Rumor: Paper Mario Wii U game in development
posted on 01.22.16 at 07:24 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Five sources reportedly corroborated the rumor.

Paper Mario

A Paper Mario game is in development for Wii U, according to sources of journalist Emily Rogers, Unseen64‘s Liam Robertson, and freelance writer Imran Khan.

The trio reportedly have five sources that corroborate the rumor.

Information first came via a series of Twitter updates from Rogers.

“So me, [Liam Robertson], and [Imran Khan] will share a rumor next week regarding an unannounced Wii U game,” Rogers said. “We have about 4-5 sources that this unannounced Wii U game exists. And a lot of evidence behind it. For the record, this Wii U game is published by Nintendo. It’s not a third party game.”

Later on, Rogers tweeted, “We decided instead of making you guys wait till Monday, I’ll just post everything here on Twitter.”

She continued, “5 sources told us a new Paper Mario will be announced this year for Wii U. Developed by Intelligent Systems. The game is currently being localized and tested.”

Stay tuned.

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  • Daniel Rossevelt

    What a disappointment, if it was Mario could’ve at least been a new 3d Mario like 64 or sunshine.

    • yellowmage

      They confirmed after the release of SM3DW that that wouldn’t be making another 3D Mario game for the Wii U.

      • Daniel Rossevelt

        ¯_(ツ)_/¯ well I didn’t hear that. Besides I gotta keep believing they will give us another game like those two, can’t give up the dream :P

        • yellowmage

          I’m sure the next one will be a launch game for the NX.

    • kthanxyousuck

      One 3D mario per gen. Those the rules.

      • UMR-10

        Well, the Wii actually got two :p

        • Zatekuyo

          Yeah only it has a sequel which for me serves no points to compared to how i beat super mario galaxy.

        • kthanxyousuck

          Well that was the odd man out. And it made up for DS never getting it’s own 3D mario.

      • Daniel Rossevelt

        But the wii had 2…

        • Bebop

          what was the second paper mario game? i only remember super paper mario( which i loved)

          • Daniel Rossevelt

            Oh I dunno, I was talking about Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. I don’t know about paper Mario, I only played the GameCube one.

      • Tetsu

        I don’t see a mainline 3D Mario game for Wii U.
        What are you on?
        3D World is not a mainline game.

  • MasterScrub

    I’m not getting excited until I see gameplay.

  • Yuntu

    I fear it might just be filler content till the NX is out, similiar to the Mario Tennis or Amiibo Festival – those just felt like some “cheap” stuff they put out to have atleast some new games while they prepare the new console.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    I dont know how to feel about this ? wouldn’t it be smarter to wait for Nintendo x, no offense but the wii u has already failed

    • Sunny11

      These games are easy and quick to churn out and milk, this is nothing

  • Yolkghost

    Kind of disappointed this is what their insider info ended up being – wasn’t there news on a possible paper mario wii u a while back before paper jam? (in fact it was cited as being made by intelligent systems?)

  • prinnywin

    Paper Filler.

  • Vfanatic

    I’ll only care if it’s Thousand Year Door 2.

  • KiddyCorky

    I wonder. Can you make it be any worse than Sticker Star? The game was nice but it was killed by the complete battle mechanic overhaul.

    • UMR-10

      The game needs to return to its roots. Super Paper Mario was good but it wasn’t a “real” Paper Mario game combat wise.

      • Zatekuyo

        And it’s lacking 3D perspective big time.

  • Bebop

    i absolutely loved paper mario on the Wii, with the 3d/ 2d mechanics…very very dope game…I would rather have a new Luigis mansion honestly…but oh well. I hope this turns out great like the wii one and surpasses it

  • UMR-10

    Interesting. It would have been a great launch title for NX though.

    • Zatekuyo

      Nah we both knew that Paper Mario really would have a proper paper rpg on Wii U, even though i haven’t beaten these two that i have no clue where else.

      I think Super Mario RPG 2 on NX would make up for that, sounds fair?

      • Awesomeguy1234

        Or on the wii u. We have no idea when the nx will release, so I would like one on the wii u. The more the merrier, right?

        • Zatekuyo

          Right, and i might feel like Wii U would seem like a better option for Super Mario RPG 2, so to speak.

    • kthanxyousuck

      Nintendo never really launches systems with their Mario franchises though do they? Look how late Kart, Smash and 3D World came.

      • Bruno Ricardo

        Super Mario 64, Luigi’s Mansion and New Super Mario Bros. U were all launch titles.

