BlazBlue: Central Fiction adds playable Izanami
posted on 01.19.16 at 04:26 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Non-playable boss character finally playable.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

BlazBlue: Central Fiction for arcades will be updated on January 28 with Hades Izanamai as a playable character, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals.

Up until now, Izanami has appeared in the BlazBlue series as a non-playable boss character.

Read more about Izanami at the BlazBlue Wikia.

Thanks, Famitsu.

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  • Orpheus

    Damn. I don’t know for which game i’m excited the most (GGXrd:R or BB:CF)

  • Luna Kazemaru


    • Father Pucci

      Arc is trolling us Jubei fans….

      • Blue Vexer

        Sho Minazuki would make a playable appearance in this before Jubei. (50% kidding around, 50% WANT)

        • Luna Kazemaru

          bodied LOL man i am sure he will be dlc you don’t trust mori son

      • Speedo Redempteur

        I thinking it won’t ever happen until the very las game of this franchise

        • Trollzama


      • Dianarmiller4

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  • Forty

    Awww yes, was hoping we’d get a version of her after the boss fight in BBCP.

  • Trollzama

    Hell yeah! now give us Jubei and Berserk Ragna for Act 3!

  • Noel

    Yeah and now waiting for Mei??

    And Jubeeiiiii?

    • Cael

      And Alpha, please.

  • DavidCage

    Yess!!!!thanks arc system works :-)

  • Cael

    You know what’s funny? Before going to bed I thought to myself “Sure would be nice if I wake up to Izanami being announced playable.”


  • Takane Shijou

    Can never have enough little sisters, right Ragna?

  • Rafael Martines

    Poor Jubei, his situation is worst than my Ingrid :(

    • natchu96

      Easier to make Izanami maybe?

      Because sameface.

      • Trollzama

        At least isn’t the same type of sameface of Type Moon.
        Seriously I love Type Moon but in these last years 80% of the cast are the fucking same Saber (with bigger boobs in each new one). Saya, Noel and Nu at least look different.

  • James Reilly

    Saw that coming.

  • comfortablecoffin




  • MrKappa

    I swear Jubei is simply not gonna be playable at this rate. It is a lot to hope for but I hope we get at least 3 more characters including Jubei before this is all said and done.

    • Trollzama

      Jubei, crazy Rags and… Raquel maybe?

      Or maybe a new girl, Amaterasu in the form of Noel, or a Murakumo guy?
      I wouldn’t mind a baddass male Amaterasu murakumo screwing everyone.

  • Traingham

    Jubei for final villain.

    I’m calling it!