Sen no Kiseki II features save data importing
posted on 07.24.14 at 03:53 PM EDT by (@iiotenki)
Clear data from the prequel can bestow various item-related bonuses, as well as potentially change up parts of the narrative.


It’s that time once again for Falcom to dispense with a handful of more information on The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II as its impending release looms closer and closer. This time around, in addition to the usual character profiling for a returning face, the developer also brings word of the ability for players to import save data from the previous game, enabling them to get bonus items, as well as potentially see some altered plot scenes. As per usual, spoiler warning ahoy. Read on below for our translation.

Bonus Items for Those Who Import Sen no Kiseki Cleared Save Data

Prior to starting a new run of Sen no Kiseki II, the game can check your system to see if there’s save data from the previous game present. In the event that it finds such data and it’s from a save file that’s already beaten the game, you’ll get a variety of bonuses like item sets and equippable accessories. What you specifically get, however, is dependent upon both your level and Student Rank at the time the first game was beaten.

Imported Sen no Kiseki Data Can Also Change Story Events in the Sequel

In addition to inventory perks, importing clear data from the original Sen no Kiseki can also bring about some narrative changes in the form of altered conversational lines and event scenes. For this to happen, however, your bond with the character in question has to have been sufficiently deep in the first game.

One example where imported save data can result in an alterations is with Laura. In one scene, she vows to take up the sword as a member of Class VII to Rean. If you were close to her in the first game and import that save data, however, she’ll make that same promise, but say that she’s doing it for Rean’s sake specifically, acting as his blade.

Returning Character


Duke Cayenne (voiced by Bin Shimada)

“There’s definitely something to be said for looking down on everything from on high. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Duke Cayenne is an aristocrat who rules over the Lamar state in the western part of the Erebonian Empire, making him a prominent figure among the Four Great Noble Families. In possession of resources that far outstrip those of neighboring countries, he has a taste for the extravagant. During the previous game, he hired as his private army the West Wind Brigade, a group of top-tier light infantrymen that Zeno and Leonidas work for, as well as constructing in secret Pantagruel, an enormous flying battleship, all in an effort to get ready from the shadows for the then-impending civil war to be set off. With the Aristocratic Alliance having now captured the imperial capitol, he gets to work with Rufus Albarea in taking over the rest of the Erebonian Empire.

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II is set to come out in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on September 25. Check out another new batch of artwork and screenshots at the gallery here.

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  • Thomas James

    As always, clarification on place and characters names are appreciated. I tried my best to research “official” fan renderings, but some proved to be just obscure enough that I couldn’t find anything one way or the other and had to go with my gut. Apologies and thanks in advance~

    • Raynelly

      Some info that might be useful:

      1.) Both Sen no Kiseki Instruction Guides from PS3 and Vita version have an official romanization name of ‘Lamar’ as ‘Lamarre’. The same guides also say ‘The Lamar State’ as ‘The Province of Lamarre’.
      2.) Prior to Sen (Zero and Ao to be exact), fans often called West Wind Brigade just like it’s called in the games, written in kanji. Sen is the first game in Kiseki series that introduces us the official romanization name for West Wind Brigade: ‘Zephyr’.
      3.) The official term used in Kiseki series for top-tier light infantrymen or mercenaries is Jaegers. Zephyr is one of many Jaeger groups which exist in Zemuria.

      Hope the info helps you. :)

      Oh, almost forgot about minor correction: the capital is written as ‘capitol’ in the article.

      Note: For some reason I can’t log in by using my Gematsu account (it says ‘Forbidden’ everytime I try to log in), and the captcha image doesn’t appear when I want to confirm my account is not a spam, so I use my Twitter account.

      • ͜ʖ ͡°

        to support this comment, i’ll put the cutting-scan showing the Zephyr logo

  • Quetzalcoatl9999

    Is this coming to the west?

    • BossTuff

      I would say that it’s highly unlikely at the moment, since the first one hasn’t yet. I hope that XSEED eventually gets it though.

      • Budgiecat

        I say screw the story order and just bring em over (both PS3 titles).

        No one wants to wait +10 freakin years

        • DesmaX

          Oh, if that was the only problem…

          • novurdim

            It IS the main problem, everything else is solvable.

        • kurosan9712

          Yeah, like skip the best chapter in the series(Crossbell Arc)…
          Besides, without Ao no Kiseki, Sen is much less interesting, and without Sen, Ao makes much less sense.
          Only both arcs, or nothing.

          • LordKaiser

            Yeah the story is connected….

            • Budgiecat

              yeah I know I know. I’m saying I dont care anymore

            • kurosan9712

              it’s also connected in a quite peculiar way.
              It doesn’t go from one to another after Crossbell Arc.
              Sora FC->Sora SC->Sora the 3rd->Zero->Ao
              With Sen starting somewhere around end of Zero/beginning of Ao and ends together with Ao.
              And to end it, Ao and Sen share a lot in their endings story-wise, so localizing one without the other would be the stupidest thing humanity can come up with.

              • Pyrofrost

                >>localizing one without the other would be the stupidest thing humanity can come up with

                While I would say this is one hell of a stretch, I would have to agree with the “all or none” policy if skipping installments is considered.

          • Budgiecat

            I dont care anymore

        • LordKaiser

          Sadly The story is interconnected between all the titles together with their Saga. Some are prequels, some are sequels and some occur at the same time as others in a different place,

          Legend of Heroes is huge world with a huge myth.