        • kthanxyousuck

          Well yeah 2D marios are a given. I meant mostly their RPG and 3D series.

          Dream Team came 2 years after 3DS launch. Galaxy and 3D World came a year after, TTYD was 3 years later. It’s sort of a weird thing to do though so I don’t get why they do it.

          • Bruno Ricardo

            Super Mario 64 IS 3D. In fact, it is the first 3D Mario.

      • UMR-10

        Well, Super Paper Mario was launched a few months after the Wii was released.

        But yeah, Kart, Smash and 3D World came late for Wii U.

      • Glittering Crux

        The Wii U launched with New Super Mario Bros. U, unless you mean the non-2D franchises.

    • Richard Miller

      With the NX coming out this year it would make more sense for this to be on the NX.

      • Awesomeguy1234

        The nx is coming next year. I am certain of it.

        • Richard Miller

          We will see but it really seems like it’s coming out this year which will be better for Nintendo.

          • Awesomeguy1234

            Not really. Releasing it this year will be the doom of nintendo. You forgot about the people who bought a wii u this year. 2017 release date is more fair, and more realistic.

            • TheMysticJira

              You’re implying no more people will be buying a Wii U in 2017

            • Richard Miller

              Not really as the Wii U has been nothing but a failure. If Nintendo continues to push that system which has no third party support and little first party support then they will be doomed. The NX coming out this year can breath life into the Nintendo brand with actual third party support and more first party games. But as I said we will have to wait and see but I believe all the rumors to be true and that the NX will come out later this year.

              • Awesomeguy1234

                Not really. Not only will gamers be confused because it is releasing so early, they will betray people who bought the wii u. The nx releasing next year would be much better.

                • Richard Miller

                  Wii U owners need to understand that the Wii U is not profitable for Nintendo and they need to accept that it will needs to be replaced.
                  Look at this:

                  • Awesomeguy1234

                    This still does not prove anything. Nintendo is still making money off of the wii u. It should be replaced next year.

                    • Richard Miller

                      Did you see the article that I linked? Because that article proves that the Wii U flopped hard.

                    • Awesomeguy1234

                      That article is a bit old my friend. The wii u is at 11.84 million units right now. Plus, releasing the nx now will only make a bigger flop. You are not getting my point

                    • Richard Miller

                      The article I linked is only 4 days old. How is that old? The point still stands that the Wii U flopped. The NX is Nintendo’s chance to succeed again.

    • James Robert Thompson

      It would be an awful choice for a launch title honestly. Paper Mario is loved, but it’s far from big or exciting enough to launch a console and drum up steam. It would make a fantastic 2 month in game, but they need big exciting titles like an open world Mario collect-a-thon, Zelda Wii U cross gen (there are enough non-Wii U owners for that to be a big deal), Pikmin 4 (since Pikmin seems to be Nintendo’s go to for graphical prowess now-a-days, if they can make it look like the Pikmin shorts in game play it’ll sell systems), Whatever Retro are cooking up etc.

      I love Paper Mario, but it’s not enough, and even trying to appeal to RPG crowds they’ll be getting Dragon Quest XI so early into the consoles life that it’ll be buried pretty quickly there. Being the swan song is a great idea to tide the Wii U owners over, especially as this is only IS’ second HD game (Pushmo World being the other), they need to practice before going onto an even more powerful machine.

  • ayanami-chan

    Hopefully it’s better than Sticker Star

  • Aluja

    Fuck you Mario! I’m sick and tired of your fatass.

    Now I need someone to lariat.

  • Asma Asma

    Don’t mess with my feelings!

  • kthanxyousuck

    I think I prefer the Mario & Luigi series more even though I’ve owned all paper mario games. Super Paper Mario is the only game in the series I finished =X (It’s shameful I know)

    This might means a direct is incoming soon?

  • Warboss Aohd

    please be like the first 2.

  • –ZERO–

    Mario huh…

  • penemue

    I don’t understand… Both the West and Asia JUST got Paper Jam. I also find it surprising that IS is developing this seeing as they put out both Fire Emblem Fates and Genei Ibun Roku x FE just last year.

    • ronin4life

      Genei ibun roku was Atlus

    • kthanxyousuck

      IS didn’t do any work on #FE and Paper Jam is a M&L game (I don’t care if they claim it’s a crossover, it really isn’t in the slightest). Plus a 3DS game has nothing to do with a Wii U game.

