Watch the opening cinematic for Sunset Overdrive
posted on 07.06.14 at 03:52 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Good thing you weren't drinking the OverCharge.

Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games debuted the opening cinematic to Sunset Overdrive during its panel at Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin this weekend.

The game starts when drink company Fizzco hosts the pre-launch party for its new OverCharge Delirium XT energy drink in its hometown of Sunset City. You’re working cleanup duty, and aren’t drinking OverCharge. But those who do end up transforming into hideous mutants, leading to the lock-down of Sunset City.

Watch the footage below, starting at 21:33:00. (It should start at the cinematic once you hit play, but that’s the time in case Twitch goes wonky.)

Sunset Overdrive is due out for Xbox One on October 28.

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  • Nate

    I’m not liking the fbomb in the title. Probably going to be a lot of swearing and gore in this one. I might sit it out.

    • DukeVerde

      This is normal in western games.

    • Amir

      After those previous comments of yours and this, I am now completely certain that you are not older than 12 years old.
      It also looks like that you play games in front of your parents.

      The game’s more colorful than an episode of My Little Pony, and you’re worried that it might have gore in it?!

      • Amir

        Sorry but I can’t let this go. Have you ever played a Metal Gear game?

        All Metal Gear games, with the exception of Portable Ops and Peace Walker, contain a good amount of violence. I also have to add that it looks like the Phantom Pain is going to surpass every one of them in terms of being violent.

        You say that you don’t play violent games, I just want to know how many Metal Gears have you played to be qualified to complain about Phantom Pain, which it looks like that you’re not going to play, because it’s pretty violent.

        • ShadowFang

          Far be it from me to interject into your little internet argument with Nate here, but you do realize that *awkward* profanity is really stupid and off-putting 95% of the time in games, right?

          Have you ever played Drakengard 3 (at least the first few hour/s)? Typing of the Dead Overkill? WET? Duke Nukem Forever? Bulletstorm? Whenever characters just spit out profanity unprompted… it is THE worst. Just so awkward. Such an overt attempt at forced edginess that just ends up coming off exactly like what it is – immature. It’s embarrassing and stupid at best; a game-killer at worst.

          Not that I’m saying I agree with Nate, because it sounded pretty natural to me in this cutscene. So I don’t get the complaint. Maybe he’s worried it gets worse? In which case, that could be a serious concern. Because, as I’m saying, profanity used unecessarily in games can totally just suck.

 Ugh. Man, you know who sounds extra unnatural saying this dumb sh–? Jennifer Hale. Stephen Blum ain’t much better as the main character. This is a game that anyone with a brain should just play on mute.

          I rest my case. lol.(^v^)

          Besides, cool your jets a bit. Ain’t nothing wrong with liking games that aren’t violent, profane or gory after all… if you’re willing to look for the ones that aren’t. Nintendo’s Splatoon is just as colorful as Sunset Overdrive, and looks just as cool, for one example.

  • Six

    That port beg at 21:59.