Sega teases Valkyria Chronicles Remaster western release
posted on 01.20.16 at 06:03 PM EDT by (@salromano)
"Tune in next week to find out more."

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

Sega of Europe is teasing a western release for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster on PlayStation 4.

In its “PC Gamer Weekender 2016” video posted today, Sega’s Dan Sheridan says, “A trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster on PlayStation 4 was recently released. But what does this mean for us? Will we see it in the west? Tune in next week to find out more. Ha ha ha!”

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 10. It will include a battle demo for the new Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

Watch the video below.

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  • JonathanisPrimus
    • Sal Romano

      Xtralife listings aren’t really anything to go by. =P

  • Zackasaur

    As long as it’s released physically, count me in!

    • Some guy

      As long as the price is not ridiculous, count me in.
      Same price as Gravity rush remaster would be perfect.

  • Mike

    :D I missed this game last gen, looking forward to picking it up for PS4.

  • Heldronus

    Does the remaster have anything over the PC version of the game?

    • Lokoline

      It looks better and comes with a Valkyria: Azure Revolution demo.

      • Rohan

        “looks better”, I honestly doubt that, besides a higher resolution I hardly see anything different between the ps3 and ps4 version. We already got the remaster through the PC version that allowed us to run the game in 1080.

      • Johnathan Rodriguez

        Does it? I was under the impression that the Steam version could run at higher resolutions and fps. Don’t see how PS4 could go above 1080 and 60fps.

        • Lokoline
          • Johnathan Rodriguez

            So only the cutscenes look better?

            • Lokoline


          • NegativeZero

            The PC version has no restrictions on framerate or resolution. With good hardware you can get it running at >100fps at 4k resolution. PS4 can’t compete with that.

            The only thing improved with the PS4 remaster is the cutscenes. The PC release used the PS3 cutscenes as-is.

            • Some guy

              Playing turn based RPG or anything slow game >100fps is just pointless
              4k is pretty neat though, shame I don’t have 4k $ to buy a 4k screen

              • NegativeZero

                Except that VC isn’t really turn-based. And it’s a very pretty game so at higher resolutions it looks amazing.

                The benefit of being able to render at high resolutions is you can then downsample the frame to the size of your monitor and it’ll look far better than rendering it at that resolution directly.

                • Some guy

                  Oh right, forgot about downsampling. Yea it would look better, can’t argue with that.
                  My point was that VC isn’t exactly fast, I’d understand 100fps for F-zero and quake, where everything moving super fast but VC is far, really far from getting near fast enough to need that kind of framerate

              • Luna Kazemaru

                I was woundering when the PC downplay army would show up right on time

            • Lokoline

              I’m talking about graphics, not about resolution and fps.

        • Cavern

          It is possible this could be better. A remaster can imply they did more than just upping the resolution and fps. They might of completely redone some parts.

          • Johnathan Rodriguez

            Isn’t that usually a ‘remake’? I looked into the steam port more and it goes beyond 1080p and well into 120fps, minus the cutscenes which still use the PS3 scenes. So apart from that, I don’t see much of a difference here. Would love to be Wrong.

      • Heldronus

        I’ve seen the trailers. It doesn’t look better than the PC version.

    • Richard Miller

      Other than a demo I would say no.

  • Wolf Star

    I’m all in for it. Whenever it comes out.

  • Jack

    I remember playing this game a few years ago and it was a fantastic game. It was like Playstation’s version of Fire Emblem and dare I say a bit better. If the remaster gets a western release and be it physical then I am all in.

  • Klaudkil


  • MegaRay

    Next week, Sega will announce that the game WONT come to NA/EU. Because Sega.

    • Sevyne

      They’ll announce a new anime for it coming west, but not the game.

      • MegaRay

        And then they cancel the dub, and just release the anime subbed only. I wouldnt be shocked if that happened.

  • Sunny11
    • Tetsu

      Your picture just looks like petri dishes on a catfish surrounded by diamonds.

    • Raphael Cuyugan

      Ika Musume agrees!

  • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

    Gimme this and III on PS4/Vita, and all will be good

    • Richard Miller

      They should bring 2 and 3 to PC and PS4 also.

  • Dont-leave-us-Atlus

    In that case sega ill tease you that ill buy this if you let me

  • XrosBlader821

    Hey Sega!
    Phantasy Star Nova when?

    • Darak

      never, because sadly they fucking suck.

    • Elvick

      Right after Shining Resonance… (so never)

  • tokyobassist

    Don’t you dare make it a digital only release at full price.

  • NegativeZero

    Of course they will. It’s just a port of the PC version. Why would they not release it? They’ve done the localization and everything already.

    Almost guaranteed to be digital-only though.

    • Sal Romano

      Damn it, stop being so negative!

      • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

        well his name is Negative lol

  • PuppetMaster

    Don’t forget Azure Revolution! :(

    • Sal Romano

      I’m hoping that they’ll announce both at once like they did for Japan. I don’t wanna play the wait and see game. =/

      • PuppetMaster

        Agreed with you Sal. With how PS4 doing great in the west, i think Sega shouldn’t hesitate with Azure Revolution localization.

        • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

          Sega’s dumb…they won’t even bring PSO2 to the PS4 so I doubt they’ll bring Azure Revolution.

          only reason why they’re bringing the remaster is because it sold so well on steam.

          • PuppetMaster

            PS3 ver sold more than steam.

            • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

              yeah I’m sure it did. I’m just bringing up the Steam version because the sales surprised em.

              • PuppetMaster

                Like you said, Sega just dumb. They completely don’t understand why Valkyria Chronicles became a cult hit among PS3 gamers. Heck, lots of PS3 gamers request for VC collection / VC3 localization for years through building the list but Sega just playing deaf ears. And when an amazing games like VC got port to steam with cheap price, obviously it well sell well.

                PS3 gamers also one of the reason why it sell well on steam. I saw lots of PC gamers asking PS3 gamers for Valkyria Chronicles on gaming forum and i, among other PS3 gamers, gave positive answers because it is an amazing games.

                • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

                  They don’t understand what a jewel they have…and for that I feel extremely bad for them.

                  Oh well….can’t be helped. I’ll keep asking for these games to be released but whats the point if they don’t care? :(

            • Richard Miller

              It still sold really well on steam for an old game. Just imagine how well Azure Revolution will sell on steam. That’s why I know Azure Revolution will come to the west.

              • PuppetMaster

                “It still sold really well on steam for an old game”

                Tell me about it. It got cheaper price tag (20 bucks) compare to the 1st time release on PS3 with full price. It also got bargain bin sale for 5 bucks. If the game not sell well with that price then i say PC gamers are a cheap bastards.

                Still, i don’t think Steam is the reason why Sega teasing VC remaster localization for PS4, especially when PS gamers were asking for VC remaster and VC3 localization for years.

                • Richard Miller

                  I think the success of VC on PC was a big reason of bringing back the series. It just goes to show that money can change even a stubborn company like sega minds. Now if only the same can happen for Jet set radio. And I’m a proud cheap bastard by the way. ;)

                  • PuppetMaster

                    Nah, i only count as one of the reason from many factors.

  • MTK

    Awesome I only played the demo, but never got it because of a stupid reason of a feature. Sega I’m still waiting on that shining resonance localization.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Shining series won’t be localized, they had missed too much

  • Dammage

    Wish the addded more to this so I would have incentive to buy it when I have the PS3 version

    • Keletor

      TROPHIES!!! There is your incentive.

      • Dammage

        Oh goody, I can brag about my internet dick more if I have more trophies

        • Keletor

          Well, if it weren’t for an internet dick, I would practically have none at all…

  • Zero

    This would be nice, but I still hate you Sega. It still hurts to say that, I loved Sega growing up. The Dreamcast is still one of my all time favorite consoles. Sega has just went so far south in the last 10 years though, while they have done okay in Japan, it’s the western branches I’m primarily upset with. I can’t forgive Sega in Japan for that either, because they could give a shit and fix this garbage. Instead, they just cry and beg Sony or someone else to give the western fans a cookie every so often.

    • gulabjamal

      This comment must be a violation of some rule of another. I can feel it :p

      • Unretributed

        Can Zero ban himself?? 0.0

        • Zero

          I suppose I could, lol.

          • Unretributed

            You should

            • Zero

              If I’m going to ban me I’ll just retire, lol.

      • Zero

        I don’t rant much but it’s the hard/ugly truth.

    • Phillip Campana

      I want to believe Sega is turning around after that comment about betrayal. But they definitely need to show it first. Would be nice, considering how well Bandai, Capcom, and Square have changed for the better this generation.

      • Unretributed

        Agreed good sir.

    • Budgiecat

      I know this triggers Corn but……Sega died in 2003

      Sammy took over, and like Konami did to Hudson: they dissolved the majority of the company a year later aside from Sonic Team, whatever was left of AM2, and Toshihiro Nagoshi (who would later on make the Yakuza games)
      Sega originally wanted to merge with Namco after the fall of the Dreamcast but the talks fell through.
      Sammy kept pursuing them despite them telling them numerous times they werent interested, then finally they ‘pretty much acquired them’ and most of the top heads of Sega quit the following week.

      Sammy was never consumer friendly so that business mentality unfortunately permeated into “Sega”‘s workload.