      • penemue

        I find it strange that apparently IS had no hand in the development of #FE, I was just on Wikipedia and they are credited to the game in some capacity – not saying I don’t believe you. Also Paper Jam is officially a crossover, it doesn’t matter what you (or I) think.

  • Zackasaur

    Yes, please!

    Please be like The Thousand Year Door. ♡

    • Edna Rosen

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  • Mark Lengod

    Please be like Paper Mario 64/Thousand Year-Door.

    Please do NOT be like Super Paper Mario/Sticker Star

  • comfortablecoffin

    This is the final straw.

    Original, creative characters, interesting story and original 64/TTYD battle mechanics.

    If it’s any less than that I’m fucking done with Nintendo.

    • Bebop

      did you play paper mario on wii? that was very very dope if you have not i suggest you play that one, the ones on ds recently have been kinda boo boo but the wii game was definitely in the top

      • comfortablecoffin

        I should have clarified that Super Paper Mario was perfectly fine. The battle mechanics were drastically different but they weren’t bad. The story and characters more than made up for it by being better than 64/TTYD’s.

        Then Miyamoto came along and ruined Sticker Star and seeing as the recent Paper Jam is just as sterile as Sticker Star was, my hope for this series is down to a mere puddle.

        • Bebop

          naw naw i wasent saying you were like shit posting or anything, i was just recommending playing the wii version. it was very very dope imo. i loved the different pixel( the companions you gather that do different skills) and the bosses / 3d switching effect was very creative and fun. My bad if i came off as mean or anything

      • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owlzilla

        I’ve played it on Wii back in 2007 and all. I skipped out on Sticker Star due to the fact I didn’t like the way it was designed.

        Super Paper Mario was a solid RPG/Platformer in it’s own way.

        • Bebop

          yea the ds ones were not good imo, i reall y enjoyed the Wii one though is what i meant

        • tokyobassist

          Fez but not shit lol. Super Paper Mario was awesome.

          • Bebop

            RIGHT?! I loved that game!

  • FLOppV

    >Liam Robertson
    Can people stop giving this person attention? He was debunked on all his supposed leaks.

    • garf02

      gotta keep stroking that one trick phony. other wise they wont have anyone close to a credible source
      >mention someone one neogaf

  • Awesomeguy1234

    Yay! Hopefully is true. I do not think the nx is coming until 2017, and honestly, there is no coming if it is a home console or not. This will be nice to be on the wii u! I hope so. People should shut the fuck up about the nx, because it is not going to come this year. Anyways, hope more wii u games are announced soon!

    • Richard Miller

      Well it’s hard to stop talking about the NX when that’s all Nintendo is talking about. Next to their mobile gaming future.

      • Awesomeguy1234

        Nintendo is not talking about the nx, the media is.

        • Richard Miller

          Not really as all Tatsumi Kimishima does is remind people about the NX and their mobile plans. I guess that and AMD plans is why we know that the NX is coming out this year.

          • Awesomeguy1234

            Nope. Amd supports a lot of devices, not just nintendo. It will come out next year. I think the handheld nx will come out this year, and the home console will come out next year. Releasing the nx early will only kill nintendo.

            • Richard Miller

              I highly doubt the NX coming out this year can kill Nintendo. If the Wii U didn’t kill Nintendo then the NX won’t either.

              • Awesomeguy1234

                Sure, but if that is the case, the wii u should stay along longer. Nintendo needs to take time developing the nx, and not releasing a rushed console

                • Richard Miller

                  The NX has been in development ever since the Wii U was released. The NX is not being rushed as they have planned for the NX release date years in advance. If it is meant to come out in 2016 then that is what Nintendo wanted and you Wii U owners just have to accept it.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owlzilla

    I do hope it’s close to Paper Mario 64/TYD, at least. But I’ll wait to see how this will turn out…

  • JoJo_718

    I just hope it’s more like the original and The Thousand Year Door, the other two weren’t nearly as good.

  • Elvick

    Better be like the first two. Go back to what made people love the franchise to begin with.

  • Bebop

    ya know what would be really tight is if it wasent paper mario but instead a full on remake of earthbound…i think people have been exhausted of mario in any type of form( i love mario and would love a galaxy successor but i feel for the people who are tired of him) I think it would be nice to see another very loved ip get some spotlight…Nintendo games are very very fun but i too can only play mario so many times lol…especially when nintendo has more great ips that have been in the back burner for a while

    • Ninja-Fable

      I know what you mean, but sales figures states otherwise. The Mario franchise just seems to continually sell loads more than the other franchises. People definitely seem to still not mind more Mario games, so Nintendo is going to keep milking it.

