Megadimension Neptunia VII trailer, screenshots
posted on 01.25.16 at 03:57 PM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 sequel due out next week.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Idea Factory International has released a new trailer and set of screenshots for Megadimension Neptunia VII.

The screenshots showcase Gold Third, new characters who seem to hold CPU goddess levels of sway over Gamindustri, as well as the CPU candidates in battle.

Megadimension Neptunia VII is due out for PlayStation 4 on February 2 in North America and February 12 in Europe.

Watch the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Crayten

    Looks awesome but i gonna wait for the Steam release of it. My backlog is allready big enough with X-Com 2 and some other title.

  • Evil Ascendant

    More glorious Neptunia, I can’t wait!

    • bloodiOS

      You’ll have to wait anyway ;P

      • Evil Ascendant

        Nah lol. I’m actually glad for the later release date, it gives me a week with my GOTY:

        • Sunny11

          Hey sup man!

          • Evil Ascendant

            Lol, my fellow Englishman! Me and MisterS were talking the other day about how we’ve not seen you post in ages lol

            What’s my man?

            • Sunny11

              Lol your the only Englishman on this site I know xD I’m good man, been more busy with life lately so not been on the interwebs as much but yeah good to see you man :) Thought you dissapeared too as I didn’t see you in few articles lol

              • Evil Ascendant

                Yeah lol, I’m a bit under the weather atm so I’ve not felt like commenting as much. I’ve still been around though, keeping up to date on stuff.

                I’ve also been real busy with my book, finished it’s final edit btw!

                You know, you’re always welcome to reach me on PSN if you can’t reach me on here bro :)
                (Edit: Good to see you too lol)

                • Sunny11

                  An actual book or an e-book ?
                  Not been on PSN much lately too lol if I do its to mainly play local split-screen with my little bro who keeps bugging me constantly to play with him :/ or play some games in short quick bursts when I have time….
                  Anyways nice pic man good choice

                  • Evil Ascendant

                    My precious Light Novel :) Just gotta spellcheck/proofread then it’s off to publishers, I’ve also started work on the second volume as well :)

                    Yeah that’s fair enough, but I’m always reachable on PSN so keep that in mind my man. And thanks, I’m saving a special avatar for when Digimon comes out :)

                    • Sunny11

                      Ooo cool! And yeah definitely dude :)
                      Also might change my avatar to digimon soon too hehe

                    • Evil Ascendant

                      Awesome, I actually spent a good hour looking for a good one of the Digimon I’m going with next week :) I’ll look forward to seeing what you pick!

                    • Sunny11

                      Me too :)

                    • Evil Ascendant

                      By next week I mean Friday the 5th, not the 29th. Come to think of it, I’ve no clue what I’ll go with this week~

                    • Sunny11

                      Agumon best Mon xD

                    • Evil Ascendant

                      Found this, and I thought of foreshadowing. You’ll know what I mean by that next week! *Evil laugh*


                    • Sunny11

                      Heh soon :)

                    • Evil Ascendant

                      Absolutely (^.^)

  • KIngpigeon96

    Still wondering if I should get this. I enjoyed the other 3 main games but I’m still undecided on buying this one.

    What’s the consensus on this game?

    • Cutie Shut-In

      Umm if you enjoyed the other three games (which I find hard to believe that you enjoyed the first one) getting this one should be a no brainier as it improves and adds more elements and bug fixs.

      • renji00

        Not so shut-in on the interwebz, huh?

        • Cutie Shut-In

          I…don’t understand O_O

      • An Tran

        Might be talking about Re;Birth1 in terms of first game?

      • KIngpigeon96

        I played the original when it first came out. The gameplay was ass but the music and characters were entertaining to me.

        Guess I might buy V-2 then.

        • Cutie Shut-In

          Tbh, the gameplay was okish but the music….omg. The music was the reason I couldn’t even finish it.
          I loved the characters so I gave it another chance and bought Mk2 and I loved it.

  • PSI Wind

    Hmm, interesting that they used JP voices and text in-game. Was this the JP Trailer? Anyways, speaking of voices, Tara Platt has been replaced by Carrie Keranen, who’s Rom’s VA. She uses a voice that sounds KINDA like her Satsuki from KLK, but it’s not exact. I still prefer it over the high pitched JP voice, but it’s gonna take some time to get used to. Why was Tara Platt replaced? Either she’s not doing Vert anymore, or her scheduling conflicted with V-II’s. The only big game I can think of would be her role as Elma from XCX. We’ll find out probably in Blanc’s game as that was done recording back in mid December.

