PopoloCrois Harvest Moon announced for 3DS
posted on 09.02.14 at 10:17 AM EDT by (@salromano)
An RPG fusion of PopoloCrois and Harvest Moon.

PopoloCrois Harvest Moon

Famitsu this week unveils PopoloCrois Harvest Moon for 3DS. Or rather, PopoloCrois Bokujou Monogatari (Farm Story), considering it won’t be localized under the Harvest Moon title.

The game is an RPG fusion of PopoloCrois and Harvest Moon featuring a command-based battle system.

The main character is a young prince named Pietro. A number of familiar characters from the PopoloCrois series will also appear. And as expected from a Harvest Moon title, players will be able to take care of animals and grow crops on their ranch.

Here is the current list of characters:

  • Prince Pietro (voiced by Ai Orikasa)
  • Narcia (voiced by Yuri Shiratori)
  • Gilda (voiced by Masako Nozawa)
  • White Knight (voiced by Masashi Ebara)
  • Gamigami Devil (voiced by Akio Otsuka)

And here are the staff details:

  • Original Work: Yousuke Tamori and Yoshifumi Hashimoto
  • Producer: Yoshifumi Hashimoto
  • Superviser: Tetsuji Yamamoto
  • Sound: Yoshiyuki Sahashi and Ishikawa Tetsuo
  • Animation: TMS Entertainment
  • Developer: Epics
  • Percentage Complete: 50%

A release date was not announced.

In related news, Marvelous producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto mentioned that while they can’t announce it yet, “an unexpected project” is in the planning, and that a number of surprises such as PopoloCrois Farm Story are in the works.

Thanks, Re: Zaregoto, Games Talk, and Sokuho@Hokanko.

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  • Renaldi Saputra

    Nozawa Masako

  • PrinceHeir

    As soon as i saw Otsuka Akio i knew he would voice the villain XD

    And PoPoLoCrois?? Man that’s one the earliest PSP games i saw!!!


    So this is a Harvest Moon style with PoPoLoCrois arstyle?

    Shame Natsume won’t allow Xseed to use the Harvest Moon name, even though that’s what they’ve been using when referring Bokujou Monogatari series from Japan.

  • Budgiecat

    they look even younger! lol

    Next HM game to actually have babies in diapers as main characters….getting married :P

    • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

      Art Style my friend.^_^

      • Budgiecat

        prefer the previous Harvest Moon artstyle

  • papermario

    This game looks great. I will buy this

    • Budgiecat

      well thats a relief. Was getting worried…

  • articuzwolf

    put “Kaze no Mahou” somewhere in the game…it’s a grave sin to leave that song out

    • aquagon

      Agreed. But if they make a new song with Oto Fumi as the singer that’s similar in tone to it, I wouldn’t oppose it. xD

  • Mark Lengod

    I trade Forbidden Magna’s in-game visual/art for this one’s any day of the week…

    • Budgiecat

      Had to look that up…

      Yeah that looks pretty horrid, but this doesnt look that much better really…

      • Mark Lengod

        B-b-but, it’s PoPoLoCrois, it’s the good moe ):

        From a decade when moe wasn’t tainted by Compile Heart and flat-chested/lolicon lovers.

        • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

          Moe have always exist even during the 80’s era. Even Sailor Moon is moe there.

      • Pekola

        You better not be dissing PoPoloCrois.

        Don’t even go there, gurl.

  • Willgaea

    Those beetle eyes keep my wallet shut.

  • Pekola

    Her official name is Narcia in English.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Hmm thats interesting since SCE supposedly owns Popolocrois so i’ve read.

    • Chestnut Bowl

      Incorrect, they don’t own the Popolocrois license. It’s a manga series not owned by Sony.

  • Elvick

    The art is awesome.

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    Oh man, that looks super cute. I remember Popolocrois as the first PS2 game I ever saw in the page of EGM back in 1998 or something, and I always wondered why none of the games came out here in the West.

    I hope XSeed brings this one over, as a “Story of Seasons” game or not. Adding combat to the farming and sim/rpg elements? This is the closest thing to a new Rune Factory there is right now, even if it’s traditional command style! But really, it just looks fun anyway :)

  • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

    Cute Artwork. I guess they are planning to leverage the IP by adding them with Bokujou Monogatari(Harvest Moon) IP first.

    The way i look for the art and game style, it is closer to Fantasy Life i guess?