PlayStation 4 tops 10 million sold worldwide
posted on 08.12.14 at 01:11 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Sony's latest PlayStation continues sales domination.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million units worldwide since its launch less than nine months ago, Sony Computer Entertainment announced at Gamescom.

“On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you for your support and passion,” Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Shawn Layden said. “You’re the reason that PS4 is the #1 next generation console in the world and we’re grateful for your continued enthusiasm and for always pushing us to new heights.”

PlayStation 4 first launched in North America on November 14.

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  • BossTuff

    Nice! Congrats to Sony on that.

  • Zackasaur

    That difference makes PS4:Xbone sales difference more than 2:1. Jeez. The gap increases every week.

    I’m at Activision HQ in LA right now, and this means something to these people.

  • César H. Sandoval

    I’m glad that for all the financial problems of Sony, the Playstation brand is still going strong.

    • NessWonderSprite

      Well, PS4 is going strong, the rest of the brand and software? ,mmm

      • César H. Sandoval

        It will come, it would be worse if developers didn’t saw the console as a strong target, they wouldn’t even bother with games.

      • Zackasaur

        Sony’s games, music, films, headphones, and cameras are all doing really well.

        But they are struggling to sell enough of their top-tier phones and tvs. And they blow a tonne of cash on R&D.

        They mostly just need to keep reorganising.

        • NessWonderSprite

          Sonys games sales are down, Vita was not even mentioned. In terms of the Playstation Brand, PS4 is the shining star.

        • ShadowFang

          Don’t forget, Sony Pictures is a money VACUUM. They have practically no successful franchises – they relied on Amazing Spider Man 2 (a franchise who’s mostly worn out it’s welcome. ASM2 was, by far, the worst performing Spidey movie out of the 5, and no one is looking forward to the spinoffs they’re planning) and 22 Jump Street. That’s it.

          Disney has Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, their in-house films… just tons of guaranteed successful movies. Warner Bros. has Harry Potter, LotR, LEGO now, DC movies, etc. All studios have successful franchises they can count on… except Sony. They’re just grasping at straws, and taking their one-time successful straw and grinding it into dust.

          In Hollywood, they’re a joke. If movie studios were TV networks, Sony would be NBC. I’m surprised they haven’t sold that off. It’s really hurting them…

  • Lara Croft

    Congratulations Sony.

  • 武神水樹

    What was Andy Houses original estimate

  • Paul Rodriguez

    That is quite the feat. Congrats Sony.

  • shogunknight

    Congrats, keep trying to satisfy gamers and BE HUMBLE (in approach and pricing)

  • ShadowFang

    Hooray! Good job, Sony. Congratulations! Now we just need 70 million more to match the PS3, and 120 million+ more to match the PS2!

    You set awfully high standards for yourselves :D

  • PrinceHeir


    Now give me a new improved model and price cut and i’ll buy one!

    Then again, i’ll probably buy once MGSV and UC4 is nearing it’s release.

    Shame i wanted to play Evil Within on PS4 with that 1080p 60FPS O__O

    Finger’s cross for cross save feature!!

  • Budgiecat


    and oh yah good job Square-Enix on denying yourselves that 10 million audience and PS3’s +160 million audience sales for Rise of tomb Raider lol

    • Blaz

      SE is well known for having stupid decisions, like there is not one decision they made that made me say “good job SE you really did good this time”

      • Daniel Masterson

        im sure TR will be a timed exclusive SE cant ignore the PS install base. same goes for PC as well.

        • Blaz

          Yeah, i mean most of MS exclusives are juming ship even if its for PC

        • Zackasaur

          Rise of the Tomb Raider has already been in development for PS4/PS3. We know this.

          MS just paid a boatload of money to delay those versions for a bit. Hell, they’ll probably get free DLC or some other perk in the end.

      • Lelouch Vi Britannia

        suprised nobodies complaining about Capcom. Then again I can tell everyone is done talking about Capcom nowadays and I can’t blame them.

        • Blaz

          About? Dead Rising? It’s coming to PC so they are half forgiven.
          Or is it the 5/6th SF4 game?
          Capcom bad decisions is biting them in the ass right now so they are already fucked.

    • miyamoto

      They sold their Japanese souls to M$…

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      Inevitable ultimate PS4 edition by Squeenix.

      Mine’s ready for it.

  • Demolish

    I’m happy because I bought Ps4,Well done <3

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Awesome job Sony just remember not to make the same mistake you made with PS3. Regardless though it’s nice to see your company as being far more humble than before. PS4 is definitely the NEW PS2 and will remain so for the rest of the generation.

  • AdamBoy64

    Congratulations Sony.
    Well done.