      • Bebop

        it kinda goes both ways though…the wii u is not doing all that well outside of japan, so its apparent that mario really isnt making the people go out and buy these systems, they need to give the mario universe a break and work on metroid, Earthbound, Last Story, Pandoras Tower, etc etc…Baiten Kaitos, where the hell did that game go?!

        • Ninja-Fable

          I love those games, but the cold truth is that they never have sold even close to as much as Mario does. The audience for those games just isn’t that big. Now as for a new IP revitalizing a console like Pokemon did for the gameboy, it would be cool to see Nintendo pull that off again. But sadly I doubt that will happen. Splatoon kind of fits in that category and did very well for a Wii U game, but it definitely is not Wii U’s Pokemon.

          • Bebop

            splatoon is badass i think if the wii u was alittle more powerful and they capitalized on the Monster hunter having that beautiful world like on the MHO in china, that’d could have done a big spark. MH and Yokai Watch

        • Ninja-Fable

          I recommend you look up the sales numbers for Wii U games or Nintendo franchises in general. It’s kind of unfortunate to see how far ahead Mario’s games are to the other franchises.

  • tokyobassist

    Unseen64 said. Devil’s Third was cancelled and lo and behold it wasn’t.

    Less about the game and more about the credibility of Unseen64’s rumors. We all fuck up but it doesn’t look good to make bold predictions that don’t happen.

    • warewolff

      they did cancel Devil’s Third for North American releases anyways, then eventually brought it back after so many complaints, which is why there were so little copies made, it didn’t sell well in japan and they didn’t assume it would do any better in america

      • Operationgamer17

        He never said it was cancelled. He just said that NOA wouldn’t be publishing it. He even specifically said, “Please note that this does not necessarily mean it won’t release in North America at all”.

      • Operationgamer17

        The game didn’t sell well in Europe, either.

  • Kelohmello

    Thousand Year Door, Super Paper Mario, I don’t care. If this is real, as long as it has the charming characters and story of either of those two gamess, i’ll love it. It just needs to NOT be sticker star.

    • Samantha Lienhard

      Agreed. I preferred the gameplay of the first two games, but I really loved Super Paper Mario’s story and characters.

  • THiNGYBOBinc

    PLEEEEEASE don’t be another Sticker Star

    • Donovan Tull

      I would prefer if it were different. But if it’s the same, I’m still buying it. This series contains my favourite Gamecube game, and my third favourite Wii game (although it’s many miles behind Mario Galaxy for me.)

      • Deborah Driscoll

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      • THiNGYBOBinc


        • Donovan Tull

          Look, I know for the series, it’s looking rough. But I still like it. Not nearly as much as I once did, but I still like it.

  • Kisai

    Thousand Year Door was probably the “correct” balance for a Paper Mario game, though I wish the story depth of Super Mario RPG would come back.

    I actually like Super Paper Mario for what it is, mechanics and story-wise, but had a strong dislike for the artistic tone.

    I think what many people would like to see return is having a party of Nintendo characters (Think about Mario Party, not Smash Bros) not just Mario+one (for Paper Mario series) and Mario+Luigi (Mario and Luigi series.)

    It would be interesting to actually have … well ANY Mario game return to the Super Mario Land setting. Then we can finally have “Daisy is not just a Peach recolor” storyline :)

    • Kuro Miyazaki

      I somehow didnt like them calling Super Mario 3D Land and it just being a normal mario game…they could have gone to Sarasaland!

  • McPoo

    Both the 3DS and Wii games were pretty rubbish so I’m not holding my breath.

    If it can be closer to TTYD though then it’d be worth checking out.

    • Zancrow

      I get so mad whenever I see someone saying how good TTYD is because of Nintendo’s refusal to bring their goddamn GC games to Wii U!
      I really want to play it!

      • Bebop

        i have been waiting for nintendo do do a damn GC VC since the launch of the wii u…why they have not done this is beyond me…

      • Donovan Tull

        I can’t believe they have no Gamecube games. The least they could have done is VC.

        The Wii U gamepad has all the buttons of the Gamecube- it would be perfect. Heck, they even have multiple Gamecube controller peripherals! New Gamecube controllers, that attach to Wii U. Or a controller adaptor. How can they not have used it for more than Smash?