      Only recently after the acquiring of Atlus, and viewing how they deal with consumers, as well as the declining success of Pachislot/Pachinko due to new stricter Government regulations, has Sega finally fessed up and tried to ‘change their tune’ by apologizing to the public and promising to change their focus in the future but that remains to be seen…

    • Elle

      Seriously. The majority of my game collection used to have SEGA on the bottom corner

      • Eric Taylor

        The amount of dormant IP and Sega’s unwillingness to utilize them is mind boggling.

        • Keletor

          Phantasy Star proper (not online), Shining Force, Shinobi, Alexx Kidd, yeah, a lot of great properties gone to waste.

    • kiri25

      Well at least they are not as bad as Konami. I can nvr forgive Konami for letting such great iP’s die like Suikoden or Silent Hills. Tho hopefully with Atlus now apart of Sega things might change a little as Atlus does have pretty nice following in the west.

  • PrinceHeir

    Let’s go Sega!

  • DesmaX

    As long as it’s not more expensive as the PC version

    • Elle

      It will be

  • Traingham

    No, SEGA, this does not count!

    Give us Azure Revolution and then we’ll see what your plot is. Then we’ll see!

  • –ZERO–

    Hey…Sega…when will Sonic be good again?

    • XrosBlader821
    • Unretributed

      15 years ago

      • Elvick


        Ya’ll chili dogs and your hyperbole.

        • Unretributed


          The game built on games from when the series was good. After generations of the series went back to business as usual, dog shit quality, rushed shovelware.

          • Elvick

            A modern game that melds 2D and 3D Sonic gameplay perfectly.

            What Sega did after is irrelevant. Generations wasn’t 15 years ago. In fact, Generations gameplay shits on the Adventure games that were 15 and change years ago. I don’t know when the last time you played either Adventure, but they have aged horrendously.

            Sonic sucked after Generations because they for no reason shifted away from a perfect formula and tried new shit. Not because “Sonic sucks”, but because Sega is retarded. They find something that works, then they throw it in the garbage to do something “new” and it goes to shit again. And the process repeats. That is the real Sonic cycle. Not that every Sonic game sucks, but that when they don’t, Sega is sure to throw what works out the window and add some gimmick and ruin it again. And then eventually make good games again, and repeat.

            • Unretributed

              Do you have to be so anal about everything?

            • Unretributed

              I play Adventure 2 often, plays fine to me.

              Meanwhile in Generations:

              – “hold down the button to move really fast in one direction modern Sonic gameplay” you don’t actually have to use your brain until it shifts to 2D

              – no multiplayer

              – no mini games

              – Sonic’s voice actor (I’d rather that cheesy voice acting from the Adventure games over that “totally rad bro dude!” guy that they have playing him since Colors)

              – Generations has Silver in it

              – zero post game replayability and super easy to find collectibles. You can be 100% done with everything in the game and have the platinum trophy within 3 hours if you wanted to.

              Adventure >>> Generations. No contest

              I’d still play Generations 2 though

    • Richard Miller

      Never as far as they are concerned.

    • CyberWolf

      When the invent either:
      A: A SONIC mmorpg or
      B: A Sonic themed fps….

    • CyberWolf

      Hedgehog Speed Rising: GOTAGOFASTGANCE

  • Aluja

    Eh….I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna buy it a third time.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    I’ll consider buying it. Of course it will tribute toward the localization of Azure.

  • LordKaiser

    Physical = Buy day 1.
    Digital = When it’s $20 USD or less.

    • Sneeze

      Physical=Pre-order on the day of the announce
      Digital= maybe in ten-twenty years from now…

    • Elle


      Especially since I have the ps3 version.

    • kiri25

      Digital only = Day 1 buy to support a series I love
      Physical and Digital = Day 1 buy to support a series I love

      Could care less wether its Digital or Physical as i purchase games to play not display on a shelf. Tho if you are a collector of games then i understand why physical is so important.

      However if you just want to play the game shouldnt matter if its physical or digital in my opinion but we all have different opinions and thats cool XD, but i do hate to see ppl missing out on some great games like Yakuza 5 just b/c its digital only.

      • Elvick

        Store servers won’t be alive forever.

      • antithesis

        There are way too many games coming out these days. Can’t afford to buy them all.

        It’s not even just collecting, it’s the ability to lend, sell, trade, and actually owning the game. If I can do those thing, then by default, the game should be valued far less.

        Anyway, I’ve got the game for PS3, and PC. If it’s not physical on PS4, I can wait until it’s under $20.

        • kiri25

          The selling of digital games could be done but i’d say it be rather tricky. As for lending games last i checked thats very much so possible with digital so long as you trust the ppl you lend to. You just have to give them access to ur psn account they then download and return to there main account and play.

