Lost Dimension ‘Vision & Judge’ gameplay
posted on 07.08.14 at 12:03 AM EDT by (@salromano)
More footage of Lancarse's upcoming PlayStation RPG.

Lost Dimension

FuRyu has released a new gameplay video for Lost Dimension showing off the game’s “Vision & Judge” feature.

In order to climb the mysterious tower known as the “Pillar,” players must “Erase” one of their team members per floor. Lurking within your team are traitors, whom you’ll uncover and eliminate using hero Sho Kasugai’s “Vision” future-seeing ability.

Watch the footage below. The game is due out for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in Japan on August 7.

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  • I-e-on

    The whole traitor/erase system just sounds like a forced way to add drama into the game, although I have to admit it does look like it will make the plot very interesting..

  • Six

    This is the most forgettable looking JRPG I’ve seen since that one I can’t remember.

    • Frii

      Resonance of Fate?

      • 罪罰

        RoF was ballin as hell.

      • Budgiecat

        Last Rebellion

        • Elle

          Nah that will be remembered as the worst rpg of last gen.

          • Unretributed

            Time and Eternity?

          • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

            No. Like really bad games, that won’t be remembered at all.

            The only reason it came up here was because Six is talking about bland-looking jrpgs on the PS3. And that’s the ONLY time Last Rebellion will come up :)

    • deutrino

      Need MOAR BELTS!

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    You’d figure that, after the first traitor gets shot and killed, the other traitor(s) would be all, “F–k this. How could I possibly hope to double cross a team with PSYCHIC DETECTIVES on it!? Especially if they’re going to kill me eventually?” lol.

    It looks like a cool mechanic. Just seems like… they’re gonna have to a GREAT story to justify why people keep trying to turn traitor, y’know? And I hope it’s not, “I was possessed by [x]”

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    vision added into gameplay. Didn’t we see this in “Xenoblade Chronicles” for the Wii if I remember one of the characters has that ability. Then again “Xenoblade Chronicles” is one of those JRPG’s that will be remember for years to come.

  • http://www.santashi.com/ Santashi

    If I were the creators of the game, I’d have that guy we always see dying in the footage survive all the way through, just to mess with people.