Attack on Titan game by Omega Force announced for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita
posted on 08.05.15 at 03:06 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Koei Tecmo-published game due out in 2016.

Attack on Titan

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have announced Attack on Titan (working title) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

The action title, based on the hit manga and anime series, will launch in North America, Europe, and Japan in 2016.

“I am very happy to reveal we have started developing a new action game based on the phenomenally successful Attack on Titan,” Koei Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma said in a press release.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    And Vita/PS3.

    • Sal Romano

      Updated. The beginning only showed PS4. I didn’t see the last bit of the PV. =x

      • mrgrgr!

        i’m actually surprised they locked the game to PS family in the west.

        probably the Arslan decision is a bit odd.

        • Elle

          Sony probably threw some cash.

          • mrgrgr!

            possibly. but I don’t think its wise to release arslan and this on xbox one financially.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    So it’s worldwide?

    • Linkmstr

      Looks like it. Attack on Titan is really popular around the world. :p

      • Renaldi Saputra

        Oh wew
        Based the most good guy KT

    • JonathanisPrimus

      Yeah, they were teasing this announcement on both the EU and NA social media accounts.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        Oh man what a good guy
        Based KT

  • healer

    open your eyes, it’s also for ps3/vita

  • K!

    This giving me more hype than FFXV Dawn trailer lol

  • Roberto

    I think it can be fun
    Also PS3/Vita

  • Renaldi Saputra

    Vita and PS3 are saved

    Thanks KT, you’re indeed the most good guy

    Now you guys only need to revive Monster Farm franchise

    • JonathanisPrimus

      monsters rule

    • The Dark Knight

      I hope for vita physical like toukiden

      • Renaldi Saputra

        It’s not Gust games so maybe still possible

    • Budgiecat

      please also continue Zill O’ll and revive Seven Magic Mansions and Destrega

      • Renaldi Saputra

        We need Monster Farm/Rancher

        Disk Stone FTW

  • HitagiHanekawa


  • Anime10121

    Would’ve been nice to see how it actually plays… But at least the graphical style is nice enough

  • Elle

    Slay. Now that’s how you do a teaser trailer.


  • orosoy

    This is a system seller folks

    • The Dark Knight

      I’m going to wait for the gameplay first because the 3ds one looks like cashgrab garbage

  • Best Meguca

    “No gameplay footage”
    “No Mikasa was shown”
    “I waited a week for this”

  • Delicious Fried Chocobo

    heh no offense this just looks way better than that 3ds game now all I need to know if it plays well…

  • Bart Fatima

    This looks great, the franchise is showing its an all around money collector lol.

    • Budgiecat

      Still waiting for a worthy Evangelion game lol

  • Demolish

    plz tell me the graphic is gonna be like Arslan the warriors?

    im so excited ^.^

    • The Dark Knight

      That would be sick I hope the gameplay is not spiderman copy again

  • DarthBrian

    Hooray for getting a localization announcement too. :p

    • Budgiecat

      Your move now Capcom….

      • The Dark Knight

        Capcom: remake remaster remaster remake!!!

  • CreepBeam

    It looks good, now to see if the gameplay holds up as well.

    That being said I’m a little disappointed that we don’t already have said gameplay footage.

  • Budgiecat

    Well it was pretty obvious it was either this or another Zill O’ll and the more hints they through out, the less it was likely to be the latter….

  • Isamu Daison

    One more added to my PSVita collection!

  • PuppetMaster

    One Piece: Warrior 3
    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Arslan Senki
    and this

    • The Fabulous Wombat

      Those are pretty much same games with different looking characters…i know i can’t tell you how to spend your money, but damn….. What’s the point of owning more than one of those if the gameplay is 95% the same?

      • Thatguy

        Maybe… they are fun? I don’t know why people play games they like

      • firesonicz

        Thats the exact reason on why we buy warriors games. We love the gameplay and love to experience it with different franchises

      • PuppetMaster

        “What’s the point of owning more than one of those if the gameplay is 95% the same”

        Sorry to say this dude, but your question sounds dumb as hell. Might asking yourself why you would buy the next Halo, Uncharted, Mario Kart, Diablo, etc since all of them basicly play not that different compare to their previous games.

        But here my reasons on grabbing this games:

        1) I’m not a fans of Dragon Quest, but DQ Heroes looks interesting. People who already played it also said it plays a bit different than the usual Musou. So i will use it as a chance to learn DQ lore before i play DQ XI.

        2) I’m a big fans of One Piece but i didn’t had the chance to play OP Warriors 1 & 2. So this time i will try to grab the 3rd game since it looks solid, have more contents than previous games, and i can play as Sabo. His one of my fav character in the series so it would be cool if i can play him and pull all his moves. Also, there’s a mode called Dream Log that function as a side story that never happen in manga / anime (cmiiw).