          When ur rdy to let someone else play u just delete friends PS4 from your active accounts and then have ur new friend repeat the process. Its actually better this way as you actually get to lend out ur game and still keep it to play solo or multiplayer with friend if u wish. I did this with a few games bk on PS3 with my brother.

          As for owning i have all games safely backed up on an external HDD so ifmy PS4 crashed and psn went down at the sametime i could easily restore all games i have downloaded. Tho it does take time to backup and restore but its worth it.

          All in all both digital and physical have there positives and negatives but i can say i’ve nvr felt as though i dont actually own the digital games i purchased b/c i have safely backed up.

          • antithesis

            I don’t count account sharing as a solution. That requires sharing password, and only up to one other person sharing at a time. I’ve lent out more games than that at a time.

            It’s also inconvenient and doesn’t help if I plan to go over to a friend’s house to play on their ps4. With physical, I just grab the game and go. Don’t even have to bother with logging in and downloading.

            • kiri25

              Its a solution but its a different type of sharing. It was extremely nice bk when it was 5 PS3’s but its does show that sharing digital is not impossible. Tho its as i’ve said both have their positives and negatives. I personally own 75+ PS3 titles physical and 65+ digital so i enjoy both medium, but i personally love digital for imports as i can get the day it releases in Japan and its cheaper than importing a physical copy.

              • Elvick

                Game sharing is against the ToS of PSN and is a bannable offense.

                • kiri25

                  Bannable but not enforced as i’m not aware of a single person being banned for such, tho not saying its not happen.

                  • Elvick

                    I’ve seen people talk about being banned for that exact reason. So it happens.

              • antithesis

                It’s a work around not so much as a solution. The terms clearly states that the accounts aren’t to be shared. This is more of a case of Sony turning a blind eye. The biggest reason why it dropped from 5 to 2 is because publishers weren’t happy with Sony turning the blind eye.

                Yes, both have their pros and cons, but I say the con for digital greatly outweighs the positive. That’s why I would never pay full price for digital, and wait until it’s under $15 normally. Does it have it’s place? Sure, but not at the price publishers are asking for.

                • kiri25

                  I’m aware why the 5 went to 2 systems, but to my knowledge i’ve yet to purchase a digital game that requires online access to verfy anything unless its a PS plus free title which is basically no more than a rental that expires with ur psplus sub. Of course the same can be done with physical as well MS wanted to have the XB1 online 24/7 to check games and in some ways MS has used that feature for its BC as the system must be online to register the 360 discs as its not true BC.

                  Ofc as of to date purchased titles have no such exp. date meaning no need to connect to online. However its not to say that maybe some games do require an online check but i’ve yet to exp. such.

                  • antithesis

                    If you ever restore your games to another PS4, you need to connect online to restore the license. If you restore to an already set Primary PS4, then you won’t need to connect.

                    • kiri25

                      Good to know i’ve not had to replace my PS4 but PS3 i know no online connection is required as i restored all games to my new ps3 while i had no internet and had no issue playing my games. PS4 is ofc a new system so things im guessing have changed so ty for the info XD

                      Also enjoyed our conversation so thank you

        • Richard Miller

          Why would you buy the same game three times?

          • Keletor


  • Kaisen

    i already have the game…should have just remastered 2 and 3… :/

    • ShinjiOda

      And I don’t.
      Guess I’ll make up for your sale. Good move Sega.

      • Kaisen

        And they could have made a better move bringing those. 2 games to home consoles.

  • Eric Taylor

    Think I’ll sync the old PS4 DS4 to my PS3 and play it that way. Lose out on resolution and rumble but save $$. Never finished it and now this rerelease has stoked the fires so to speak

  • Phillip Campana

    Hopefully it gets a physical release and the demo.

  • Elvick

    It’ll likely be digital only and kill my soul. If it’s physical I’ll buy it day one. VC was one of the first PS3 games I bought when I got the thing… in fact I think I got it with my PS3 at Christmas… hm.

    • NotCarolKaye

      If it’s digital only I’m gonna kick everybody at Sega of America square in the taint. Mark my words goddammit!!

    • Keletor

      I only have two bad things to say about VC on the PS3. 1 was if I sat down I would play for several hours (it was just that good). 2 was no trophies. If SEGA had released it on the XB360 it would have been a commercial success due to the PS3 always trailing the XB360 in that gen.

  • Richard Miller

    No reason why not to bring it to the west.

  • Kaitokid1412

    If so it’ll make day so great

  • OreoPoptart

    I can’t wait. just give us the release date

  • Suzomaki

    Since I didn’t play it on the PS3

    • TheNinjaArmy

      Shinji was waiting for this moment too

  • YamRyu

    I don’t have a PS3 or PS4 and my PC can’t handle this game so I guess I’m screwed in trying to play it. I hope they at least remaster Valkyria Chronicles 2 for the Vita and release it in EU and NA.