    • K1LL1NGZ0NE

      That sucks. Vert has the best dub voice IMO.
      I’m a bit annoyed at learning this. >: (


      Srsly?? Goddamnit. Vert getting a VA change is most upsetting since she is my favorite CPU. Neptunia seems to always have dub issue which makes me angry since It’s a major part of why I enjoy the series.

      • PSI Wind

        She’s my favorite too, but Carrie is a great VA as well and what little I heard, there’s not that much of a difference.

    • mrgrgr!

      Elma wasn’t voiced by tara platt , she was voiced by Caitlin Glass also voice Rose from Tales of Zesteria

      whose most works are from texas at funimation.

      • PSI Wind

        Wow, I honestly couldn’t tell that was Caitlin lol she sounded more like Tara.

        • Fighunter

          Platt was still in the game as an option for Create a Character voices though.

    • Gustavo

      And now the game is ruined for me…

    • Tako Luka

      it has dub

      The JP voices are day one free dlc I think

  • Manga Council

    last neptunia game dat i played & enjoyed:

    hope this one gonna have alot of ending scenario :)

  • ayanami-chan

    Sorry Neps but… Cyber Sluts…

    • Evil Ascendant

      Both Cyber Sleuth (double dip) and Megadimension for me :)

    • Esura

      It’s vice versa for me…until I file my taxes.

    • Vashe

      Same, I’ll get digimon first, I’ve read some reviews and Neptunia VII is old neptunia again, nothing really new (But I don’t care, I like it how it is anyway~)

  • Budgiecat

    lmao 480p? they couldnt even be bothered to upload the trailer at 1080p 60fps? kek

  • Nerroth

    The PAL trailer on the IFI YT channel has a 720p option:

  • triggerx

    new trailer? but Sal, IFI has release the exact same trailer one month ago lol

    • Budgiecat

      not Sal’s fault the publishers are lazy…

  • Zeria

    …damn unexplained EU delays, I want this on the 5th ;_;

    • Evil Ascendant

      It’s not at all unexplained, I emailed them about it a while back. Still, they should have said this officially, rather then just in an email when asked imo.

      “Hi Evil Ascendant,

      The reason why the release date for Megadimension Neptunia VII was never officially set in stone was because we were waiting Sony’s approval to sell the game in Europe. Apologies for the confusion.”

      Another reason why I dislike Sony :(

      • Budgiecat

        yeah right, like M$ and Nintendo are saints lol

        • Evil Ascendant

          I really don’t see what Microsoft and Nintendo have to do with this article :p

          Seriously man, why do you come to articles about games you won’t by just to troll?

          • Budgiecat

            you said “thats why I dislike Sony”

            I know prior to moving onto Sony consoles you were a fan of Microsoft gaming mostly so dont try to act like there was no malcontent in your wording there.
            Sony has little to do with what this third party Western publisher division does anyway, so I saw your lambasting of Sony as a troll statement anyway :p

            Especially since as I mentioned, M$ and Nintendo are no saints in this regard with their own first and secon party IP’s, so saying you ‘dislike Sony’ because of this seems disingenuously singling them out for something their competitors are clearly guilty of themselves, even more so at times…

            • OverlordZetta

              What the hell are you even going on about?

              Literally none of that has anything to do with what he said. You’re taking irrelevant-to-this-topic history and harassing the guy with it, while also ignoring what he said that was relevant to your tangent to begin with.

              Jesus dude, you a stalker or something?

              • Budgiecat

                calm your tits

                He said thats “another reason why I dislike Sony: and I responded to it since it made no sense.
                He knee jerked from a response from the Idea Factory company when we know the game is coming out in all regions anyway. Its not like it was canceled lmao it was fan nerded reactionary BS trying to slant a publisher for no reason, of which its competitors are known for doing it even worse wich is exactly why I responded and you know it so gtfo

            • natchu96

              It’s not singling out if the conversation has nothing to do with those people.

              Nobody is going to list every dictator ever that they hate in a history class about WWII when Hitler is brought up, instead of just saying that they hate Hitler.

              • Budgiecat

                what the hell are we talking about evil dictator’s?? We;re talking about game console companies for crying out loud, not mass murderers….smh

                • natchu96

                  Except the topic isn’t game console companies. The topic is Sony.

                  You’re now disappointing me with your inability to recognize an analogy when you see one.

                  • Budgiecat

                    Sony (their game console branch) is a game console company last I checked lol
                    So is Microsoft (their game console branch) and Nintendo.

                    So when he brought up a claim of “thats why I dislike Sony” when Nintendo and M$ have done far worse, thats why I brought them up.

