Bladestorm reboot also coming to Xbox One, PS3
posted on 09.02.14 at 07:44 PM EDT by (@iiotenki)
PlayStation 3 version also to be enhanced.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War & Nightmare

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War & Nightmare, confirmed for PlayStation 4 at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia’s press conference on Monday, is also coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 3, this week’s Famitsu reveals.

This new edition of the game will be split up into two distinct sections. In the Hundred Years’ War portion, the game will focus on depicting the titular historical war, as before, featuring such historical figures as Edward, the Black Prince of Wales and Joan of Arc. Meanwhile, in the newly added Nightmare portion, the game will showcase battles in a fantasy world that feature creatures as goblins, cyclopses, and dragons, with the creatures themselves able to be utilized by players. The game is also set to this time let players switch between controlling four squads, as well as offer greater tactical depth than the previous incarnation all around.

Famitsu also conducted an interview with producer Akihiro Suzuki and director Jun Miyauchi, where they divulged a little more about what to expect in the coming reboot. Stating that it’s been over five years since talks of making a sequel first began internally, they allude to the current generation versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being especially bolstered. Content-wise, they wouldn’t divulge specifics beyond what’s already been mentioned up above, save for the fact that those two versions may have more additional content overall. They also state that graphically, the current generation versions should have much less in the way of pop-in issues, thanks to their greater overall capabilities. Even so, the PlayStation 3 version is still specifically mentioned as having more to do overall compared to the original version of Bladestorm that came out for it back in 2007.

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  • Nesther

    One of my first demos I downloaded on the PS3 back in 2007 was Bladestorm. Good times.

  • bloodiOS

    This game coming to the XBO is to be expected and really isn’t surprising at all but also releasing this on a last-gen system is what gets me. In the end, this ended up being just another cross-gen title…

  • Elvick

    Shame they’re holding on to last gen,

  • Shinsua

    Maybe I’ll be able to download this one’s demo and not get very, very strange errors.

  • 強大なサム(Mighty Sam)