        3) Yes, i admit at the moment Arslan Senki doesn’t look special in terms of gameplay. But i love the anime and i’m looking forward to play as Daryun or even prince Arslan on their quest to take back Pars kingdom.

        4) We don’t know anything about Attack on Titan. It’s to soon to claim it will play the same like other Musou game. But i will give it a chance since i’m a fans of AoT.

        Oh and one more thing:

        It’s like years ago when i played the last musou game. I think Gundam Warriors 2 or Samurai Warriors 2 as the last musou title that i played. So this time i want to have fun kicking tons of enemies ass again :3

  • valencia7

    Mmm , great notice but will launch physical copy or only digital ?

  • mrgrgr!

    ohh.. NISA can provide us LE for this!

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Maybe no bcos this is not Gust

      • mrgrgr!

        samurai warriors 4-II LE is by NISA…

        • Renaldi Saputra

          Oh okay then

  • articuzwolf

    Concerned with the vita inclusion will limit/witheld the PS3/4 versions performance

    • obezian

      don’t be, they don’t really have the money to make a game that won’t run on vita.

      • articuzwolf

        That even worse

        • quodvadis

          It’s as if you’ve never played Omega Force game.

          • articuzwolf

            Last one being Gundam Musou 2, that game won’t run on Vita

            • obezian

              Are you kidding? It would easily run on vita if vita had already been a thing in 2008. It even released on PS2 for god’s sake.

              • articuzwolf

                Okay wrong number, should be the third one (the one with exia and unicorn in the cover)

                • obezian

                  Doesn’t matter. Vita even has its own Shin Gundam Musou which is largely the same.

                  • articuzwolf

                    Never play the game, I’ll take your word for it

            • quodvadis

              It runs on PS2. PS2.

              • articuzwolf

                Yeah, my bad it should be the third one

    • Luke Harrison

      the quality of vita games are surprisingly well made sao hollow fragment is a perfect example of a vita game on ps4 and works perfectly well and doesnt feel held back by limitations (although made slightly after for ps4) i think we will just have to wait and see :D

  • theBridgeburner

    Well… crap. Hype deflated 1,000%.

    I suppose it could be enjoyable gameplay-wise, but the Attack on Titan property does nothing for me. I mean, if the series was as good as the first six or seven episodes I’d think it was phenomenal… Unfortunately, it went downhill faster than a train wreck after that initial awesomeness.

  • articuzwolf

    I will be mad if the “titans” could be killed easily like those stupid dumb infantry from Warrior series

    • Cerberus Batista

      That doesn’t even make any sense, you probably only gonna kill one titan with a super precise attack, because koei it’s not known to be good with hordes, but the amount of work they put on their games.

  • Sophitia

    Can’t wait to solo 1000 titan!

  • Jeremy Yuuji Tan

    All that hype for THIS!?

    *back to Omega Dungeon news*

  • Jin Jinathin Pitts

    yup i was totally right for the release platform lol

  • Cerberus Batista

    No gameplay in the trailer but still there’s people saying it’s is going to be a fail….
    “Experts” LOL.

    • Thatguy

      Because it’s 100% going to be your usual Warriors game.



      • obezian

        The very first teaser said that it’s not a “warriors”. We should probably think more among the lines of Toukiden.

        • Impulse Games

          Reading? What’s that?

          It’s that thing people don’t do anymore so when they say things they intentionally make themselves look like assholes.

        • Some guy

          I see, it’s not enough of making half a dozen of DW reskin each year, they’re going to run toukiden into the ground instead with even more reskins.
          That’s so much better.

          • obezian

            Welp, we shall wait and see. I can only speculate at this point, let’s save that negativity for the actual gameplay footage.

            • Thatguy

              Mature approach? On Internet? You are monster! :D

        • Thatguy

          Well, yeah. Or maybe something different.

          It’s just i got sooo tired about *look! another DW clone but with titans now!* on many sites and forums.

          That’s the reason i add *sigh*.

      • Cerberus Batista

        100%? Koei was more games that the warriors series. Your comment is so stupid that was hard to come up with an answer, do you even play koei games or you are saying that just because everyone says?
        and if you are so “pro” then tell me a better company to make this game then????
        Saying was other say it’s easy…

        • Thatguy

          It’s sarcasm, dude.

          Well, for more: i am huge fan of Koei games, except Otome (not my thing, sorry)

          I will KILL for Taikou Risshiden in English, new Uncharted Waters and i am waiting for RoTK 13

          • Cerberus Batista

            Still not funny…
            And it’s not a copy of DW, you know that’s actually called hack and slash?
            I don’t see people saying that every shooter is an imitation of counter strike or wtv.
            I like koei because they actually work in the every detail on their games, not like cc2 with naruto, 70% of that game is recycled, and seeing such a good company like koei being mocked just for the “swag” pisses me off, because you have companies that don’t give a shit about any gamer, and don’t work like they suppose to, but still have better treatment then this one.
            before toukiden everyone said the same thing, and now that same game is at the same lv that monster hunter or god eater.

