PEGI rates Nano Assault Neo-X for PS4
posted on 08.30.14 at 02:44 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Twin-stick shoot 'em up set for PlayStation 4 release.

Nano Assault Neo for Wii U

Shin’en Multimedia’s first PlayStation 4 game is Nano Assault Neo-X, a rating from Europe’s PEGI rating board reveals.

The twin-stick shoot ’em up first launched as Nano Assault Neo on Wii U in November 2012. It was followed by Nano Assault Ex for 3DS in March 2013, and preceded by the original Nano Assault for 3DS in December 2011.

Given that the news leaked via PEGI, we don’t know the contents of the PlayStation 4 game—how much it adds on top of the Wii U version, etc.

We’ve contacted Shin’en for comment.

Thanks, Gamekyo.

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  • Zackasaur

    An improved version.

    I’m glad for it. c:

  • Alter

    Yeah, it’s clearly not improved that PS4 will run it at 1080p 60fps locked. :D
    P.S. Wii U version was 720p.

  • Alter

    And PS4 will have both 1080p and better post-processing Fx. Actually it’s not really a problem as long as i can play it on Non-Nintendo hardware.

  • bloodiOS

    An enhanced port.

  • Alter

    Yeah, simple port could improve resolution to 1080p, it just take under 5 mins to switch render target size in game code. You can’t fool me.

  • Alter

    The reason it got better post-fx is the resolution downgraded to 720p. There’s no reason to drop 1080p if they can do both 1080p and better post-fx. Because they can’t do both, that’s why they made such compromises. You re being delusional. Haha.

  • Alter

    We will see how much it actually improved when release date is near.

  • Peacenutman

    You sound mad, why does it matter if Alter wants to play it on a non-Nintendo system?

  • Eric Pena

    It is improve i dont understand wii u owners. 1080p by 60 fps is a far improvement over 720 p by 30 fps. I dont understand why u cannt understand that. But let be real we dont need or want this game we already have resogun and that truthfully my fav twins stick shooter. I also looking forward to their next game .

    • MrFinalgamer

      I’m with ya! I suck real hard at twin stick shooters, but goddamn is Housemarque the king of twin stick shooters!

      PS: Super Stardust has the hypest OST ever

      • Eric Pena

        Super star i love that game . I have all 3 super star dusk games

  • Eric Pena

    Taking a shot at me personally just because i dont agree with your wii u can do anything a ps4 can do theory just show how mature you are . Btw im on a cell phone so it auto fix things sometime wrongly .

  • Lightthrower

    Will you shut up already? Stop being a jerk.

  • Eric Pena

    Just to set the record str8 i have a computer programming degree so on games subject i do tend to know what im talking when it come down to programming game and resolution upgrade.

  • Eric Pena

    immature. I wont go to your level .Just remember i got a College degree you probably dont.

  • Eric Pena

    A resolution upgrade will take a few weeks depending on what resolution the game assets was created in and how big the team is. You definitely dont know crap about how a game is made. dont speak on a subject you clearly have no knowledge on.

  • Eric Pena

    You clear have no idea what it takes to make a 720p game to 1080p. I not gonna go down to a immature dumb fan of only one system level. If you cannt understand the different between 720p to 1080p resolution because you too much of an nintendo fanboy to admit the different then keep living the nintendo fanboy lie not my problem peace.

  • Eric Pena

    You right the game was built at 1080p but was water down for the wiiu because the gpu could not handle it without having the game running badly. This was a hardware problem not a software problem i admit i was wrong on the coding aspect this time .

  • bloodiOS

    “Act intelligent”? That’s a pretty low standard for trying to act intelligently when I’m simply being real casual about it *LOL* I honestly don’t even get why you’re so bitter about this. If it runs at a higher resolution on the PS4 in relative to the Wii U version then it’s an enhanced port. You want a simple barebone port, take a look at how the PC version of Dark Souls initially was.

  • NeoTechni

    We all know it’ll be improved

  • bloodiOS

    A game at 720p would look exactly the same at 1080p despite having more than twice the amount of pixels, now I have heard everything xD

  • Eric Pena

    We have to wait and see if he says the samething for ps4 version . It may not look any better on wii u with resolution being 1080p that could had been because of the gpu of the wii u didnt offer enough power. We also dont know anything about the ps4 port if he remade some of the games assets to take advantages of the added power the ps4 offers . I expect we hear what exactly had been done for the ps4 port a few week before release on the playstation blog.

  • bloodiOS

    Excuse me for not believing that having twice the amount of pixels wouldn’t make the game look any better. And that a better looking version of the game isn’t in any way “enhanced” when compared to the original version.

  • PrinceHeir
    • shogunknight

      You brought me here lol, look at them comments….wow. Its not even fully confirmed so people shouldnt jump to conclusions yet

      • 武神水樹

        Don’t mind them

  • Zackasaur

    JoshuaMariguez197 is one seriously disturbed guy. xD

    Just flag all of his comments.

    • Mikail

      Roger that

  • Elvick

    This should fill the Super Stardust void well. :D (I love Resogun, but also love and miss SS)

  • ShadowFang

    Good for Shin’en. They’ve been a Nintendo-exclusive developer who’s been pumping out some pretty good games for years, and no one seems to have taken notice. Hopefully more people will notice them now that they’re bringing their game to a new audience.

    I hope F.A.S.T. Racing NEO comes to the PS4 as well. With no proper F-Zero OR Wipeout on the horizon, that baby has the potential to fill a void for both fan-bases.

    Note: These are screens from the original Wiiware F.A.S.T. Just imagine how much better looking the sequel will actually look!

  • Reda1234

    I thought it was weird there were this many comments here. Damn fanboys..

  • Locksus

    Jesus the userbase on this site can be seriously fucked up

    • Sal Romano

      Sorry I showed up so late to this. It’s been taken care of.

      • Zero

        I was busy too. We both showed up late. ; ;

    • Zero

      Gosh, looks like I missed it. Apologies.