Dead or Alive 5: Last Round debut trailer, screenshots
posted on 09.01.14 at 07:30 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 in spring 2015.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Koei Tecmo has released the debut trailer for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, coming to not only PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but also PS3 and Xbox 360 in spring 2015.

Additionally, the company announced the game will feature some sort of collaboration with the Senran Kagura series.

Watch the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Elle

    I wish they would just detail the differences because we’ve seen marie and tengu sexy female edition. These screenshots do nothing for me. I see a doa 3 and a doa 2 stage in the trailer. The doa2 stage looks great.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Wait… PS3 and X360 too? Now I’m a bit conflicted. I don’t usually mind cross-gen but hasn’t DOA5 had enough versions on last-gen? >.>

    • bloodiOS

      They just want to be safe and cover all the bases. Beside, the Xbox 360 and PS3 version probably don’t require much effort anyway.

    • Elle

      They want to keep the fighting game community happy.
      Some might not want to upgrade systems just yet with tournaments and whatnot.

  • Coloso90909

    Senran Kagura?¿ in the trailer…

  • Kobracon

    Are they….discontinuing DO5 Ultimate or can I just buy the extra characters or something?


  • Bob Slim

    OMG senran kagura at the end what does it mean.
    I hope it means what think it is

    • 強大なサム(Mighty Sam)

      Senran Kagura characters with current gen ‘motion’ physics?or maybe they want to implement the clothes tearing mechanic in this edition?if the second one is true then I would buy it again despite I have the Ultimate edition :)

  • Six

    If they put Senran Kagura characters in Dead or Alive I’ll flip my shit.

    • indra jaya

      huh…!?! flip someone skirt…?!? :)

  • Don

    probably senran kagura costume DLCs.. the kagura girlies are ninjas right? so there is a connection to this madness

  • Rafael Martines

    The “Last” Round

    • Bob Obb

      It’s the prequel to Last Round Arcade Edition.

      Which is the prequel to Last Round Final Destination.

  • Aaron Mason

    what about a new VF character for this edition?

    • Budgiecat

      Eileen please

    • Elle

      Vanessa plz or the obvious ninja dude (can’t recall his name)

      • Aaron Mason

        Kage Maru

  • Budgiecat

    I still dont get why its also for PS3/360. Ugh. Way to make the past games people paid all that DLC for obsolete…

    • Elle

      Uh not all dlc from original DoA transfered to ultimate and what wasn’t free with ultimate transfered to the new game if you bought it already why wouldn’t this?

      • tokyobassist

        Because some people probably play this competitively and they are still forced to buy this new version since it has all the recent balance changes. Balance changes have never been offered as a patch.

  • DarthBrian

    When, oh when, are they going to make another DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball game? :(

    The 2nd game was a step down from the first, but on new gen hardware, a new game built from the ground up will sing! T_T

    • 強大なサム(Mighty Sam)

      If there will be third one,it better not be exclusive to Xbox again…

    • PrinceHeir

      Their testing waters :P

      They might even add it as a bonus mini game like Tekken Bowl and Tekken Bowl from Tekken Tag 2 :)

      They could always saved it for DOA7.

      Be patient my friend :)

    • Elle

      They shouldnt bother if they aren’t going to add guys too.

  • 強大なサム(Mighty Sam)

    C’mooooon,I just bought the freaking Ultimate Edition last year and now this…

    • Bobby Jennings

      That was last year. You probably won’t get this one until next year.

      That said, you got a 2 year preparation period.

      • MrTyrant

        I bought it last month? should I feel bad? because I do =_=

        • Bobby Jennings

          No..because you still have about a year before you buy it again.

      • 強大なサム(Mighty Sam)

        For what?pay another 60$ because it has some more content?I didn’t get the original edition and at the time of Ultimate edition I thought that this the last version coming out with all the extra juice packed in.but it seems the Street Fighter IV trend has affected the DoA this time.the only difference is that luckily Street Fighter IV picked my interest when the Ultra edition was announced and I hope I didn’t spend my money on a edition which is going to be followed by another better edition.but that seems unlikely,given that Street Fighter II also had only 3 home console editions despite being the best selling game in the franchise.

