Adventures of Mana launches February 4
posted on 01.30.16 at 01:31 PM EDT by (@salromano)
For iOS and Android, and PS Vita if you're in Japan.

Adventures of Mana

Adventures of Mana will launch for iOS and Android in North America and Europe, as well as PS Vita in Japan, on February 4, Square Enix announced.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

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  • renji00

    No vita for the west is still BS.

  • dark-kyon

    If you want the Vita version in the west, fill this survey.

    • Phillip Campana

      Did this the other day, hope more people fill it out too!

    • Learii

      i hope is work

    • SA-X

      Vita owners, always port-begging, hm?

      • Santashi

        Is it port-begging if the game already exists for the Vita? Surely it would be localisation-begging if anything?…

        • SA-X

          A negligible difference; either way they’re begging for stuff they’ll never get.

          • Joey

            How do you know that? You’ll never know unless people make some noise or Square Enix confirms it.

          • dark-kyon

            The guy doing this survey is a know youtuber, he speaked with severals publishers. publishers of this games were open to bring the games if he can get enough interest.

          • Ҡս২օռ ✨

            Someone’s salty

      • Chie Is Life

        Its not begging like seriously people in the west deserved this because we still support vita

  • Mr Fwibbles

    The price is 1,400 yen. Source:

  • Chestnut Bowl

    I didn’t expect a multi-region launch. Looking forward to it, though I would MUCH rather play it on my Vita.

  • Zeria

    No Vita, no purchase. Thanks for nothing, Square Enix.

    • Learii

      ya i agree Square Enix and their mobile games bleh

  • Maroš Goč

    I am expecting this game coming to PC :)

    • SA-X

      Makes sense, PC is the only other viable platform for a game like this in the west.

      • Ferrick

        how? This game is more of a portable game than a PC game, and it’s not really going to benefit SE in any way since people who wants to play this on PC are already playing it or has played it

      • Satoshi Ookami

        Japanese game == Vita

  • The_Kingdom51

    Probs doesn’t include the lands down under.

  • Joey

    Unless Vita version comes west I don’t care.

  • Pastmaster

    Tired of remastered and re-releases. New releases, please.

    • MetalRizeAwesomeOnmipenismon

      Wait for SaGa?

    • Zazon Zenzy

      Remaster is different from remaking. It is clearly remade, not simply remastered.

    • SuyinRei

      This is a 3d remake of a 24 year old gameboy classic.

  • Franggio Hogland

    Well…At least I can buy it on the Japanese PSN.

  • fallen

    How dare you dare use Secret of Mana menu sound effects in this cash-in. Man, if someone told me when I first played Final Fantasy Adventure that this is what gaming would come to in 25 years, I would’ve been so, so, so, so, so depressed. Wish I knew I was living in the golden age back then, so I wouldn’t have expected it to last.

    • Ferrick

      right, how dare they use assets they own for something that’s part of the same series, and how dare them remake a classic that hasn’t been touched on for years

      • fallen

        I actually have no idea how you managed to see the text that I edited out.

        While I totally stand by my original comments 100%, and think your attempt to sarcastically call out the flaws in my logic actually only reinforce their validity, I edited out those comments because I see no reason to spread hate.

        How did you view them D:

        • Ferrick

          by magic ofc, jokes aside you don’t really see people’s edits till you refresh the site or open the page after they edited it

  • Elle

    No vita (TV) no buy.

  • An Tran

    Unless SE has perfectly optimized control support on Android, I’ll be waiting for Vita.

  • Elvick

    SE must really want this to tank hard, because they haven’t tweeted shit about the game yet. Only thing related to Mana is the Spelunker collab event.

    Been waiting for them to do something on the game so I could complain to them in that context about the Vita version.

  • El Chromah

    If it’s not coming out for the vita on at least digital, i don’t care. I hate playing hardcore video games with 100% touchscreen inputs. ff6 on android felt terrible and the adobe flash players graphics sucked.

  • Yes

    Holy shit it was in english
    I hope now. Played it in like 93 hoping to play again on my vita

  • Adorabunny

    >Not some oversized cannon that shoots you to the ice continent

    • Justin Graham

      There was a Chocobo in the original Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Adventure, which this game is a remake of.