Street Fighter V PS4 models announced for Japan
posted on 01.20.16 at 09:58 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Four models available alongside the game.

Street Fighter V PS4 models

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has announced a series of Street Fighter V PlayStation 4 models for Japan.

Due out on February 18 alongside the game, the following four models will be available for 37,480 yen each:

  • PS4 Street Fighter V Edition
  • PS4 Street Fighter V Chun-Li and Lara Edition
  • PS4 Street Fighter V Ryu Edition
  • PS4 Street Fighter V Ryu and Necalli Edition

Each model includes a Yusuke Murata-illustrated Street Fighter V custom PlayStation 4 theme.

Street Fighter V PS4 models

It also includes an original sleeve.

Street Fighter V PS4 models

The Street Fighter V game is not included with the special edition models.

Pre-orders are available at the Sony Store.

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  • UMR-10

    They look awesome.

  • Bonn Bo

    im not even getting SFV and i want this

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    “The Street Fighter V is not included with the special edition models.” Yet another special edition console without the game? This is a really stupid trend, I hope it doesn’t continue.

    • Budgiecat

      you’re just paying for faceplates

      • kool

        Ikr I was bummed for not getting a white ps4, but custom faceplates and skins offer way more styles.

  • PrinceHeir


  • Elle

    Do people actually buy these Sony store exclusives?

    • percentaged

      They keep making it so there must be at least some of them.

  • Skerj

    About time, but a serious dropped combo by not including the game, only putting it on the Sony Store, and not making it worldwide. I’d actually get one for my main PS4.

  • MTK

    If I didn’t have a ps4 I would if gotten the chun-li and lara one. I want the game 1st day but I’m such a cheap person.

  • DavidCage

    I want the black one…

  • firesonicz

    Why do they leave the bottom side blank? They could do a lot more with the design if they used that space.

    • percentaged

      The sleeve tho

    • badmoogle

      Because they are cheap?I really have no idea i only know that these look like nothing special at all.

      I miss the designs on PS3 special models.

    • kool

      Because it pops off they can just order one part and snap it on. You can do the same Amazon offers a shit load of faceplates for the ps4 u can prolly find this one too

      • firesonicz

        Omg, i literally had no idea

  • kinv

    i’ll get SFV + Laura picture only.

  • percentaged

    The sleeve god jesus,dat sweet sleeve.

    The hunger for another meaningless purchase is eating me inside out.

  • gulabjamal

    Umm that Chun-liS4 is EVERYTHING.


    I like that art. Inspired.

  • noah

    Sorry , I’m going with the PC version this time , especially since the title is cross play between PS4 and PC.

    Pre orders on PC are 43$ right now

  • Zackasaur

    Very cool! This should do really well on PS4. c:

    I like that they have four choices.