        • Bobby Jennings

          How do you know it’s $60?

          And I’m sure you’ll still buy it.

        • Elle

          Ultimate wasnt 60 and quickly dropped to 19.99 soon after release.

  • futuristic_imagination

    hmmm… I don’t know how I feel about this. Way to kill my hype for the NyoTengu release this week. On second thought, I might get over it once I think about it for a while and get a few drinks today!

    Now we have to wait and see the price on release and how much of the dlc is going to be in it. They better have “cross goods” when I eventually get a ps4.

  • James Reilly

    Haha that Senran Kagura collaboration.

    Nice update from what we saw so far

    -two new stages
    – new costumes (notably from fan contest)
    – new tag animations
    – new hairstyles

    • tokyobassist

      The two of them are from DOA 2 Hardcore and 3. I didn’t see anything particularly new stage wise.

      • Elle

        I hope they make that rain stage they wanted to make now or remake the one from 2 Ultimate since the PS4 and Xbox can more than handle it while maintaining 60fps unlike the PS360.

  • 武神水樹

    Dam Kanji

    Looks like there’s going to be 150 contents from DOA5 Ultimate made available for download and a Senran Kagura collaboration.

    I don’t think they’re adding SK characters, TN reduced the boobs of the DOA girls already. Plus none of the DOA girls use weapons like SK. Probably just more costume dlc to spend money on

    • PrinceHeir

      Nah they added jiggle option in the options menu :P

      Just change boobs to “Dead or Alive” level and your good to go!

  • 武神水樹
    • PrinceHeir

      I knew that was Senran Kagura EV Collaboration!

      It was confusing when i saw it, since after that they showed Estival Versus thinking it was part of reel.

      GODLY STUFF!!!!!

  • artemisthemp

    I have 2 hopes for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round:
    1. I hope the game won’t be hold back by Last Gen and 2. It not been full price.

    • tokyobassist

      1. It’s cross-gen. Don’t expect much outside of better hair and maybe weather effects.
      2. It’s totally full-price for the PS4/X1 versions if the Warrior Orochi ports are any indication.

      • artemisthemp

        Then they won’t see my money until the product have a fallen in price.

        • tokyobassist

          Good call. Personally I’m not rebuying this. The game was fun while it lasted but the netcode is pretty garbage and doesn’t have what I’m looking for as far as depth. I prefer Tekken despite the BS that the newer games have had in them.

          • artemisthemp

            You mean Jill/Unknown destroying you in TTT2?

  • greenreaper

    I’m interested in seeing what their gimmicks are going to be for buying this one. I mean Ultimate wasn’t really a new game at all, it was more like DLC that they made you break bank for. Personally I thought what they were charging for new characters and costumes is ridiculous.

  • PrinceHeir

    Amazing stuff!!

    I’m curious if they’ll add more options for replay mode and gallery mode O____O

    Also what about Sixaxis jiggle?? Does that mean PS4 won’t have it and only PS3??!?!

    Improved Gallery Mode please!!! Want to take some sexy good time after fighting an intense battle!!!!

  • DrForbidden
  • Raoh shiro

    They better increase those polygons and boob physics!

    If it’s going to be truly worth the price, it needs more then a new lighting/shader facelift! It needs to have Tress FX, for beautiful realistic hair, uncompressed textures with sub-surface scattering, for soft realistic skin, and advanced physics for more boob juggling!

    Oh, and don’t forget the soft body physics, if you know what I mean…..

  • Onodera Kosaki
  • Guy Incognito

    IT BETTER Include all the DLC Costumes and all. I’ll just trade my DOA5 U for this

    • greenreaper

      I doubt it. They’ll probably offer some kind of cross download thing where all your previously purchased PSN/XboxLive DLC from Ultimate carries over so you don’t have to buy it all again.

      And if they don’t, well. They’re dicks.