Deep Down beta update coming this month
posted on 08.01.14 at 04:06 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, a new screenshot to apologize for the delay.

Deep Down

Deep Down producer Kazunori Sugiura has taken to Facebook for the latest update on the free-to-play PlayStation 4 dungeon RPG.

After promising beta details in July, and July having ended, Sugiura apologized for the delay and promised an update sometime this month.

A new screenshot was offered as an apology, showing a trap. Because the game’s dungeons are randomly generated, you’ll sometimes find them in bizarre places. They’ve trampled Sugiura many times while play testing the game.

Deep Down is still to be dated.

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  • Anime10121

    Lol, yeah right, after as many delays as it has seen, I’m not counting on it XD

    Plus, are they still spewing that crap about the game “not being confirmed for the west” even though every bit of the game seen thus far has been localized?

    • Rafael Martines

      By the “British English” at least confirm an europe localization XD

    • Hidayat246

      trailer with sub japan with dub english is not guarantee localization
      based capcom

      • Anime10121

        Name me a game that has English dialogue that HASNT been localized in the west, and I’m not talking about KH FM’s or FF International versions, since those dubs are based on their base versions which do see localizations…

        • ShadowFang

          Metal Wolf Chaos and Sin & Punishment (though that eventually made it to the US via emulation) are two big examples, right there. A bunch of arcade games too. Plus there’s always some English in the menus – some of that stuff’s just “international standard” now, pretty much.

          It happens, man. If Japan deems a game’s setting “Western”, they’ll give it (usually cheesy) English voicework and that’s that. They’re not like us, where we’ll find a way to make a white guy the lead in a game set in ancient Egypt or whatever, lol.

          • Anime10121

            Guess what I meant to say was full English Dialogue that isnt engrish and actually sounds good to the ears :/

            I know a lot of the games have English text (though nine times out of ten its Engrish text and SOME spoken dialogue), but a game with full on REAL English dialogue is quite a bit rarer.

            And even if there may be a couple out there, all’s I’m saying is that Deep Down is coming to the west, there’s literally no reason to think otherwise with how the game’s been promoted.

            • Budgiecat

              transformers tataki (PS2)
              Dark Hunter 1 & 2 (PS1)

  • Solomon_Kano

    Get to it, Capcom.

  • Comandante Bushido


    • life

      where’s the bewbs?

      • Willgaea

        It’s either tha,t or this, or lol. I think they dropped out of school.

  • Zackasaur

    This still looks stunning.

    Hopefully the financial model is good. I want to try this out.

    • Budgiecat

      Oh oh oh
      it’s Capcom,
      they blowww,
      Never believe them you know…
      It’s Capcom
      you knowww,
      they’re the lowest of the low,

      Never been a day,
      Where in a Capcom game you play
      Somehow they make you pay
      and take advantage anyway

      Deep set in their ways
      Honest ways seem far away
      Not much else to say
      Worried about their free to play, aye,

      Woah oh oh
      it’s Capcom,
      You knowwww,
      they’re gonna rape your ahole
      It’s Capcom
      you knowwww,
      rippin’ you off from your dough..

  • Zero

    At least the screenshot is better quality wise this time.

    • Elvick

      I prefer them to be the size of a Gameboy screen.

      • ShadowFang

        Postage stamp for me. I’m a fan of the classics ;)

  • Jay

    Hurry up and finish so you can start on Dragon’s Dogma 2.

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    Either this is the most ambitious F2P game ever. Or they just have one dude working on it.

  • tokyobassist

    I don’t understand why they even keep showing Western audiences this game when they said they have no intention of bringing it over.

    I’d play it if it available but it won’t be. Oh well.

    • SOLOmio

      They like to tease and leave us wanting for more!

  • Budgiecat

    A year ago if you told me this pic is a preview for Dark Souls II, I’d believe you :P


    What do yall think? Is this game gonna be good? I wasn’t good as Dark Souls, but that was years ago. Should I try again with this? I like the ideas used in the magic effects. But I’m not so good with the survivor-all-alone-against-hoards-in-cramp-halls thing. But maybe it’s time I try to get better at them since they seem to be a new lasting type of RPG.