Shining Resonance’s BAND System showcased
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Two new antagonists also brought to light as well.


It’s been a while since we were last able to check up on Shining Resonance, but rest assured, Sega has graced me with another opportunity for paid work us with another press release updating us all on what to expect in the game when it hits this winter. Chief among the new updates are character profiles for two major antagonists Yuuma and company will face down in the game, as well as details on the game’s newly revealed BAND System. Check out the translated goods below.

New Characters


Marion Lu Shila (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro)
Class: Cannoneer
Weapon: Divine Cannon
Main Magic Type: Healing and Support Magic

“By the grace of god, I suggest you offer up the dragon’s soul. I already have a lock on him and am otherwise all too willing to mete out his divine punishment myself.”

Marion is a young man who’s a member of Beowulf, a special squad of knights under the control of the Church of the Seal. Created by the church using secret techniques to function as a living weapon, he works as a sniper that does as he’s told with a cool head. As such, despite his youthful appearance, he’s in actuality a fearsome and extremely powerful foe, essentially a doll made for combat.

Sporting a demonic eye from a dragon where his left eye should be, Marion takes on the Dragoners using heavy artillery that’s powered by magic. Possibly due to the spiritual control exerted on him by Joachim, he has two distinct personalities that argue with each other constantly.

Yuuma previously met Marion and Joachim during his time when he was locked up in a research facility, possibly meaning they’re at an advantage to some degree when facing him again on the battlefield.


Joachim Rubens (voiced by Kazuya Nakai)
Class: Dark Priest
Weapon: Psycho Lops (Death Blade)
Main Magic: Dark Magic

“I suggest you return your sinful body to me as penance. I’ll see to it that you’re reborn into something marvelous by the gods when you do!”

Joachim is a scientist who works for Beowulf and is their leading researcher in the field of ancient dark magic. A man with a few screws loose in his head, he’s extremely gifted in biology and medicine, but feels no particular urge to apply his knowledge outside of his research experiments. In particular, he’s created a number of living weapons like Marion that make use of Dragon Body Dynamics. As such, he pays no mind to whatever sacrifices have to be made in order to realize his experiments.

Among Joachim’s many accomplishments as a researcher, Marion in particular is something he’s proud of and he holds a strong attachment to him. He was also the one behind the experiments conducted on Yuuma while he was held captive, whose body he displays an especially strong interest in researching further.

Introducing the BAND System

To utilize the special powers inherent to Rune Songs in Shining Resonance, you have to trigger what’s known in the game as the BAND System. Doing so requires building up the Party Gauge, the vertical bar on the left side of the screen, which can be doing by successfully landing attacks. The Party Gauge has up to three levels, with at least one level needing to be filled in order to trigger the BAND System. Once the BAND system is in effect, certain effects will be bestowed upon the party until the gauge drops down to zero, at which point, the party returns to normal.

The specific nature of the effects depends on which character is designated as the Center and even in cases where characters can play the same songs, the effects that they can pull off will still vary. For instance, setting Kirika as the Center will allow you take less damage and be more resilient against status ailments, whereas making Lesti the Center swaps out the status ailment resistances for higher guarding capabilities. Agnam, meanwhile, lacks damage reduction perks as a Center, but comes with evasion buffs of his own. Additionally, characters’ performances will depend on their position; Kirika will sing as the Center, but otherwise play her instrument if she’s operating in the background, while the other characters will play their instruments if they’ve got the literal Center stage. Just play around and see what strikes your fancy most! There’s plenty to uncover with this system!

Shining Resonance is poised to come out for the PlayStation 3 in Japan on December 11. As per usual, there are heaps of new screenshots and art assets that you can check out in depth at the gallery here.

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    Best. Be. At. TGS

    Oh, and great translation work as always! (^-^)

    • Thomas James

      Thanks! Always nice to hear people enjoy my work. :)

      On the TGS end, I believe new Shining games tend to show up there, yeah. I’m pretty sure when I went to it in 2011, there was one there. It’s all kind of a blur —I spent three hours standing in line for the pleasure of playing Persona 4 Arena for five minutes— but I feel like that was the case at least. :D!

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    At whoa at seeing a character name Joachim. Immediately reminds me of XenoSaga, heh.

    Anyways, the both sound like interesting characters. The BAND system reminds me of all those other gauges that appear in a lot of games. Not saying that in a bad way, but should be easy to get a handle on how to best utilize it.

    Good job as always, Thomas~

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      I am a fan of her work, so it’s interesting to see her voicing male characters.

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              Naruto Uzumaki is also voiced by a female, in the Japanese version of course.

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