                    So Sony didt get back to them immediately? Oh wow end of the world lol. Now compare that to when NoE or NoA randomly decide not to even bring a game over with their region locked consoles. Thats a hell of a lot worse since now you cant even import as an option (without buying a 2nd console or hacking the system). And canceling a game (M$) is even worse lol.
                    There was never any danger in this game not coming to EU. He overreacted in haste and anxiety for no reason; then tries to slant Sony for it which was lame.

                    You’re now disappointing me with your lack of reading comprehension :p

                    • natchu96

                      I understand clearly though. Of course Sony is a game console company.

                      But why are we even talking about the rest? This guy is expressing dislike of Sony. Everyone else is just plain off-topic. Nothing implies he actually likes Nintendo and whatnot at all.

                    • Budgiecat

                      dislike of Sony is off topic since they have nothing to do with this game

                    • natchu96

                      Well, yes, it would be.

                      Which makes going off about the other companies probably even more nonsensical. As off-topic as it is it’s the topic this comment chain is about, and we might as well not go further off-topic right?

                    • Budgiecat

                      we must go further……into the beyond!

            • PSI Wind

              He said another reason. Someone can dislike a company. SCEA and SCEE aren’t really the best tbh. Let us remember that we had to make an outcry for SCEA to release Gravity Rush Remastered physically (and even then its only on Amazon so its not going to sell as much compared to a retail release)

              • kiri25

                The same can be said here for Nintendo as well with xenoblade for wii which also had fan out cry for NA release that was also sadly a Gamestop exclusive.

              • Budgiecat

                as opposed to Nintendo of America not releasing
                Fatal Frame IV
                Slashing of Reginleiv
                Disaster: Day of Crisis
                Night of Sacrifice
                Fatal Frame II remake
                Captain Rainbow
                Another Code R
                Mother 3
                and no physical version for Fatal Frame V?

                And M$ canceling Phantom Dust and not localizing Metal Wolf Chaos?

                I think Sony is then indeed the best if you look at that in regard lol

            • Evil Ascendant

              Lol, no man. Disliking Sony over this would be fairly pointless, but it certainly doesn’t make me like them any more.

              Despite owning a Vita and a PS4 that doesn’t mean I like Sony, the only reason I got them was for the hope of Cyber Sleuth getting localized (yay!) and that was it. All the other games that I’ve gotten (Senran, Neptunia, Danganronpa etc) are just bonuses, Sony more or less has a monopoly on JRPG’s and that’s what made but the Vita and the PS4.

              Further more, I never troll. I may be sarcastic, and 9/10 posts are me being derpy, but I’d never troll. I’m better then that, plus I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s experience.

              • Budgiecat

                I know all that

      • kiri25

        Ofc it’s only natural that we are going to dislikes about each companies. A reason I hate MS is b/c they fail to support new IP’s unless it’s a major hit or they just take the lazy way and buy major hits (halo, gears, mindcraft and so forth). Also the Parity Clause. Ofc Nintendo has its faults as well but my point both companies have their strength and weakness but imo Sony is the best out of the 3 but ofc their are some things I dislike.

  • sunK1D


  • G3n3raL86

    Megami no chikara misete ageru wa!

  • iamakii

    This would be good for Vita too.

  • Taiga571

    Ah, Neptunia. I love the characters and the (EN) voice acting. The rests, however…. ;__;

  • PrashT

    >”February 2 in North America and February 12 in Europe.”

    No Asia release date ?

    • Fighunter

      Compile Heart Asia seems to be managed entirely differently/by someone else. I know Neptunia VII in Korean has already been released, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Thai version was out either. I guess the Asian English might just use the American version too.

    • Tako Luka

      it was released last year in Japan…

  • Suriel Cruz

    Two words: “NEXT WEEK!” : ^D

  • Zarixx

    Can some one explain to me why when it comes to Anime, people prefer a mediocre English Dub rather than listening to the Japanese Voices and reading the Text? It’s not that hard to read and watch, y’know.

    • Budgiecat

      because opinions

    • –ZERO–

      Because some would rather focus on the action than reading text.
      And others just can’t tell the difference between a bad English dub and a good one

    • Fighunter

      Enough with the complaints already, at least sub users get full audio in these games, while we have to contend with 60% of voiced scenes.

  • Learii

    wait those 3 Neptuina Z, H and G never come out?

    • TheNinjaArmy

      V-II is the compilation of the three

      • Learii

        oh ok lol i tho they are games

  • –ZERO–


  • Vashe

    boss : Great Big Senpai lol

  • Vashe

    Omg so many people play with the English VA ? You’re missing a great part of the game if you don’t use the original voices ~~

  • Olejka Petrow

    Next Gen
    Next Form
    Next Nep!

  • Backlog10121


    NOW :3

    GIMME MOAR NEP :V seriously japan wheres a new PS4 nep :V

  • Tako Luka

    Next week