        • Zancrow

          It’s baffling.
          I’d buy so many GC games instantly, too.

          • Donovan Tull

            I know, it had some really awesome games. Paper Mario TTYD, Pikmin, Windwaker, Luigi’s Mansion….
            And with both my Wii and Gamecube currently unplugged, I haven’t been able to play it of late.

    • DealWithIt

      Super Paper Mario was amazing, stop having bad taste.

      Sticker Star was garbage, though.

      • Elvick

        it’s a good game, but it’s not the Paper Mario people want. But if you treat it like it’s own thing, then yeah it’s great.

        • DealWithIt

          Absolutely every game in existence need only be judged on it’s quality. Not what it’s slimey fanbase “wanted” or what series it’s under, or what it’s predecessors were like, etc.

          Games are games. Good games are good games and bad games are bad games. Only complete tools judge a game based on anything but “it’s own thing”. Paper Mario fans are as bad as the MGS fanboys that cried about MGR just because it had Metal Gear in the tittle.

          • Elvick


            • DealWithIt


      • Donovan Tull

        Sticker Star was actually good.
        Super Paper Mario was also good. I’d probably say Super Paper Mario was my third favourite Wii game (although the distance between it and second is ludicrous- really enjoyed the Mario Galaxy series.)

        Both are fine. But neither are as good as TTYD.

        • DealWithIt

          “Sticker Star was actually good.”
          No it wasn’t.

          “But neither are as good as TTYD.”
          Super was better than TTYD.

          • Donovan Tull

            Opinions are opinions. I personally prefer the story and gameplay of TTYD.

            Although of course this is entirely a matter of opinion-

            Best is TTYD
            Second best is Super Paper Mario.
            Worst is Sticker Star.

            Best is TTYD
            Second best is Sticker Star
            Worst is Super Paper Mario.

            I just don’t like Super Paper Mario’s combat system. Don’t get me wrong- it’s a great game, probably my third favourite Wii game, but I personally prefer TTYD.

            However, I would say that overall, Sticker Star is the worst of Paper Mario- but it’s still a good game. It’s gameplay was only a little better than Super Paper Mario, and it’s story was far inferior, so I’d say Super Paper Mario was better than Sticker star. But nothing except the Mario Galaxy series has beat TTYD for me.

            • DealWithIt

              “Opinions are opinions.”
              And facts are facts.

              “I personally prefer the story and gameplay of TTYD.”
              That’s fine, you have a fundamental right as a human being to prefer things.
              However I’m not talking about preferences. I’m talking about objective quality.

              Now that you’ve established that YOU are talking about your opinion, I have no reason to read further than that sentence of yours. Don’t be so pretentious as to assume that other people are talking about or care about your opinions, or anyone else’s for that matter. I’m only here to talk facts.

              • Donovan Tull

                I like how my fully explained opinion is somehow inferior to your randomly stating “facts”

                And no. That is entirely opinion, on either end. I’m not going to pretend I’m objectively right- and I’m not going to let you lie about yourself being objectively right.

                I am not assuming your talking about, nor did I think for even a second that you cared about my opinions. However, both me and you are liars if we pretend our opinions are facts. Super Paper Mario is not objectively better than TTYD. Nor is it objectively worse. I played both for the first time around the same time, and for me, TTYD was superior. I’m not pretending that you ought to care, nor am I pretending I’m supported by fact. But please stop treating your own opinion as fact.

                • DealWithIt

                  “I like how my fully explained opinion is somehow inferior to your randomly stating “facts””
                  It doesn’t matter how much you explain your opinion, it’s still unimportant.
                  “Inferior” is your word choice. I simply told you it’s irrelevant.

                  “And no.”
                  Ahahahahaha, sorry but this isn’t a debate. I’m not here to argue with you or even take your side into consideration. I stated the facts, and nothing you can say or do will change them. Thanks for proving I have no reason to read the rest of your comment, though.

                  • Donovan Tull

                    That’s a very…. unique definition of fact. I could have sworn an opinion on how good a game was was just an opinion.

                    • DealWithIt

                      Like and dislike are opinions.
                      Good and bad are objective.
                      The sooner you learn this, the better.

                    • Donovan Tull

                      Yes. Good and bad- fact.

                      However, we’re both just giving opinions on whether we like it or not. If it comes to objectivity, TTYD has higher ratings than Super Paper Mario, and Sticker Star still has pretty good ratings, both supporting my opinions. How have you objectively found the opposite?

