Ryse: Son of Rome coming to PC this fall
posted on 08.07.14 at 12:36 PM EDT by (@salromano)
PC version includes 4K resolution support, all DLC.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome is coming to PC this fall. Deep Silver will distribute the game at retail, while Crytek will publish the game digitally.

The PC version will feature all of the downloadable content launched for the Xbox One version, as well as 4K resolution support.

The packaged downloadable content includes:

  • The Colosseum Pack containing two character skins and two Arena maps
  • The Mars’ Chosen Pack containing one new character skin, four Arena maps, and the new Survival mode
  • The Duel of Fates Pack containing two character skins, two Arena maps, and one additional Survival map
  • The Morituri Pack, with three new Arena maps, two Survival maps, and five solo Arena maps
  • Instant access to the Ruins multiplayer map and the “Legionnaire’s Trust” sword initially released as part of a special edition of the game

“4K gaming is another leap in graphics quality for PC gamers and Ryse is the perfect showcase for what’s now possible in high-end PC games,” Carl Jones, Director of Business Development at Crytek said. “We’ve given our team the opportunity to show what CryEngine can really achieve, without compromising quality, thanks to the incredible hardware available now to PC gamers.

Ryse will be a benchmark PC graphics showcase this year and probably for a long time in future. Our community asked for a Ryse PC version, and we have the means and technology to deliver this title with the highest quality possible.”

View the first set of PC screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Guy Incognito

    It’ll be on PS4 before 2015’s close

    • DarthBrian

      I doubt it.

    • Zackasaur

      An audience with access to God of War ought to have zero interest in Ryse. lol

      • Guy Incognito

        Somebody will play it. (Me)

        • Zackasaur

          Fair enough. lol

  • Impressionnant

    PC wins again. Now, if only the game was good.

    • Budgiecat

      So they really didn’t win.

      Just a high resolution fart

  • The Grim Heaper

    Very cool. I got it for free since my Xbox One has one of those broken disc drives, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

  • DarthBrian

    lol @ Microsoft exclusivity meaning anything nowadays.

    Will get on Steam during a Summer or Holiday sale for 75% off. :p

    • Six

      If only Halo and Gears of War would end up on PC. I could quit console gaming altogether. :P

      • DarthBrian

        I would love that Master Chief Collection to hit PC but I’m not holding my breath for it.

        Though I was at the panel for the game at Comic-Con and the developers seemed like they wouldn’t mind doing it. It’s just only gonna happen if they see a lot of people asking for it.

        • Zackasaur

          People will ask for it, but it has nothing to do with the developers… That’s just the PR response: Ask for it.

          It’s up to MS, and it will take a loooooot of people asking for it for them to consider giving up the only major reason to own their console. :P

          • DarthBrian

            But have you seen Titanfall? :p

            • Six

              I dunno if you can really compare a third-party IP from EA to Microsoft’s flagship franchise.

              Personally, I’d be all for The Master Chief Collection on PC if they enable cross-platform play.

              • DarthBrian

                I was joking. >_>

                • Six

                  It’s the internet. You can never be too sure. :P

      • Budgiecat

        Imagine a Karas game on PC at 4k

        • Six


          • Budgiecat

            no really

            IMAGINE… SIX

  • Six

    This is going to look insane on PC. Shame the game itself is pretty shit though.

  • LordKaiser

    Modders attack!!!!!!!!!

  • pekot

    So having ps4 + pc will be best thing for current generation .

    • Zackasaur

      Or PS4 + Wii U… Depends on if you prefer Nintendo games or Xbox games when they hit PC.

      Unless we’re counting handhelds… I have to consider both of those must-owns. c:

      • Unretributed


        As of right now, this is the only combination that I can get behind 100%

        • Zackasaur

          100% agreed.

        • antithesis

          That’s my exact combo, right there.

    • SuperLuigi

      You gotta AT LEAST add a 3DS in there…

    • Pirate Man

      Nope PC, wii U, 3ds and vita. Ignore the failstation 4 or the xbone. They only have 2 games each that are not even worth getting.

      IF you are going to get the Failstation 4 or Xbone for collection purposes wait til they go half price or even lower. They are no where near worth it.

  • SuperLuigi

    Still haven’t played this game yet. Too many games…

    • Zackasaur

      It’s not very good, so you can keep it pretty low on your backlog.

      It is short, though. So you can wrap it up in a day.

      • Warboss Aohd

        also Jesse Cox did an LP of it, just watch that.

  • An Tran

    Let’s port more XBone games to PC so that I’ll never have to consider getting it.
    Anyway, I wonder how well my r9 280x would handle this game at 4k.

    • Pirate Man

      Actually your computer would be able to handle both the Failstation 4 and the Xbone games. I wouldn’t be bother to pick either of the mid-tier 2009 consoles up unless you want to play titles that are “remastered” with the same bugs but with updated graphics. Hell there is 0 reason to pick up any bar the vita or the Wii U.

  • natzu

    Microsoft do this because we support pc gamers unlike Sony

    • Infinity


  • ギャビン

    I played this game on Xbox one, I still think it’s the best looking new gen game. Gameplay on the other hand is pretty standard.

    • Budgiecat


    • Audie Bakerson

      “Standard” is actually the best I’ve seen the gameplay described.

  • Budgiecat

    It’s an XBox exclusive! (Ryse, Dead Rising 3)

    Oh wait! No it’s not!

    M$….ruining gaming industry one day at a time…

    • gekitsu

      everything about ryse seems bespoke to the kind of bs we seem to get nowadays. from “xbone has the best exclusives* (*not really exclusives, but it sounds good)” to “dude, this doesn’t have enough graphics, unless i get 1080p, my immersion’s gonna break,” it has a little bit of everything.

      except being a good game of course, because who cares about that?

  • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

    Oh wow.

  • indra jaya

    woah… whats next? sunset overdrive? or… gasp…. SCALEBOUND!!?!?.

  • Budgiecat

    One less…XBox1 exclusive
    One less game to play
    One less title to pick up after
    I should be happy, but all I do is cry

    Cry, cry no more laughter
    Oh, I should be happy
    Oh, why did it go to PC?

    I only know that since it left
    My XB1 game library’s so empty
    Though I try to forget, it just can’t be done
    Each time the Xbox signs on, I still run

    I don’t know how in the world
    To stop thinking of it
    I should be happy
    ‘Cause I still love it so

    I end each day the way I start out
    (I start and end each day crying)
    Crying my heart out

    One less…XBox1 exclusive
    One less game to play
    One less title to pick up after
    I should be happy, but all I do is cry

    No more laughter, no more love
    Since it went away to PC
    Since it went away to PC
    Since it went away from… meeeeee

    A console is still a console
    Even when there’s no one playing there
    Well, I’m not meant to play alone
    Turn this XBox1 into a worthy console

    • Infinity

      Seriously dude, someone has way to much time on their hands.

      • Budgiecat