          • Budgiecat

            yeah I know but at this point, its downright impossible to get all these localized in our lifetime, so I say fuck it and just bring over the 2 PS3 games, story continuity be damned.

            Not our fault Japanese publishers cant get their shit together when it comes to business management and globalization…

            Japanese console game market is shrinking in Japan while everywhere else its expanding and you wanna keep games isolated mostly to one region publishers? And you wonder why you guys are in trouble..

            • kurosan9712

              Who is in trouble? Not me here.
              I’m getting a ton of games each freaking month.
              Of course I’m importing, and don’t give a s**t about what west gets.

              Japanese market has expanded since PS3 and further era started, just it has expanded inside it’s own country, without giving a single fuck about the west.
              I don’t care what west gets, it only matters that I get what I want, and I do. Through import.

              • Budgiecat

                And I don’t care about your self entitlement or your weird misplaced disdain for ‘the West’.
                Nevermind you couldn’t be any more wrong about the Japanese game industry, besides the fact you’re not a Japanese publisher/developer to whom I was referring to when I said “in trouble” (lol @ u). Everyone and your mom knows they are struggling…

                you are like… the worst kinda weeaboo..

                • kurosan9712

                  Oh well thank you, but japanese game industry isn’t struggling with anything.
                  Within their country, everything is just fine.

                  • Budgiecat

                    lol no

                    Capcom is struggling almost about to be bought nevermind majority of their talent has left the company
                    Sega barely has any IP’s they work on anymore
                    Same with Konami, aside from MGS, PES,Pro Baseball Spirits
                    Nintendo having issues all over
                    SNK is beyond dead
                    Square-Enix was in such a mess Wada had to humbly step down
                    PS4 selling like crap in Japan where are the gaems

                    that’s a great mindset, drone. galapagos mindset stagnation instead of progression when even the market in Japan itself is shrinking. that should be the goal of every business in the world, i’m sure they would be wildly successful. I’m sure thats how Honda, toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony and Nintendo and many other successful Japanese global companies made all their money these past decades -_-

                    So yeah hurt Japanese industry is hurting, so take off your Anime game eye blinders and welcome back to reality


                    • kurosan9712

                      Oh, if you’re talking about big companies, I know that.
                      But they aren’t the whole industry for me.

                      From the start of PS3 era, new people appeared, so only if you think that old biggies are the only companies in the world that should be considered – oh, poor you.
                      Oh, and I never cared for Sega much.
                      Konami still has things to work on(for me), and they continue to make me happy(at times).

                      I could care less for PS4, it will either sink completely within 2 years, and I’ll just not buy it, or will become a pretty good console. It has just started(for Japan), and PS3 isn’t dead yet, it CAN’T have games, Japan doesn’t just switch to new hardware, due to higher production costs(not everyone can just do that. for some companies it’s critical, because the existance of the company might depend on that).

                      As for Nintendo, they are fine. Issues exist, but they will be fine, name me a company without any issues(hint:doesn’t exist). Even WiiU is starting to look appealing, so one more push and they are the winners again, probably.

                    • Budgiecat

                      “Oh, if you’re talking about big companies, I know that.
                      But they aren’t the whole industry for me.”

                      Oh okay I didn’t realize you live in your own imaginary little world of Weeaboobelieve…

                      that’s snuggly but the industry, let alone the world doesn’t revolve around you.
                      You are entitled to your own opinion. You are NOT entitled to your own facts.

        • MrTyrant

          It would be a pitty since all the games are interconnected and we should play in that order. Not many serie are like this one. Falcom isn’t at fault here they tried before and they keep trying now in other regions of Asia where the fandom is strong (China, Hong Kong, Korea)

    • DesmaX


    • Altin

      Yes. In the year 202X.

  • Comandante Bushido

    Needs moar bewbs

  • PrinceHeir

    Looks ace!

    Gonna need to study more of the language than wait for others to localize this XD

  • fyi1191

    When chapter 2 of TiTs is out, it’s time to plan and tell your next gen to beat them all by including “beat The Legend of Heroes games” in your will to finish everything.

  • RyoonZ

    Too bad Laura, Falcom ships Alisa x Rean

    • TreizeX

      Laura best

      • MrTyrant

        That’s not Fie.

      • PrinceHeir


    • MrTyrant

      Do you care? that wouldn’t stop you in hating a character and pair others. Even in games like Fire Emblem.

      • RyoonZ

        Not sure what you meant by that.

        • MrTyrant

          I mean what I mean. Even if the company ships two character (Alisa being a terrible one at that) you can freely choose another. With Fire Emblem I just wanted to express an hypotetical example.

  • Ping92

    I’m still playing chapter 1 of the prequel lol. At least this is coming in Chinese, glad i’m billingual in English and Chinese haha

    • RyoonZ

      Hope they release Zero and Ao in Chinese too so we just need XSEED to release TitS trilogy.

      • Ping92

        U can play the PC versions. Zero is a bit harder to find though

      • kurosan9712

        Zero is released in Chinese for PCs, I think Ao didn’t get the same treatment for PSP->PC port, because the guys who did it wanted Ys Seven, and now they want Celceta no Jukai.

  • izanagi

    I really want to play this really really really really badly. Someone tell me who I have to murder or kidnap in order to demand that everyone around the world can play these games?

    • kurosan9712

      First – yourself.