                    • DealWithIt

                      “However, we’re both just giving opinions”
                      No, YOU are giving opinions. You also used the wrong wording right from the outset, which is why I replied at all. If you had said you “enjoyed” Sticker Star, or that your “favorite” was TTYD, I wouldn’t have said a word.
                      But that’s not the case. You called Sticker Star good and TTYD the best, which are both false.

                      “If it comes to objectivity, TTYD has higher ratings”
                      Ratings aren’t objective. Grow up, seriously. The world of game reviews is so loaded with bias and paid reviews it’s ridiculous.

                      “How have you objectively found the opposite?”
                      By playing games for upwards of a few decades now and learning to judge and observe things objectively without letting the Internet tell me what to think and without being coddled by shitty parents who raise me to believe my opinions are special.

                      Everyone has an opinion. There’s nothing special about them. Having the mental strength to separate your precious opinions from the truth and accept that not everything you like is great and not all of your favorite things are the best is what’s special, if only because so few people are capable of it.

                    • Donovan Tull

                      Paid reviews?
                      Both games are by the same company. How would paid reviews affect this? I know where you’re coming from- but if “being able to judge games”
                      is your claim of objectivity, that’s just stupid. That’s exactly like the ratings you yourself just pointed out the lack of objectivity in.

                      Ratings are not objective. However, consistent higher ratings, with no obvious reason for bias, such as this case, is certainly closer to being objective than you judging a game. I judge them too, doesn’t make my judgements any more than opinion.

                      Now whether or not TTYD is the best of the series (and yes, that is opinion.) or whether or not Sticker Star is a good game (and again, whether or not a game is good is OPINION) is irrelevant. I am merely irritated by your ridiculous assumption that your opinions are fact, and any that contradict yours are a falsehood.

                      That last paragraph? I can separate opinion from fact. But only opinion can measure how good a game is. There is no way of factually deducing how good a game is. In no other field would I place an opinion. But at least when I do, I have the dignity to admit it’s an opinion.

                      So your “objective” measure is also suggesting that
                      1. I decide how good my games are off of the internet (which is false, I decide how good a game is by how good the game is, and I am happy to hear if it got the ratings I think it deserves.)
                      2. I believe my opinion is special (No I don’t. My opinion is as meaningless as yours. But at least I’m willing to admit that it’s an opinion. You, however, do not.)

                      Do you just not know the definition of opinion or something? Your apparently objective way of telling how good a game is sounds identical to the way I form an opinion.

                      I’ll take Google’s definition (don’t feel like pulling out a dictionary)

                      A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

                      Wow, that sounds exactly like it would apply to both of us! Because it does. Because both of us are talking about OPINION.

                      Let’s say your judging it based off of how good the story, gameplay, and visuals are. Even if you’re trying to be objective, how will you measure how good these are? With your opinion.

                    • DealWithIt

                      “Paid reviews?

                      Both games are by the same company. How would paid reviews affect this?”
                      Your reading comprehension needs work. I never accused any specific reviews of anything, let alone ones pertaining to Paper Mario.

                      I’m only stating a general fact. You can’t use ratings or popularity to judge quality, because bias is rampant.

                      “but if “being able to judge games” is your claim of objectivity, that’s just stupid.”
                      It’s not stupid at all, you just apparently can’t comprehend the idea of judging things properly without letting your personal feelings affect your judgment.

                      “However, consistent higher ratings, with no obvious reason for bias, such as this case, is certainly closer to being objective than you judging a game.”
                      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m done reading your comment. You’re a moron.

                    • Haganeren

                      Another guy which think he can deduce the “objective” quality of a game, really a shame to see that kind of argument all the time.

                      Either way you didn’t played Sticker Star a few decade from now so you can’t say it’s objectively bad based on what YOU just said.

                    • DealWithIt

                      Ahahahahaha, you’re a moron. Go waste someone else’s time, you’re replying to a week-old comment.

                    • Haganeren

                      I think the debate between subjectivity and objectivity is quite an all time one so i wouldn’t care if it was a month old. I was viewing a reply from my comment just below which showed me you way of seeing the world… Can’t say i found it quite logical.

                    • DealWithIt

                      Drop it in the complaint box and move on.

    • Haganeren

      I don’t think i need to tell how awesome Super Paper Mario was. My least favorite Paper Mario game have always been the N64 one which was really barebone even at the time. (Coming just after the goodness which was Mario RPG…). Paper Mairo 2 is my favorite though.

