One Piece: Burning Blood coming to PC, PS4 collector’s edition announced
posted on 12.21.15 at 10:29 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Western release targeting June 2016.

One Piece: Burning Blood

One Piece: Burning Blood will come to PC via Steam in addition to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita in the Americas and Europe, Bandai Namco announced. Additionally, the publisher revealed a June 2016 western launch window.

In North America, a PlayStation 4-exclusive “Marineford Edition” collector’s edition will be released alongside the game, including a copy of the game, two exclusive figurines of Whitebeard and his grave, the official art book, and a special box. It will be limited to 5,000 copies.

One Piece: Burning Blood

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pre-orders for the game will include playable character “Fourth Gear Luffy” plus two more surprise characters to be revealed soon.

Watch an English version of yesterday’s new trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Sunny11

    That collectors edition is dope

  • UMR-10

    Based Namco, bringing their games to the west and PC.

  • Demolish

    damn I’ll buy that Hot CE

  • CPULink

    Only 5,000 made (USA), oh well…

    • Elle

      It’s on amazon. You better preorder

  • Kiera

    CE is also in Europe and I will get this :D Good News :)

  • NZH97

    This is already defeating storm 4 imo. Wonder what the season pass will be

    • Doffy The Joker

      I think anything can beat the Storm series, it’s practically been the same button mashing, broken fighter for the last 6 games.

      • NZH97

        true, its sooo funny seeing narutards saying Storm 4 is better

        • Doffy The Joker

          He’s quite irritated at the truth.

          • Sarthak Verma

            Meh, the storm 4 may be a button masher, but it has a few gem tricks here and there making it competitive. You could say it is a COMPETITIVE BUTTON MASHER. *ba-dum-TISH*

            That neutralism aside, i understand that storm series has been quite repetitive and that the controls are just button masher style. It STILL doesnt mean that some people can’t try to make it competitive. I try (and i fail frankly lol) and it is fun, so give the other guy/girl some slack. Thats all i wanted to say for no real reason. #Opinion

            • Doffy The Joker

              Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments and was a good series, but after Generations it followed a repetitive pattern and changed virtually nothing aside from more characters being playable and adapting iconic battles into QTE. Looking at it now, its nothing more than people being dazzled with its flashy graphics while forgetting it’s practically become the exact same game.

              Had they tried to improve the core gameplay maybe it would have done better.
              Oh I see where you are coming from and respect that, it’s honestly nice getting a mature response from someone being realistic compared to the angry Storm fan above me.

              You aren’t being a condescending dick so kudos to that good sir.

              • Sarthak Verma

                True. They still havent topped ultimate ninja 3 for the ps2.
                EDIT: even tho it was a substitution spamfest like all other ultimate ninja games. It still felt more thrilling than any other game.

                • Doffy The Joker

                  I still have Ultimate Ninja 3 & 4 on the PS2. Fantastic games and much more challenging. One of the few 2D fighters I’m good at.

      • Terraforce77

        It’s only a button masher if you’re a complete newbie as a player. Watch some more advanced battles between higher level players. It definitely takes a lot more than “mashing buttons.” That being said, based off of the trailers, BB may be even more competitive than UNS.

        • Doffy The Joker

          With all due respect, the Storm series is literally a broken button masher. You can lie to yourself and call someone a “Newbie” but that is not the case.

          The Storm series has, and will remain to be the exact same game even with the final game coming out soon. It is the easiest 3D fighting game to learn, it takes no real skill. After learning the controls and going over the simple attack combos and Jutsu, everyone who plays it becomes “advance”. There is no real secret or skill required, the game still remains to be easily spammable and simplistic in nature so that anyone can get the hang of it.

          Burning Blood will be even more competitive and challenging, seeing how its being made by Spike Chunsoft, the teams behind J-Stars and the Budokai Tenkaichi series. So it’s going to be much better than Storm ever tried to be.

          • Terraforce77

            I would LOVE to see you post footage of you pulling off some of these types of moves:


            There are plenty of better players than these two and you likely can’t even pull something like that off. It is FAR and beyond from a mere button masher if you play anything past the casual level. I’m not saying that it’s Blazblue orGuilty Gear levels of competitive play, but you are definitely downplaying the amount of skill it takes to play this game on the competitive level. If you button mash against a competent player, then you’ll get your ass kicked easily.

            I’ve had plenty of friends who aren’t too into fighting games try to button mash and spam the substitution jutsu against me and they couldn’t even get me into my second bar of health. If all you do is mash the attack button, you miss out on ninja dashing, combo cancelling, supports, tilts, mix-ups, combos that cancel into UJs, etc.

            And yes, I can most definitely call you a newbie since you do not understand the potential of this game, just like how I would call out someone for their idiocy if they naively think that a game like Tekken is a “button masher.”

            • Doffy The Joker

              Maybe I shouldn’t have been so blunt if you are going to throw a fit about it.

              Seriously, resorting to excuses now? In the face of realistic criticism you throw the “lets see you do it” type of comment? I don’t know if I should be laughing or pitying you. Even if I did film myself playing a match you’d still find an excuse.

              I find it funny you think that posting a random video actually helps you. You are just resorting to insults and poor judgment because I’m being realistic.

              But onto your video, its not helping your case here whatsoever. Posting two people playing an online match doesn’t prove anything for you.

