller support, all the content from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, and new Steam features including Achievements, Cloud Saves, Badges, and Trading Cards.

Watch a new trailer below.

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  • Zackasaur

    Kudos on the physical edition!

    That said, I wouldn’t personally go back to Disgaea 1… The sequels have spoiled me, and now 5 is even out.

    • kcz7

      But it’s only a digital copy/code of the game. I don’t understand why you’re not pissed about that. From our convos, I know you like physical games & merchandise.

      • Zackasaur

        Oh, true, I DO hate that.

        PC is almost a lost cause on physical game rights, though. v_v

        • kcz7

          I hurt for ya homie. I saw “physical edition” and was like oh Zack is gon’ be happy…. then I read some more and was like dayum it(!) my bad Zack.

          • Zackasaur


  • PSI Wind

    Well, I /WAS/ going to buy the game on a Steam sale, but just like Senran Kagura, it’s only $10 more if I get this, so $10 for an artbook and CD? Nice.

  • Casey

    Just bought that physical edition. I gotta have that for my shelf. More pc games could use this kind of treatment!

  • Richard Miller


  • Infasis

    Damn, there’s always so many games that I want the LE goods for but not the version of the game that comes with it. This does seem like a really weird choice for a game to port to PC though too. I imagine most of the people who wanted to play it would’ve just emulated it by this point.

    • Vashe

      No, if you’ve read steam forums, you’d know Disgaea is on the top list (with FF9, FF10 & Tales of Vesperia) when “asking for new ports”. I preordered it to support because I’ve actually never played it before

  • ManagedCorn

    holy crap, a physical personal computer video game.

    • Geebun

      “It includes a digital copy of the game” so not really.

      • ManagedCorn

        rest in piece, physical computer video games.

      • Vashe

        Why are people so mad about the physical release with steam code for PC ? Don’t you know it’s been like that for YEARS ? Anyway you need to add the game to steam to play it (even with physical discs like CoD modern warfare 2). So what’s the problem ? You can’t launch a game without signing in like on consoles… so a disc is totally useless. I can understand why some people want physical discs for console but for PC it’s useless because you wouldn’t be able to sell it anyway. It’s the same for GoG, you have to link the game to your GoG account anyway.

        • Some guy

          So what you’re saying is that PC is hostage of shitty DRM everywhere and there’s nothing we can do to save it.
          I agree.

          • The Fabulous Wombat

            Steam is hardly a shitty DRM, though, it actually provides plenty of perks benificial to the end user (from ease of use, to money savings, integrated modding, etc.), and it isn’t there just to prevent piracy and make the user’s life harder.

            • Geebun

              The fact that Steam has a lot of positive doesn’t stop the shitty DRM from existing. It’s still there and DRM is NEVER for the users.

              • Vashe

                I have too many games, it it wasn’t on a single platform (Steam), I’d probably forget a lot of them. Seriously, how could you manage a physical library of hundred of games ? (some people have thousands of games) Please, think before saying that it’s shit. I don’t mind having to log in to play a game I own, what’s the problem with that ? You can even login offline.

                • Geebun

                  All hail the pcmasterrace, glory to lord gaben…or not

                  Listen, I like steam but doing good things doesn’t make the DRM any less shitty. Let’s just ignore the fact that we don’t own any of the games we buy on steam, the abuse to early access and greenlight, the lack of quality control on those services and shitty costumer service. It has LISTS! LISTS I TELL YOU!

                  “Seriously, how could you manage a physical library of hundred of games ?”

                  There’s this thing called a folder(or a shelf for physical releases) that can easily do that.

                  • Vashe

                    Not everyone lives in a big house. My space is limited and it would be impossible to stock all my 500~ games physically. A folder ? 500 games won’t fit on a single 2tb HDD (or smaller SSD).

                    I’ve never bought anything in early acces or bothered with greenlight (the indie fever is passed, 90% of greenlighted project are crap).

                    What about lists, huh ?

                  • shanginongu

                    You don’t own anything physical either as the TOS of every product and software say that you don’t own anything and you practically just bought the right to use the product whether physical or digital by buying said copy of that product/software.

          • Vashe

            I don’t believe that Valve is some evil organization that will stop us from playing our games in the future. And there are so many games coming out every month that I hardly finish a game more than 1 or 2 times anyway…

            I’ve lost almost all my old MS DOS/Windows95-XP “physical” copies (or they are unreadable) but my really old CS 1.6 game is still on my steam library…

        • Geebun

          Are you talking about me? I’m not mad at all, just pointing out facts. Also, there are still some DRM free games in some limited physical releases, indie releases and plenty of games from humble store/gog.

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    • An Tran

      Not really physical, unless it’s a code for Good Old Games.

  • Traingham

    If only they had replaced all of the low resolution sprites with the new HD ones, I would have had more of an incentive to purchase this, but I suppose that would have been a grand undertaking.

  • The_Kingdom51

    I should really start on this series.

  • Zeria

    OK, now I REALLY hope they do an equivalent PS4 release

  • The Fabulous Wombat

    Danganronpa, Disgaea, Tales of Symhona and the new XCom….Not a bad february line up for Steam, not bad at all.

  • Lara Croft

    Alright this is more like it. It maybe only available through their online store. But its a physical release of japanese game on the PC :)

  • Cyberjin

    what? the physical edition doesn’t have a physical copy of the game? lol

  • crazyhunter

    A bunch of nothing since the gamen is digital