      Sticker Star is a blend between plateform RPG & point & click, i liked the focus on puzzle instead of battle. Too bad there isn’t any story with that unfortunately but gameplay wise i found it to be the most “Paper” of all Paper Mario… Not that bad, just disappointing.

      • TobyRama347

        i definitely agree that certain assets of sticker star were well done, i know they’re definitely going to learn from it’s missteps and make a truly good Paper Mairo Game, and yes i’m making fun of you for the misspelling, but can you blame me?

      • jdwii

        its amazing how people can have different experiences, i for one think the original comes very close to TTYD. And sticker star made me want to sell my 3ds!

        • Haganeren

          Oh, i’m not saying it’s a BAD game by any means. But well… You know.. It was really inconsistent. Like the Boo Mansion was absolutely awesome, one of the best moment of the series for me. The crime in the Ice World was really good too but then, there is some annoying one like the Flower Field which were REALLY bad for me.
          … And other chapter like 1 or 2 which were definitely too “classic” in my opinion.

          • jdwii

            Actually the flower level was my least favorite in that game my favorite in TTYD was easily the wrestling one, later in the game you can redo it and beat him again lol

    • Donovan Tull

      TTYD was definitely the best. My favourite Gamecube game. But the other two after it are alright. Not as good, but still good.

      • No Loli, No Buy

        The original Paper Mario is a close second to The Thousand-Year Door, in my opinion. While all the other Paper Mario games are a distant third.

        • Donovan Tull

          I actually will probably get Paper Mario on VC, I really do want to check out another Paper Mario. Nothing else on VC appeals though.

          • jdwii

            WAIT you never tried it? If you loved the TTYD you will love the original, man oh man i hate saying this but bro if you don’t think you want to buy it get the rom and emulator then get it! i played It on a N64 and my PC and the Wii U and i’d buy it as a HD edition day one.

            • Donovan Tull

              I would, but I can’t find a good N64 emulator.

              I’ll probably get it on VC at some point.

              • jdwii

                True it does have some issues using project64 like flashes in the town but i tell you its worth it for virtual console to.

                • Donovan Tull

                  Agreed, it’s one of the few Virtual Console games on my Wii U eshop wishlist.

                  But I’m not interested in getting Gameboy, NES, or SNES games on Wii U VC. I have an NES with some of it’s greatest hits, and I have no qualms with emulators, so all the 2D ones are pretty meaningless to me.

    • TobyRama347

      I like to think of Super to be more of a fun spinoff, which i definitely thought was great and an underrated gem, however yeah sticker star is pretty crappy i can find some enjoyment, but it is definitely the worst in the series i definitely want a true or at least gameplaywise spiritual successor to TTYD

  • Nintendians

    the last time I played and beated a paper Mario game was super paper Mario and I actually like it.

  • Honda Fan101

    Where Mario RPG 2 at? No more Paper Mario.

    • Dont-leave-us-Atlus

      That was Square or Enix maybe both by that point the only mario rpgs are the paper mario series and mario and luigi series by intelligent systems and alpha dream

    • Fuzunga

      That game IS Paper Mario. If you mean you want Square to make another Mario RPG… that’s unlikely but never impossible I suppose.

      • Elvick

        Paper Mario is inferior to Super Mario RPG imo.

        • No Loli, No Buy

          In my opinion, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is much better than Super Mario RPG.

          • Elvick

            Well, to be fair I haven’t played TYD, since it’s expensive. And when it came out I had no money of my own. </3

    • lurock

      I know what you mean. Obviously wont be developed by sqex, but how about, idk, TRY and develop a game similar to the original SMRPG? would be nice to see.

    • No Loli, No Buy

      Only if it has Lady Bow and Goombella.

  • UNIverse

    Garbage clickbait.

    • YamRyu

      ?? It clearly says “Rumor” in the title…

  • Ninja-Fable

    Part of me is hoping for this to be true, but part of me is worried that Intelligent systems would just jack up another Paper Mario game.

    • Donovan Tull

      I really did like the Gamecube one, and the other’s just had far worse combat systems- particularly Super Paper Mario. But they’re still good games.

      • Nathan Ostroski

        Agreed! Hopefully they go back to the series roots of Paper Mario and PMTTYD! 2004 was the most recent “Paper Mario” in my book

    • TobyRama347

      actually it wasn’t intelligent systems fault, hate to say it, but it was Mr Miyamoto’s fault

      • Ninja-Fable

        Oh, I guess I’ve been hearing that his involvement made things harder. He definitely deserves his credit, but he sometimes has these weird thoughts for certain franchises. Like with F-Zero, he has to see some kind of “change” with Paper Mario to justify a sequel, when they already have an almost perfect formula. Hopefully they keep him out of this one.

