Testuya Nomura shares Kingdom Hearts III message in Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania
posted on 10.01.14 at 10:34 PM EDT by (@sqexgal)
"I harness the burning anger in my heart into what I create."

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura left a message about Kingdom Hearts III for fans in the Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania book, a guide packed with content from every single game in the series, released alongside Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix in Japan today.

Find the message below.

If I had to pick, I am a person more on the dark side like Xehanort and co., I harness the burning anger in my heart into what I create. Kingdom Hearts III’s current development explodes very much in this sense. Each time, it’s a battle with Sora and co. who are the exact opposite of myself, it’s been over 10 years and yet we haven’t reached a conclusion.

This battle will surely last longer.

In Kingdom Hearts III as well, I am scheming many challenges that Sora and his friends must overcome, because I myself cannot lose either. And in preparation for the great battle that lies ahead, we have this one book that looks back on their entire journey.

When I think about it, I had an explosive mindset when I made the first Kingdom Hearts as well.

Thus when I look back at all the material, I feel that fever again. Fans who will continue the journey so far alongside Sora and his friends will also recall their own feverish enthusiasm. With that passion, we will not lose to darkness, and Sora’s journey will continue onwards.

The journey still continues, but I would be overjoyed if you stuck with us until the very end.

It sounds like perhaps he did not leave his position as director of Final Fantasy XV on the best terms and is funneling that rage into his other projects, primarily Kingdom Hearts III. Also judging by his comment, he doesn’t intend for Kingdom Hearts III to be the final title in the series, but that remains to be seen.

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