Dead Island: Retro Revenge rated in Australia
posted on 02.11.16 at 08:33 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Another new Dead Island title on the way?

Dead Island

The Australian Classification Board has rated something called Dead Island: Retro Revenge.

The game is listed as multiplatform, published by Koch Media (Deep Silver), and developed by Empty Clip Studios, the company that made Groovin’ Blocks, Symphony, and the engine and tech for Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.

The only announced Dead Island title currently in production is Dead Island 2.

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  • VBShinra

    What happend to Dead island 2???

    • Skerj

      Yeah I was about to say the same thing.

    • landlock

      Obviously they’ve had problems with Dead Island 2. This is a stop-gap while they try and sort it out.

    • UMR-10

      Yager dropped from developing the game and it was moved to another unnamed developer.

      It’s pretty much cancelled at this point.

      The E3 trailer looked pretty dope though.

    • DavidCage

      I think Deep Silver want to make Dead Island 2 look like Dying Light,but Yager disagree..and then slowy cancelled

    • Limbless


    • Jason Mounce

      I think they imagined that what they’d do would just be a ‘Dying Light Clone’, thus it was irrelevant, a Dying Light 2 would make more sense. Dead Island was an incredibly flawed game I could barely enjoy, but the gameplay/parkour and combat system in Dying Light is what Dead Island should have always been.

      Dead Island 2 would have to compete with a game series that, technically is its spiritual successor, and likely fail. Just sounds weird thinking about it like that, but I don’t blame it dying off. Focusing on Dying Light makes more sense, the world of Dead Island was also, very boring and one-dimensional.