  • KazeJoestar

    I am in the camp of people that enjoyed Sticker Star for what it was. Though I hope that this game turns out to be more like the previous ones if it’s an actual thing.

  • David O’Neal Roberts

    Please be true, be like the first two games but moving forward to tons of coolness, and please leave out the Amiibo B.S.. Thanks.

  • The Phantom Killer
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  • Chadow_91

    I like Super Mario RPG and the Mario and Luigi series, but I will leave those aside to talk only of PM. My opinion is not final, but here my preferences in order: Paper mario: The Thousand-Year Door(improved the already good formula of the first) > Paper mario 64(established the foundations) > Super Paper Mario(renewed in some interesting ways the legacy) >>>>>>>> Paper Mario: Sticker Star(throw away to many good things). The ones who played PM: Sticker Star on 3DS have the right to love it, but probably have not played the olders games^_^

    The facts/things from the Paper Mario series that we were loving(I think) are:

    1.The interestings characters with us(for the puzzles and battles elements) and around us(who inhabit the world/lore of Paper Mario). X-Nauts/Punis/Don Pianta/Vivian/Admiral Bobbery/etc. Characters with originality and uniqueness, not just(in PM 3DS) Toads or Pokeys/Cheep Cheep/Bloopers/Petey Piranha/and…a Bowser with not a single slice of personality for bosses. You know? Bosses who talk!

    2.The Badges, which were in the core gameplay mechanics. The possibilities were endless. An exemple, with many “Power Rush”(bought at the Pianta Parlor,+2 of power) and defend plus(+1) we could with only 5 HP destroy ennemis to zero HP with one attack(one jump = 70 of dammage). A use of any combinations of badges we wanted for our strategies and add differents attacks in the battle menu.

    3.The Bosses!(again) Cortez the pirate squeleton/the Smorgs, where we beat them on a moving train(all the chapter are all about this train)/a boss taking our appearance and steals our comrades, then we become a Shadow with no name and have to fight our false self/etc.

    4.The fantastics musics in quality and quantity to not be bored and live epics moments.

    5. A fluid Story with a good background. Like a RPG.

    With Sticker Star, I liked the glossy and shiny effects of the stickers, more, these effects move along with the console. The design was good with the 3D but this game lack the foundations of Paper mario itself. These battles were just here to make money. Along with taking up to much space in the inventory, the huges specials stickers had to be kept to unlock a location/solve a said puzzle(if we had brought the wrong sticker, even one that made sense, it was lost forever and we had to re-buy it by returning to the Toads village at the beginning of the game or elsewhere?) or fight a boss with it(with again, most of the time, the appropriate one) . Basically, these were specials attacks that we could never really used for our own pleasure. The bosses were not interesting(except one for me), no new characters for us to be emotionally attach(maybe Kersti), the themes/locations of these Worlds were not very interesting or originals and having to take off all the stickers constantly from the areas to fight were tiresome(that my opinion).

    I like it when a game developer put efforts to enhance and improve his work of art, but please, without removing the basics. Otherwise, it will no longer be “The game”. Anyway for me, video games should be the 10th Art and with all the things to come, I think it fully deserves it(in addition, it includes almost the first 9).

    This new game from the rumor can be a new Advance Wars for 3DS or Fire Emblem for Wii U(No, I doubt it. Particularly since Fire Emblem fates is coming to the West^_^). It’s time for a good PM game! So, for the people who don’t have any plan to play the game or those that have played it, here a long video of all the bosses of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Skip it the number of times you want to what interest you. Enjoy!^^

  • No Loli, No Buy

    Oh my gosh, please be like The Thousand Year Door. We’ve needed a sequel to that game for over a decade now.

  • Shulk

    Now since Square Enix is interested in developing for Nintendo NX. I think it’d be a great time for them to collaborate again and this time make a Super Mario RPG 2 after this new Paper Mario.

    That Geno & Mallow.

  • TM Tsukoyomi Light

    thatd be cool, glad for the ds one

  • jdwii

    If true i’ll be so freaking happy. At the very least make a great paper mario for nx!

  • bossk

    Funny how this still hasn’t been announced, a month later. Almost as if it isn’t true.