            • Thatguy

              It wasn’t supposed to be funny, sorry :(

              And every FPS is imitation of CoD in this day and age (like, seriously, every FPS is CoD clone?)

              But i can see when people said that Toukiden is monster hunting game. It’s just different approach than MH, GE or FW. (they are all different games)

              And Koei sometimes aren’t saints. I still don’t understand SW4-II thing. SW4XL would be a better idea than what SW4-II was.

      • XiaomuArisu

        They said that its NOT a Warriors game

        • Thatguy

          I know.

          I’ll add /s to my post.

          *Sigh* isn’t enough :(

        • CoronelCosgrove

          Also, being a warriors game could be a good thing if they had evolve since DW 3… Wich they didn’t.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Actually they did :)

  • cyberkinghardy

    Hmm so I’m 50% right when I guessed the title “Dynasty Titans” :D

    • Hayate Omega ZX

      Kyojin Musou

  • Yuntu

    No gameplay, nothing to judge. Well let’s play the waiting game.

  • Articuno76

    This could actually work quite well as a sort of survival-horror action-game thingy. Especially now that the Vita is the base system, making it easier to bring the scope of the show to a game.

  • Lara Croft

    If those are in-game visuals, then I’m impressed.

  • Sleepingdragon55

    Well if the gameplay is as much fun as reading the recent manga chapters it will be really bad lol. Ah well i guess i´ll just wait for a DW9 announcement…

    • WildCl1

      I know right!….the recent manga chapters are the worst…it really disappoint me…I thought that titan that that have a bigger size than the colossal titan would be hard to kill. And the fighting scene with rod reiss(that big titan) was really suck i thought it would be epic when eren turn into titan but, all he did was just throwing a goddamn explosive Barrels then historia became a queen. I was like WTF?! xD

  • Zancrow

    Looking forward to that.

  • ayanami-chan

    All of us in 2016! But will it suck

  • vishmarx

    i hope its cel shaded

  • Jansen

    If this is Freedom Wars-style (’cause face it, it can work that way) then I’m sold!

    FW-esque = SOLD!

    I’ll take this as a FW 1.5

    • Valkyrine

      Toukiden and Freedom Wars ….goose bumps…and please make it digital….

      • darkknezz

        Please make it physical

  • Geese Howard

    Damn, THIS I am looking forward to… Nice one!

  • Curtis Erickson

    I’ll only be happy of it has the free roam grappling controls of Feng Lee’s Unity game.

  • Zenobia Joyner

    Very good news i like to watch the english dub version of the anime when i can.

  • Luke Harrison

    lets just pray and hope this will be good ! multiplayer’s please :D


    i just hope its something completely new and different.Please don’t make this a dynasty warriors/gundum clone that would be a terrible approach to this game. i think a AOT GAME with a complete online feature where its a mmo style game where maybe you and a squad could go out and defeat different type titans and get rated and rewarded and adding a permadeath to it so when you do make a character and as he survives the missions he gets upgrades and perks making it that much satisfying when you complete missions and that much bitter when everything is lost

  • Renad

    omg please multiplayer !!!!

  • Frank


    • JC

      Please tell me there’ll be an option for sub and dub D: I don’t want Dub! ugh

      • Frank


      • Andrew T

        Do you want attention? Shut it. You know full well anime games have been sub only for like the past five years so save it.

  • Philemon

    I hope you can create your own character in multiplayer and the same thing “TDUBBNOLOVE” said about upgrading but people would get salty if they lost all their upgrades I think they should make it while during a match each titan you kill you get points and you upgrade during the match you can use the “TitanPoints” for buying better gear there should be a station for it too

  • Noah

    I think that they should make it where you can choose whether or not you want perma-death when you make a new character because like Philemon said some people “would get salty if the lost all their upgrades”.
    Also definitely have multiplayer, but make it like GTA V where you can choose single player or multi player.

  • Angel Guzman

    Hope u get paid for killing titans and hope
    u become a titan

  • Angel Guzman

    I hope graphics don’t change if u got different systems

  • JC

    I badly hope that so many people buy this game that they decide that the anime is popular enough to get more seasons. I badly need more seasons. There are so many feelings this anime makes me feel. I’m not typically into anime but this one just stood out. I first got into anime via Naruto and it changed my life, the values. This feels like one of those anime to me, I want to see where it goes, I feel like a kid again, and I feel less jaded and I feel things I forgot how to. I’m 25 btw

  • Fares Yusuf

    Spoilers Below



    i can’t wait

  • Fares Yusuf

    Fares Yusuf