Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate details new characters, new trailer and screenshots
posted on 07.21.14 at 10:33 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Introducing Sophitia, Sterk, Nezha, Tamamo, and Yinglong.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

Koei Tecmo has shared a new trailer, screenshots, and details on its upcoming Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.

The game, due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at retail and PlayStation 3 and PS Vita via PlayStation Network pm on September 2 in North America and September 5 in Europe, adds a host of new warriors, including guests from Soulcalibur and the Atelier series.

Newcomers include:

  • Sophitia Alexandra is a holy warrior and mother of two who was sent on a mission by the Olympian god of fire and smithing, Hephaestus. Her goal was to destroy the evil sword known as Soul Edge. However, her daughter was later taken hostage, and she was forced to fight to protect the evil sword. On her way home after the end of the battle she was swallowed up by the rift in space-time and brought to the Orochi dimension.
  • Sterkenburg Cranach is a former knight of the Kingdom of Arland. Although normally quiet, calm and collected, he roars into action when seeking information about his former king’s whereabouts or when his sense of chivalry is put to the test. After escorting Princess Meruru back to Arls, he was returning to Arland, but was sucked into the rift in space-time and found himself transported to this unknown world.
  • Nezha is a young officer from the Mystic Realm, born in the area that overlapped the realms of humans and mystics. His skill in got him accepted to the Mystic Army, but he lives to test himself in the most difficult battles he can find, and he freely wields his Fire Spear in action, no matter what situation he might encounter.
  • Tamamo is a bewitching mystic that appeared following the defeat of the Hydra. She has a very high opinion of herself and harbors a deep hatred for humans. Tamamo thrives on the chaos and negativity that a world at war can bring. By using the inscriptions on her scroll, she is able to interfere with the efforts of the humans and appears to have teamed up with Da Ji in order to carry out some mysterious plot.
  • Yinglong is an officer from the Mystic Realm’s ancient past. He fought admirably alongside Fu Xi and the other mystics against the demon hordes and is highly esteemed by his peers and an inspiration for his subordinates. Conversely, his sense of honesty leads him to never question the position of others, and he simply follows his convictions, which makes him somewhat inflexible at times.

Watch the new trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

    So beautiful, can’t wait to use Sterk, Sohpitia, Kasumi, and perhaps more =3 I might double dip too, Xbox One and PS Vita but it’s coming out so soon, that I might just get the Vita version at or around launch and the Xbox One version little later on.

  • PrinceHeir

    Damn didn’t see this posted so i’ll copy paste what i posted on Open Forums regarding the retail and digital.

    From Koei EU Facebook page

    “Received a lot of questions regarding Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate so we decided to update it all here at once.

    – It’s coming on September 5 (EU), September 2 (US).
    – Rated PEGI 12.
    – Localization level: English text/subtitles with Japanese voice.
    – PS4 and Xbox One versions can be found at retail stores.
    – PS3 and PS Vita versions are PSN exclusive, which means they’re digital download only(including EU)
    – There is no PC version.”

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJG980wYNJwltAB3JeT5euA SegaSaturnSNK

    With the poor and disappointing port of 8XL on the PS4, not so sure if I am willing to take a chance on this. Destiny is going to take up all my time is the reason to not bother.

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

    I’ll wait for a new DW IP from TK that hopefully has better support, DW8XLCE was fun but they had too many limitations. No audio when streaming or recording because of a copyright from your own company in Japan doesn’t sound right. Not to mention no Japanese audio when they always had it before makes no sense

  • http://twitter.com/M_Demolish Demolish

    Cant Wait play on Ps4 and Vita :D

  • Comandante Bushido

    Bewbs… sold

  • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

    Well, if it has a Hot Sterky love scene in it then it’s probably a buy. <_<

  • Hexodious

    Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi and Dynasty all look the same to me, just with different characters. Are they crossovers or something?

    • zakou

      Yupp same shit different colour, funny how 99 nights and 99 nights 2 which came years later and basicly copied the formula looks 20 times better than DW and the others.

    • Geebun

      Samurai warriors is about Japanese history, Dynasty warriors is about Chinese history and Warrior orochi is a crossover of the 2 with time travel and some random characters from franchises like Atelier, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden.

  • zakou

    Sadly I’m not interested at all, ever since the PS2 days we had a lot of DW games and this game mechanic is really stale for me now, last game of this sort that i have tried was DW7Empires and i forced myself to beat it.

    Games like this are fun for a short while imo and this is coming from true DW/WO fans that i came across: “We keep buying these game each year even with confirming that they are pretty much the same thing each year”.

    Inb4: If you dont like it dont post your opinion.

  • waku waku

    So should I get Samurai Warriors 4 or Warriors Orochi 3? This is so confusing.

  • Warboss Aohd

    quick question, are DW8 Xtreme Legends characters in this version of the game?

    • Thatguy

      Quick answer: No characters from DW8 and DW8XL

      • Warboss Aohd

        well that kinda sucks.

        i rather like the new Wei officers, also the new Other officers.