Inti Creates announces Mighty Gunvolt for 3DS eShop
posted on 08.20.14 at 12:29 AM EDT by (@iiotenki)
An '80s style side-scroller crossing over three franchises.

Mighty Gunvolt

Inti Creates, the developer behind the upcoming Azure Striker Gunvolt for the 3DS, as well as a collaborator with Comcept on Mighty No. 9, has announced Mighty Gunvolt, a spinoff of Azure Striker Gunvolt with crossover elements among some of the studio’s other games, poised to hit the Japanese 3DS eShop sometime this winter.

As the screenshots indicate, Mighty Gunvolt is a side-scrolling action game meant to be reminiscent of ’80s classics that were released on systems such as the NES, TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine, and the Sega Master System. Indeed, not only are the controls set to be limited to just the d-pad and a button each for jumping and shooting, the main staff members heading up the game’s development include a number of Japanese industry figures who are known for their involvement with franchises such as the Mega Man and Mega Man X series, including executive producer Keiji Inafune, director Ryota Ito, producer Takuya Aizu, and composer Ippo Yamada.

Three characters thus far have been announced as being playable, each of whom have their own unique abilities and play styles that affect how the game’s stages can be approached. Front and center of the lineup is Gunvolt, the eponymous protagonist of Azure Striker Gunvolt. His special abilities include a double jump, as well as an electrified laser beam for his charge shot. Filling in for the mighty part of the game’s title is Beck from Mighty No. 9. His claim to fame is the ability to slide through small gaps, as well a charge shot that can be used to hit enemies midair. Finally, Ekoro, an angel from the Japan-exclusive rail shooter Gal Gun, can hover in the air, as well as use a lock-on shot that makes enemies fall in love with her and fight at her side like in her native game. Additional hidden characters are said to be present in the game as well.

Design-wise, Mighty Gunvolt is said to be catering to a number of a different tastes, ranging from those predominantly interested in playing games for high scores to those who like discovering new enemies and stage gimmicks at every turn. In line with the game’s ethos of paying homage to the ’80s, in addition to hidden characters, players can also expect the game to come built in with “secret techniques” that can be exploited to their advantage. DLC stages and bosses are also stated to be planned as well.

Mighty Gunvolt currently has no set release date beyond winter 2014 and no price as of yet. Those who buy the Japanese release of Azure Striker Gunvolt on the 3DS between release day on August 20 and November 19 will receive a download code that they can redeem to download Mighty Gunvolt for free once it’s out.

Check out the first set of art and screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Thomas James

    To think I would one day actually write an article that would require my knowledge of god damn Gal Gun.

    Boy have I got it made.

  • tokyobassist

    I guarantee it’ll be good. Kind of nonsense considering Mighty No. 9 OR Gunvolt isn’t even out outside of Japan though lol.

    • Anime10121

      First of all Gunvolt being released outside of Japan doesnt matter, because its already been released in Japan, which is the only place Mighty Gunvolt has been announced for release. And I just see Beck’s inclusion as a tease of whats to come since his game was such a successful Kickstarter, its like they’re giving us a little teaser. I mean by your post, the game shouldnt have Gal Gun either since it was never released in the west :/

      Stop thinking so hard and just enjoy whats been given (that is, if we even GET this game before Mighty in the west):|

      • tokyobassist

        Thanks for the diplomatic response.

        I can’t help but feel like some of the recent things surrounding Mighty No. 9 lacks the sincerity the Kickstarter had. Now it’s trying to be a Saturday morning cartoon and all this other stuff before it’s even proven itself to be fun or worth our time.

        I contributed to the Kickstarter because it was a project that brought the old Mega Man vets together to make something new and special yet familiar. I hope it’s great! I just hope all this other media doesn’t cause the main event to have a lack of focus.

  • Brett Morris

    Actually Gunvolt is out in Japan!

  • PrinceHeir

    This is good stuff :D

    I hope we get more collaborations like this!

    It’s nice to see her in 8-bit form :)

    • Anime10121


  • Elvick

    Awesome sprites

  • An Tran

    Really hoping we get the promo over here as well. If not, I’ll still be buying both games. Now the question is if I will get Might Number 9 on 3DS or Wii U….

  • ShadowFang

    Inti-Creates might as well just rename themselves “Blue Bomber Studios” at this point :)

    Also, considering Inti-Creates is collaborating with Wayforward on Shantae Pirate’s Curse and 1/2 Genie Hero, I’m a little bummed that this isn’t including anyone from their “Mighty” series’ games. Y’know, Alta from Mighty Flip Champs, or Luna from Mighty Milky Way, or Officer Patty Wagon from Mighty Switch Force 1 + 2.

  • Anime10121

    Looks awesome! Will buy if localized!

  • Anime10121
  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Anyone know where the download code for Mighty Gunvolt is stored? I bought Gunvolt but I can’t find it at all.