              The controls of the series are literally the equivalent to a button masher, there is only one main attack button and activating Jutsu requires one more, it’s just dashing and timed attacks with either regular attacks or Jutsu usage. Just because they are dashing around doesn’t make it any more complex.

              So nice try at trying to make the series out to be more complicated than it is, but no cigar.
              We are talking about 3D fighters, so referencing Guilty Gear and Blaze Blue is invalid and a waste of time.

              No, you can’t. You are only calling me that because I bluntly stated the fact Storm is a 3D button masher attempting to be a fighter. You can’t prove anything and only resort to cheap insults and excuses. Maybe if you focused more on accepting the truth and doing research on other fighting games then you might have gotten somewhere here.

              Once again you poorly attempt at making an example. Tekken is far superior compared to Storm for one reason: it actually requires skill and has a vastly different gameplay mechanic.

              Tekken, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, DBZ Budokai and the Budokai Tenkaichi series and J-Stars are all actual 3D fighting games that all are more complex and challenging than Storm. Those are games that require actually skill through the use of varied combos with multiple buttons and practice. A thought process is required, compared to the fact anyone can master the Storm series after one match through the use of two buttons, and timed spamming. It’s been the same game with no real improvements or challenge.

  • Doffy The Joker

    Please dub it Namco! Fans have been asking for quite some time for a dubbed OP game!

    • Ossie

      No they havent, no one wants a dubbed one piece game

      • Doffy The Joker

        Yes, we have. Just because you are a sub weeb doesn’t mean you represent the majority.

        It’s Funimation, the group behind the English releases DBZ, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, Hellsing, Hetalia, Soul Eater, all anime that received critical acclaim for its dub.

        Plus Toei and Oda himself picked out the main dub cast to help the series grow in the US, and it’s turned out for the better.

        Need I go on?

        • Zancrow

          “Oda himself picked out the main dub cast”


          • Sleepingdragon55

            I’m pretty sure he only picked the japanese cast.

            • Alex Olinkiewicz

              No, Oda did pick the English Cast for the One Piece dub

              • Sleepingdragon55

                Well thing is Oda didn’t pick them he just approved them. There’s a big difference in that.

                • Doffy The Joker

                  DYK Voice acting confirmed the fact Oda helped hand pick the dub cast from Funi.

          • Alex Olinkiewicz
            • Zancrow

              Not a valid source. lol

              • Alex Olinkiewicz

                no, but it’s one of the many sites that have said Oda himself picked the English Voice actors.

                • Zancrow

                  And as we all know, anything the Internet says is true.

          • Doffy The Joker

            DYK Voice Acting confirmed it from Funi.

        • Ossie

          Go on if you want, the only people that want dubs are kids that cant keep up with some sentences

          • Alex Olinkiewicz

            Seriously you Dub Haters need to grow up, your doing nothing, but giving Anime Fans a Bad Name.

          • Terraforce77

            Seriously? Are you so ignorant that the idea of someone else liking something that you don’t like seems like such a fallacy? What is wrong with you? Plenty of dubbed anime are on par and some are superior to subbed. People who act pretentious just because they watch something with subtitles seriously need to grow up. News flash buddy, but even little kids can read.

          • Doffy The Joker

            And mindless weebs can only resort to insults when faced with the truth.

            Reading is easy, but when watching a show or playing a game you are supposed to look ahead and listen.

            So do you watch all your favorite cartoons and play your favorite games dubbed and translated in languages you don’t remotely understand?

            So you are doing a wonderful job at showing how immature you are, keep it up.

          • The Phantom Killer

            Your such a weeb -_-

      • KidKojack

        Please don’t speak for every One Piece fan because you don’t know every fan.

  • MasterObelisk

    I need that Whitebeard statue.

  • Viv Qi

    Where are the women of One Piece!?

  • Sleepingdragon55

    Well i think it’s save to say that whitebeard will be playable.

  • Sarthak Verma

    I really hope it is a fun game. It can have fighting elements or masher elements, i dont give a fudge pudding.

  • Victor Black

    One Piece: Burning Blood looks good. Hope that Namco consider HD version of Soul Calibur IV (even without Star Wars characters) for PS4, Xbone and PC.

  • highsky00

    I want the other two characters for Pre-order edition are Silver Rayleigh and Gol D. Roger XD

    • Azura

      Rayleigh maybe, Roger though is highly unlikely. I think the other two characters are Whitebeard and Hancock or Hancock and(lets pray to god he’s not) Bellamy.

      • highsky00

        Whitebeard and Hancock aren’t surprise characters IMO .They has been in all One Piece Pirate Warriors games .Rayleigh is a surprise charater ,Roger is also a surprise character ,Dragon too .

  • RentALine

    Were can you pre order?

    • Azura

      I think Amazon

      • RentALine

        Yeah… Its 129… No mercy.

        • Azura

          I’m doing it for the Whitebeard statue!!

  • Dante

    Okay but in amazon can pre order ?

  • Freud_Hater

    “Two exclusive figurines of Whiteboard and his grave.”

    Damn. Spoilers, jeez. I mean, I already knew, but what about the poor newbie who was counting on this game to really get super-invested in OP? :(

  • jacob numan

    if you want the game dub then go to do something before it released 500 support is needed to get it done